Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Bathing Garden: May Order

Shannon, at The Bathing Garden, is running right on time with her 6 week TAT, if a little under. I ordered these beauties on May 31st and they arrived just after July 4th. In my opinion, she has some of the most beautiful tarts and scent blends. It is always a joy to get a package from The Bathing Garden.

I wanted to order a lot more of the Take Me To The Sea scents but needed to be prudent and whittle my order down to a reasonable amount. I behaved. Six clamshells, one shape and one jar of lotion comprised my order. 

Marie Antoinette's Boudoir scrub and tarts came to live with me not too long ago, but for some reason I skipped over the lotion. I sought to rectify that oversight and I am glad I did. The 4 ounce lotion cost $8.50 and offers light and soothing moisture to summer thirsty skin. I love how airy and dreamy the particular fragrance is on the skin. Sadly, this scent is no longer offered but I am sure will come back around next spring.

Pearls of the Ocean, a 2.5 ounce tart for $2.00, mixes pink sugar, suntan lotion, salt water, breezes and mandarin. The sweet cotton candied pink sugar and soft mandarin create a melodious harmony with the aquatic and ozonic notes of the fresh seaside experience. I should have grabbed two of these sand dollars. 

Beach Bum is all about the vintage jasmine strewn Coppertone sunscreen. A scent I absolutely adore. Fresh, heady and beach in a tart. The clamshells are $3.75 each.

Pirate's Punch overflows with creamy sweet coconut and tropical fruits. The pineapple does not dominate but adds a slight pina colada shot to the punch. But really this punch is not at all Hawaiian Punch. It is way too milky coconut for that. Maybe it is a Pirate Punch float. Mmmmmmm. I recommend this one.

Pink Sands makes my eyelids flutter. Heavy on the pink sugar and laced with coconut suntan lotion, this is a summertime favorite of mine.

Widow's Walk will be bought in multiples. Violet, clove and cedarwood create such a hauntingly beautiful aroma, I would have never guessed. The clove almost starts to bring holiday images to mind but then the sugared violets quickly add their soft powdery ghosts. Violet and cedar are the perfect yin and yang, sprinkle them with clove and I am floating on billowing mists of fantasy. I am buying more of this. If you enjoy spice, woods and slight floral, you will want to try this.

Calypso I enjoyed so much that I knew I needed more. After I melted my Calypso free sample from my last order and it threw such a beautifully serene coconut and vetiver aroma around my home, I ordered the full clamshell. I can see this becoming a summer favorite for next year too. I hope she brings it back. 

Sea of Tears has been my favorite clean scent for a few years now. I had one clamshell left that I was hoarding until this guy came into town. If you enjoy a well constructed breezy fresh, clean white musk scent, try this one. So lovely.

Free Samples:

Guava Berry Gelato- Sweet berry syrup that really does smell like a sorbet or gelato. A cult favorite.

Storybook Mint- Peppermint and cake with almost a white chocolate spearmint ganache richness pull through the most. I don't get the apple or cotton candy. 

Coffee Sprinkles- Strong coffee, spice and caramel with an almost bakery tinge. It still is that slightly bitter coffee that I can't jive with but it is a well blended scent. 

Pink Sands scrub for a sample. I used up my other Pink Sands scrub rather quickly, so I am happy as a lark to have this second one. 

I have had really great luck with Shannon's tarts in the throw arena and look forward to ordering from her Halloween scents that should be emerging pretty soon here. I will melt a few of these before summer ends but will probably by and large save them for next summer. Shannon's tarts keep pretty well. I melted my Sea of Tears from last year and two cubes threw strong in my bedroom. 

Did you partake of her summer scents? Have you ordered from The Bathing Garden yet? What are your favorites?


  1. I am loving The Bathing Garden, thanks to you. The sugar scrub is the only one out of dozens I've tried that doesn't make my skin itch after use . . simply soothing and fragrant to use, love it! I splurged big time on my very first order, wanting to try almost everything that appealed to me on paper and have not regretted it. She is generous with samples that don't disappoint and lure me in when I open the box and sniff the pretty wax. And I LOVE her coffee scent, as it's not sweet and cloying like most others . . . we all have our unique noses! I am about to pop one in my melter right now!

    1. How lovely Leigh!!! I am glad you appreciate Shannon's work like I do. My sister loves her coffee too so o pass it on to her. I love how each nose likes different notes. My skin loves her scrubs too. They never feel chemical laden or harsh like some I have tried. The consistency is great too. Are you thinking of trying her upcoming fall line? She is super generous with samples and never fails to lure me in with a new scent. Enjoy melting!! As soon as I get home I will melt some too! <3

  2. These look gorgeous!! They look too good to use!! ;)

    1. They are gorgeous! Shannon has the most beautiful wax by and far. But not so pretty that I resist melting it. Because they smell as good as they look! <3