Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie: Wax Tarts

These wax tarts were sent free from Love Potion Perfumes.

Mara, the creative genius that brews lovely fragrances at Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie, also creates bath and body products and wax tarts, some of which release pheromones. I had the pleasure of receiving and melting some of these lovelies recently. In her Etsy store you can find these tarts. She makes them in one ounce cups and sells 3 cups for $5.00. 

Pillow Stuffing is a great bedtime scent, relaxing and calming. I pick up minty lavender with touches of white amber musk. One cup threw medium-strong in my bedroom for several hours. I hung out in my bedroom most of the day and my nose grew used to it but when I left and returned I could pick right up on it. Very much a scent I would melt regularly and purchase if I ever see it in stock.

Drive By Fruiting with Open Windows (pheromone), not sure if this is named after Mrs. Doubtfire but if so I love it! I melted both of these in my kitchen and living room and got a medium throw. It reminded me of a fruit salad, with pear and pineapple juice as the dressing and enjoyed outside by the pool during summer. 

Sweet Caramel Apple with Heart and Soul (pheromone) makes my fall anticipating heart swell. Crisp Macintosh apple slices dipped in red hard candy coating and drizzled in caramel. I am tucking this one away for my August Back-To-School melt. 

Sugared Resins mixes brown sugar with frankincense and myrrh and ancient resins. The molasses filled brown sugar oozing with buttery and honeyed notes coats the resins with soft sugar sweetness. I love this scent. And thankfully it is in stock for me to grab more. Totally a "Julie" scent. 

I am stocked to have been able to try these innovative pheromone laced wax tarts. I enjoy the scents and throw and will definitely be trying more in the future. Any of these scents sounds yummy to you? Which would you try?

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