Thursday, March 30, 2017

Beauteque Mask Marketplace

I took advantage of a 30% off NOHJ Korean sheet mask box sale at Beauteque a couple weeks ago. Beauteque sells Korean and various Asian skin care and cosmetic items in the US. They also offer a mask subscription service. The NOHJ mask boxes ran around $28 each plus 30% off. The arrived packaged wonderfully with an extra free mask included too. 

These NOHJ masks all fit like a glove, thin high quality cottony masks loaded with serum and goodies. This one even had 24k gold flakes in it. Not sure what the flakes do but it looked fancy. I am always about the pore cleaning/fine wrinkle removal and skin tone balancing masks. This particular Anti-Pore Healing Mask pack felt wonderful on the skin and left a nice palette for applying my makeup the next morning. I will happily plow through these gold flecked masks.

See the gold flakes?! Ooooooooo.

A total of 10 masks come in each of these boxes, so after the sale they were less than $2 each which was great for me. This particular one is to be used before bed, hence sleeping mask, much like a sleeping pack. I have not gotten around to using these Calming Intracell Sleep ones yet as they were the most recent ones I purchased (I didn't buy them all together but in spurts). 

This Black Intracell Moosting Mask is actually a foaming cleaning mask, not one full of serum. This one bubbles up amazingly (I wear it in the bath tub) and then I rub all the foam into my face, neck and chest then rinse it away. It makes my skin feel incredible. I love it. It does say to not use on blemished skin but that is pretty much what I have and I have not witnessed any irritation and I have used these a few times. 

This is one of the gold foil masks that make you look like a cyborg beauty. I have not tried this one yet but I am excited to slap one on soon. 

This one is an Aqua Soothing Snail Mask set and I have used quite a few of them during my sensitive time of the month so I could try to sooth away my hormonal acne. It did help. I only had one big guy pop up instead of multiple ones like usual. But as a result I am almost out of these. I think will use the gold ones next. Photos?

Overall, I am happy with my Beauteque experiences. I have ordered a few times and the customer service is great. I did have one item that was expiring very soon and they apologized and sent out a replacement, and then some, right away. Do you have any favorite Asian beauty websites? 

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