Saturday, March 25, 2017

Melting Basket 90

The last basket was small but mighty. I would pretty much be happy having all the scents in that basket again one day. You can tell I am on Spring Break because I have been able to melt a lot more than usual. 

Glitterati- Pink Marshmallow Fireside
Torch and Key- Witch's Shield
MooScents- Bohemian Velvet
FuturePrimitive- White Witch
The Bathing Garden- Frolic
Rosegirls- Cold Winter's Day
CFTKR- Woodland Foliage
CFTKR- Merlin's Forest
CFTKR- Juniper Berry & Cedar
CFTKR- White Cedar Forest

These are a bunch of Nag Champa and woods, patchouli and  herbal blends that I was craving pretty hard for some reason. If you want to know about any of these in detail, please let me know below. 

I cannot believe how fast spring break has come and gone. I did get a lot of cleaning done and I was able to finish a book, watch a series I had on my wishlist and get some blogging time put in. I think the girls had more plans than I did though... they had playdates and hang outs and sleep overs.

Thursday was nice. While Scarlette went to fly kites at Bok Tower with her best friend, Savanna and I tooled around in the "new" used Jeep we bought. Top down of course. We stopped at the library. She checked out books about snakes, Horned Devil lizards, bearded dragons and Collared lizards. I picked up a few 10 cent books: two Alice Hoffman books, The Secret Life of Bees which I read about a dozen years ago and a couple more. Thursday night I got to have ice cream and coffee with two friends.

Friday was ear marked for a beach day but it rained Thursday, bringing in a cold front so we pushed back the beach day for Sunday instead. We did make other plans that included finding fairy flowers on which to make many wishes.

The girls have never been to the SPCA where we adopted Tod so we went there and snuggled with the kitties and puppies, then played and hiked around Lake Bonny.

It was a beautiful day.

Saturday my friend Tricia, my sister Darby and I are spending the day in Jacksonville at the Jacksonville Public Library Book Fest. One of our favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater, will be there for a meet and greet and I am kinda geeking out about it. I love her books The Scorpio Races, the Shiver series (Wolves of Mercy Falls) and The Raven Boys  cycle. She has one about fairies I need to read and a new one coming out this fall. 

Have you ever met an author you were a huge fan of? Would you get a book signed (I do have two signed already from her) or a photo with the author? 


  1. Well, that looks and sounds just lovely. I can't get over how active you are as a family. Not that I wasn't when I was a kid with my folks, but now? I barely have the energy to get myself through the day, let alone two other people (three depending on how domesticated your husband is, I suppose! Kidding, kidding - joke.) ;)

    1. LOL!!! Husband and very domesticated and I am too. We joke we are like a pair of 80 year olds. We love to get out and about to do family things and make memories with the girls but parties? Clubs? Dancing? Loud and rowdy crowds? Nah. When we were a younger couple we had fun without kids but then it kinda grew stagnant. Christmas wasn't as magical, Disney wasn't as cool. I noticed once we had kids to share a lot of these experiences with, it was like experiencing them all over again as a child too. The mundane became extraordinary again. Even just hiking in a park. Or eating ice cream at a parlor. So the drive continues to try new things, open their eyes to new adventures.

  2. Mmm... I love Glitterati's MF and I'm sure the Pink MF is just divine! I am melting some of the CFTKR Moroccan Mint you sent and its so wonderfully refreshing! I'm really looking forward to melting the Tokyo Milk as well. I tried the Harney and Sons tea; so delicious! In fact I have been enjoying many of the items in the box; wearing All Souls perfume oil today; heavenly! And that inflatable balloon packet? So weird and adorable! Thanks again!

    Your outdoor adventures look so fun and I saw your beach photos too; glad you were able to go. We also had a nice beach day on the one sunny day of my hubby's vacation.

    Also that book fair sounds amazing! I haven't been to one since I was a kid. What a fun outing.

    1. I love her MF too! I hope I can get on her next customs list (like everyone else in the wax community) LOL! Glad you are finding some new gems in the box I sent you!! I love the cinnamon tea too. It is cozy and sweet without adding sugar. I love finding funny items at the Dollar Tree during holidays. Those pop up balloons tickle me.

      I am glad we were able to go too. I missed the beach. Happy you were able to have one too. The shore is so healing for me sometimes. All that sunshine and salty air.

      It was the first time I have even been able to meet an author I loved. I am going to try and scout out other bookish events in the future. Let me know what you think of the book I sent you if you decide to read it!