Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Super Tarts: March 8th Order

Super Tarts haul in the house!!! I had to look back on my blog to see the last time I bought from Super Tarts and it was almost 2 years ago, the Leon Day Sampler. So what made me pop over and place a massive order from Super Tarts out of the blue? My beautiful blogger friend over at The Melt Down blog, she was the catalyst. All her amazing clams in scents that called to me. Normally, the sometimes over the top blending turns me away but there were so many scents in stock on March 8th that I found quite a few I wanted. There was a very short (one hour I think) coupon code for use on Women's Day but I was too late for that. No matter, I found plenty to bring home. Each clamshell was $4.00 and shipped out on the 15th, about one week after ordering. Shipping for 12 tarts was $12.53. The scent descriptions are included on the label which is fantastic.

I made my choices by going through the scent categories, mostly mint, manly and earthy tags. I ended up with three tarts from the Lord of the Melts. Gosh darn I love my geeky fandoms. 

Treebeard (I love Treebeard and the Ents)- Notes: Cream soda, cantaloupe and a touch of pine. 

I am going to try hard to not imagine what I feel like characters that are near and dear to my heart would actually smell like, otherwise I would have a hard time with this. On its own merits, this turned out to be a really cool scent. (And hey, Treebeard is a cool guy) The cream soda doesn't appear to be very fizzy but does have that mellow Butterbeer sweetness mixed in with fresh melon and tempered with soft woods. Overall I am delighted at how well blended it is, neither the melon nor the pine or soda stand out. Looking forward to melting this. 

I love the detail that went into these clamshells. The crumbles inside the layers is a nice touch.

Sam's Shire- Notes: Fresh cut grass, watermelon, rock candy. 

Old Samwise Gamgee, a true friend and green thumb in his own right. If anyone should smell like a summer garden it is Sam. The plump and sweetly aquatic watermelons sidle along with the meadow grass quite nicely. I do pick up a little lemon tartness that smells a little odd, but maybe it is the rock candy. 

Dwarf Warrior- Notes: Patchouli, orange zest and blackberry. 

Awww sweet, fierce wee Gimli. His banter back and forth with Legolas was one of the highlights of the books and movies. This one may also be a highlight of the order. Great things come in small packages. The patchouli and oranges had me thinking it may smell like Karma form Lush, but now I am thinking I was wrong. The oranges smell like Squirt or Crush and the blackberries are candied while the patchouli is not head shoppy or dark at all but lightly musky and smooth. 

I watched "Once Upon A Time" for a while there on Netflix but once Regina killed Jiminy Cricket and Cora came to Storybrooke I left off of it. So I have no idea who Merlin and Hades are as far as the show is concerned. But Maleficent was one I was admiring pretty hard on The Melt Down Blog. 

Merlin- Notes: Silver birch, cashmere and vetiver.

I love wizards and I love birch and vetiver. How could I pass this one up? It is magical to my nose for sure. Overall it smells clean and slightly masculine but not in a boring cologne or Axe body spray way. The vetiver is grassy and a touch smoky while the birch reminds me of mahogany. The cashmere lends an enchanting haze of amber and vanilla musk to the scent. I need more of this tall drink of wizard. 

Hades- Notes: Fireside and blue sugar.

I have had a love/hate relationship with Blue Sugar. I had a Doctor Who soap in it from Ballyhoo years and years ago and loved it to pieces, I have had it mixed with Pink Sugar from The Melting Fairy and hated it. Now I smell it with fireside and I feel like I am about to lose my gourd over it, it smells so incredible. Like, I roll my eyes and purse my lips as I inhale, kind of freak about it. What sorcery is this?! Soft anise tinged musk mixing with sugar crystals and smoky embers... is that marshmallow in there? I am dying. I want more. Please. Let me pay the ferryman to get me across the River Styx because I need more Hades. 

Maleficent- Notes: Dragon's blood, rosewood, dark amber, clove and rose jam.

I kind of wish Rose Jam had been left off. Because really, that is what hits my nose and hogs all the room. There is an earthiness whispering around the Rose Jam but it really doesn't stand a whole heckuva chance. Maybe some musk and woods from the amber and rosewood (GOSH I love rosewood), but I don't get any clove at all on cold sniff. 

My family and I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time last month and we are sold. We hooted and hollared through the whole thing. These two from the Galwaxy collection caught my nose.

The Collector- Notes: Blue sugar and sweet peppermint cream.

Blue Sugar alert. Losing my head over it again. Blue Sugar and peppermint cream are a dream, I would say this is slightly heavier on the Blue Sugar. And if The Collector smells this good I will gladly wipe down his tanks anytime. 

Groot- Notes: Creamy vanilla, sandalwood and driftwood.

Yes. Sandalwood bliss. Soft, smooth and creamy perfection. This sandalwood makes me curl my toes. It reminds me of the Pride & Prejudice scent I had from Two Timing Tart forever ago. A little clean, very mellow and filled with vanilla laced woods. Mmmmmm.

Twilight's Forks- Notes: Fresh air, oak, citrus, golden amber.

Eh, it is alright. It smells like that one Autumn Day scent or something that always reels me in by the description but never quite makes it for me. It smells like fresh air and leaves. But not in any authentic way but in the way candle makers interpret it. A little artificial. Not bad by any means but not one I will buy again. 

Dr. Doom- Notes: Lord of Misrule and vanilla bean.

I love this one. Lord of Misrule is already a favorite, a little earthy but mostly sweet and musky with heaping of vanilla... add more vanilla cream and I am one happy Doomsday camper. 

Bad Santa- Notes: Cinnamon sticks, peppermint and satin sheets.

Satin Sheets is one of those fragrance oils that is different depending on the company it is purchased from; it can range from a chocolate vanilla floral to a fruity floral with sandalwood. This one I think leans chocolate version but then I smell fruits in it too. Definitely flowers. Sadly this one does not translate well for me. I was hoping for a spicy mint with some woods but I get mint and fruits and spicy strangeness. I am not sure if I am even going to attempt to melt it. I am sure someone out there loves this though. 

Moody- Notes: Black cedarwood, rain, juniper berries.

Constant vigilance! I am glad my eye spied this fragrance concoction. Mad Eye Moody offers a beautiful rendition of woods and dew and forest life. The cedarwood is not pencil shaving cedar but more dry pine wood. The rain lifts it and rounds it out. I cannot say that I can pin point what the juniper berries offer... but it all works together to create a lovely Acadian forest. 

Free sample:

Modern Family- Notes: Cucumber mint, apple slices and lemon wedges.

Hm. It is interesting and unique but not sure if I like it or not. The cucumber is throwing it all off for me and I am not sure I like the lemon version here, it is mighty powdery and harsh. I think I decided to pass. 

Overall, I am thrilled with this Super Tarts order. The scents that stood out to me as favorites of this order are Hades, Dr. Doom, Groot, Treebeard, Merlin, Dwarf Warrior and The Collector. I think Maleficent and possibly Sam's Shire may grow on me. 

Have you ordered from Super Tarts lately? Which Super Tarts scents are your favorite? Do any of these ring your chimes? 


  1. I have not ordered from Super Tarts, but it sure was fun reading this post. I like my geeky things too, and love when vendors actually make an effort to match scents to what their name would be like.


    1. It had been a very long time since I had before this one. I think you would like the ordering process. There are a tons of things in stock and the TAT was only one week. Not bad.

      I appreciate when the scents match the characters too. Some of these do for sure but others are a little weird. But I still enjoy them. It is probably difficult to match them though, plus people probably have different ideas of what a character "smells" like. Unless the author states it.

    2. Agreed that people see things differently. It always cracks me up though, back in my soap days, there were some Twilight themed fragrance oils and the Jacob one was fabulous but the Edward one was all flowery. Whaaat? I'm pretty sure a 100 year old sexy and deadly vampire does not smell like a spring bouquet. LOL


    3. LOL! Edward definitely doesn't strike me as a flower bouquet! Maybe pine trees he ran through, wood and lacquer form the piano, and a little mountain lion blood. :-)

      I bet Jacob's scent did smell good, but really how good can a shaggy old wolf smell?? I imagine they are much more potent than a dog and I have yet to smell a good smellin' dog. But I am sure I am in the minority in that. #nosoul

    4. Joining in on this convo, something I've found a little strange but I guess would work for some people is that ST blends Biologe with any hairy/furry character. I guess that makes since as it leads you to think of hair but then again when was the last time King Kong, Cousin It or Splinter the rat ever used shampoo and smelled clean?

    5. The Jacob description: 'A warm blend of mandarin and pepper with cypress, ebony wood, leather, amber and musk.'

      I was confused about the Edward one. What I'm remembering is actually the Candles By Victoria blend for Edward, and not the oil from my soap days.

      Edward oil I remember: 'A warm, earthy concoction of bergamot, rosemary, moss, sandalwood, mint and amber.'

      CBV Edward: '...mixture of sunshine, lilac and honey.'

      So of the two OILS, both were sexy man scents but Jacob was much better smelling, and better selling. lol


    6. @TheMeltDownBlog that is too funny!!! I have not noticed that! Maybe the hairy beasts DO have nice shiny locks when not terrorizing others. I like the way Biolage smells but it has been a while since I have had it in wax. Do you like those blends?

      @Deb Jacob DOES sounds like he would smell amazing. CBV needs to revamp their Edward blend for sure, but that first oil Edward doesn't sound half bad. Team Jacob on the soaps then.

  2. Hallelujah! I respect Brandy's risky blending and it's truly fandom heaven. The aspect I've been disappointed in has been she seems to have gone back to Facebook only updates, whereas all the new collections and info was on IG for awhile. Because of this, I missed the Wiz of Oz opening, the bambags, le sigh.
    Yours and Jessica's posts remind me that I think I've tried many ST, but it's hardly been a drop in the scent bucket.
    I love Groot, sanalwood vanilla being one of my faves and I find it very creamy, but I'll warn ya, probably the lightest throw of any ST I've tried. That's prob to be expected from an SV blend.
    Draco is my husband's fave (a Doom blend) and in my top 3, fresh and sparkling. I wanted Hades and Merlin when they were released (silver birch is a Yankee dupe!) But they sold out quickly, now I see they're back in stock...
    I'm into blue sugar like a beast, Collector's on my list for certain, and now thanks to your reviews, so is Treebeard, I was a lil scared of the cantaloupe, and Moody! What am I waiting for you ask? I'm sending some on Sandra's wishlist to Canada and they haven't been restocked in ages:/ Also waiting on a few I want to try to come back-I have hope for a large restock after she sends out the bambags. Enjoy these beauties, ST is such a fave for me.

    1. Oh no!!!! You should message her... I think she has more employees now right? Maybe one of them could take up the IG account and help non-Facebookers. I would offer to keep you up to date but I am not in the FB group, though I do "like" their regular business page.

      I wanted to melt some of these for reviewing but in the end I had other things to melt before this went live. I am so bummed to hear Groot is on the light side :-( Maybe it will do well in my bedroom since it is smaller. Ah well. The search for a potent sandalwood continues. Maybe SMT's will be strong. You are right though... they do tend to be lighter naturally.

      I am serious about Merlin and Hades. They are rocking my socks big time. Happy to know you are a blue sugar fan! Have you had any more blends in it? How sweet of you to send some to Sandra <3 We will make sure she gets her proper wax fixes. xoxo

      Thank you!!! I think I am coming back around to them after a long hiatus.

  3. *squeals in excitement upon opening this post* Sooooo excited you finally got your order and what great scents you picked! Of course I am not surprised! Love, love, love Treebeard which I didn't expect to with the cream soda. Merlin is on my to try list, so glad to hear it is amazing. My husband LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy, me I was just in it for Groot. Now her LOTM collection I am falling deeper and deeper for every time I place an order. Such a great collection. Lord of Mordor being my TOP favorite. Thank you for the shout out girly and glad that I could influence you into ordering you some goodies for yourself, you deserve them!

    1. I was stoked when it came too! Treebeard really took me by surprise. I saw it listed quite a few times but never thought it could come off smelling good but I will eat those words right now. Merlin is my guy. He smells so good. I will keep my eye out for Lord of Mordor. Some were sold out that I wanted to pick up so I just grabbed what I could. Thank you for turning me back onto ST. <3

  4. Bad Santa is one of my faves along with Merlin. Groot is now on my 'to try' list. There are a couple new collections since I last ordered that I've been wanting to try, and she even made one of my requests (I think it's Wizard from the Oz collection, which is cinnamon Fireside)

    Bummer that you lost interest in Once Upon a Time. You left off when the show was still good. Jiminy didn't actually die though, he was in this last episode but he doesn't have much of a role anymore. It's gone downhill, especially this current season where the story line is all over the place and the characters don't really connect. It's like they're trying to cram as many new characters into the show before the network pulls the plug. The Merlin/Camelot arc wasn't too interesting, but Hades and the Underworld was fun (both season 5). And both of those actors were nice eye candy =D

    1. Mmmmm Merlin! I probably should have Bad Santa more of a chance and at least melted it but I went ahead and gave it away. How cool that she made a scent you requested! Cinnamon Fireside sounds incredible. I adore both those notes.

      Maybe I can pick it back up soon. I heard Netflix was doing away with Firefly and I never got around to watching it so I am binging on that right now but once it is done I will pick back up on OUAT. I think I was just watching too much of it in a row and it was fizzling out for me. I might get re-enthused for it though :-)

      Especially for some eye candy! LOL!