Friday, March 31, 2017

Ebb & Flow: March

The highs and lows of the month.

Arcana Estella, seriously gorgeous beauty, so happy to float around in this haze of amber golden vanilla.

Pink Peppermint blends, probably not surprising but that is what I am craving and melting.

Aftelier Vanille Insensee

Skin Care:
Holy Snails Shark Sauce

Thank You Farmer Make Up Base, love that stuff.

Blood Moon Botanica Coconut Silk Butter

Stealing a slice of my husband's Handmade in Florida Moroccan Mint.

"Firefly," what took me so long to watch this??? And why didn't Mal and Inara hook up? And what happens to River? And what is the Shepard really??? Does Kaylee get the Doc? Do Zoe and Wash ever have a baby?! And that SONG... so horrible at first and then I am all "burn the land, boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me" during the day randomly. Dying.

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

Home-brewed Kefir with honey

Way too much chocolate (Chuao baconluxious.... looking at you)

Dentist appointments (I always have to have something worked on and it usually involved an onlay). 

Summer vacation. Already? Yes. The last two months of school can be tough. Testing is around the corner and the kids are starting to get squirrelly. Plus, to be cliche', the mountains are calling.

Arcana Death in the Afternoon, I wasn't sure about it on the first wear but I have really come to enjoy it's dark citrusy absinthe and champagne wickedness. Buying a full bottle today. 

The Bathing Garden Blackberry Fudge lotion, I like the scent in wax and a little in the scrub but in the lotion it just is borderline "yuck" for me even though I adore the lotion formula itself. I think I may give it to Savanna. 

Some self-esteem and body image issues. Lack of motivation to make positive change. Doubt and worry. Failure at some things the past several months has been hard to come to terms with. 

Getting my Jeep, Sandy. She is a beaut. My old Jeep was about to konk out on me and we had been kicking the idea around of replacing her so it just ended up coming a little earlier. Sandy is used but good gravy is she fun to drive. Spring Break was a nice time with my girls and the family beach day ended it on a high tide note. 

How has your month been? Any hits or misses? Lows or highs?


  1. Sounds like all in all a good month was had by you! Sorry to hear there have been a few struggles along the way though. Try to keep your chin and spirits high, don't let anything dull your sparkle! Cheesy I know but its true. The world can be very weighing sometimes if not all the time so its hard not to worry/be doubtful/down. I hope things look up for you soon!

    With wax cravings I've been a little all over the place here recently. My favorite of the month being Emma Frost from ST. Something about that Sparkling Ginger and VBN blend.
    My miss would be my Walnut Ave Candle Country Market yet I do have an update. I was able to get it to throw STRONG, like headache inducing strong in my candle crock.
    Watching: Gilmore Girls(Netflix), Call The Midwife (SO GOOD)(Netflix), Re-watching Golden Girls (Hulu).
    Lows would be stress, anxiety and low self esteem (you are not alone).

    1. Thanks. There is always the good with the bad for sure. Sometimes I can brush past it and other times it snags on my outlook and is hard to escape from.

      Emma Frost sounds good! Ginger. I think I have had one too many bad ginger experiences from CFTKR to want to see it in any scent notes unless there is pumpkin pie involved. I should fix that. Get out of my box. Glad you could get that candle to work out. I was worried it was going to be a flatline dud.

      Oooo! Nice show recs!!! I really should watch the Gilmore Girls. I get overwhelmed when there are more than about 3 seasons of a show and feel like I will never be able to watch it through. But I will persist.

      Hoping our April is full of more highs than lows. <3 Thanks for being a friend!

  2. I just finished watching Firefly was SO good. I've heard the movie Serenity will answer most of those questions ;). Still working my way through my stockpiled indie lotion and bar soap and I need to re-visit all the Arcana samples I've purchased through Ajevie.

    1. Hey Sarah!!! YES! I am glad you liked it too. Oooo Serenity?! Movie?! I am going to search for that on Netflix and Amazon. I need to watch that. I plowed through my lotions and the ones I bought recently have been mini 2 ounce sizes but when my Cosmic Cleanse order comes I will be wading in it. I hope you are enjoying using it. :-) Yes! Revisit those samples and please tell me any favorites you have of hers that I should check out. I have Filthy Viking and Death in the Afternoon coming to me. What I am wading through is my wax (all the wax drawers are full now!) and sheet masks. I know I will use most in the summer when I can wear one a day. I just get so bogged down with day to day work that I don't wear them like I want to. What is Ajevie? I must go check it out.

  3. Yes to watching Firefly, I'm mentioning it in my Best & Worsts! (if I ever finish it, bc I seriously may not get around to it) How weird is that?

    Self esteem issues, we all have em. I failed my Wellness Challenge, or will soon, as it ends Monday. As fun as it is being a woman, sometimes it just SUCKS!
    Focusing on the positive, your Jeep kicks butt and so do you:)

    1. FUN!!! I cannot wait to see what you think of it!!

      Yes. Sometimes it does suck. I have been having a weird nausea/dizzy spell lately and I am hoping it will pass. I feel like it is always something sometimes. But the Jeep came back last night with the floor mats but still waiting on them to detail it like they promised (the previous owner definitely did some off-roading and the engine and under carriage are caked in clay/mud). But she is coming together. <3 Hope your week is going well. Any plans this weekend?

  4. Firefly! Love-hate relationship with that one. Love in that my husband loves it, so therefore I must love it also (this is totally a thing that happens; we take on their DNA ;) ) But hate in that I was a huge Buffy/Angel fan, and Firefly diverted Joss Whedon's attention from those shows to Firefly, which of course was cancelled pretty darn quickly, and then everything just tanked from there. So I side-eye it pretty hard, although Nathan Fillion is a grumpy cutie.

    1. Oh man. Yes I can see how Firefly killed your passion. :-( Nathan Fillion IS a grumpy cutie! Now that a friend above told me about the Serenity movie I am happy to see him just a little bit more. What are some of your fave TV series other than Buffy? (Which Netlix pulled off the roster April 1st too... booo).

    2. The Serenity movie is actually pretty great - there are some spectacularly choreographed fight scenes with River. But get back to me when you've watched it, please - I think you'll want to talk.

      Let's see, favourite shows. Best show I've ever seen? The Wire. Universities and colleges could just get rid of their sociology, psychology, criminology, journalism and legal programs and run five seasons of The Wire instead - it's an education. It's also the most depressing thing I've ever watched in my life. Real hard watching.

      But seeing as I'll probably never watch The Wire again (absent the discovery of watching the story play out, it's too - here's that word again - hard to go forward knowing where everything ends up, as expertly crafted as the show may be) I'll say Buffy, yes, although it hasn't held up as well for me as, say, Angel, which I actually preferred both then and now (also off Netflix!) As you *may* recall (because I haven't talked about it AT ALL) I loved Stranger Things. Lord, my hopes are high for season 2. Couple of British shows - Misfits and its gentler little sister, Crazyhead (both currently ON Netflix!) Misfits is a dirty little show, though - definitely not kid-friendly. I adored all but the final season of Burn Notice; it was such a fun show. And right now I wish there were about a million seasons of Brooklyn 9-9 - fun cop procedural sitcom starring Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, a hilarious Andre Braugher. Alas, there are only four. It's just a fun show to watch. And if you could ever find them, Wonderfalls (a one-season, um, wonder) and Greg the Bunny, hilarious and weird, both.

      Cripes, novel much? ;)

    3. I will definitely get back with you after watching it. Hoping to get to it this weekend.

      The Wire will go on my list. I don't mind depressing if beautifully done.

      Yes, ma'am. Stranger Things Season 2 WILL be watched. And the British shows will go on my list. Burn Notice sounds familiar. And Brooklyn sounds like something Adam and I could possibly watch together. We have a hard time agreeing on shows to watch. We did get into Ripper Street and a few other series (Vikings and such) but he tends to fall off the wagon at certain points then we are stuck watching reruns of Top Gear, American Pickers or Bizarre Foods. Old married life.