Thursday, March 23, 2017

Warmed Wax: Rosegirls, FP, SMT

Rosegirls Save The Drama For Your Mama melds Pink Sugar and Monster Cookie at about a 50/50 ratio on scent. Half a muffin (less than 2 ounces) threw strong in the kitchen area. The Pink Sugar is nice, but for some reason the Monster Cookie is way too bready and crunchy for me nowadays. I love it mixed with Marshmallow Smoothie (Fluff Puff blends) but on its own I could use this just a hair more cream. No repurchase. An old favorite that has moved on. 

Rosegirls Mango Sorbet/Strawberry Shortcake/Vanilla Crunch Donuts is a custom blend my friend Sandra came up with and she was super kind and sent me a slice. The mango sorbet is amazing, bright and juicy, but the strawberry shortcake gets a little... well... Strawberry Shortcake doll on me. Added to the vanilla crunch donuts and it is a nice berries and cream type of scent. But that shortcake keeps throwing me off with the slight artificial edge to it. It threw at a solid medium to medium-strong in the kitchen. I liked it but probably would leave out the shortcake next time. 

Rosegirls Raspberry Sauce/Mango Sorbet/Marshmallow Smoothie is from Sandra's order too. Boy howdy did this one hit a home run! Mango sorbet and raspberry are meant to be together I think. And the marshmallow smoothie just thickens it up with vanilla gooeyness and rounds it out. Strong throw. Repurchase for sure if I could. I do have a pie in Raspberry Sauce/Mango Sorbet/Gilligan's Brew in the works so that will certainly satisfy this craving I think. 

Rosegirls Peppermint Coconut Mallow threw medium-strong in my bedroom. First and foremost a creamy coconut blend with a chilly haze of candied peppermints surrounding. Giligan's Brew, Rosegirls coconut, is my favorite coconut out there. It is creamy but not bakery, tropical but not sunscreen. Sweet and mellow with no weird after taste. One of my favorite Rosegirls scents. Repurchase. Hoping my half a pie will last a little while.

FuturePrimitive Sylph is a duo of lavender and marshmallow. This one ounce scent shot throws strong in my bedroom. Tiggy's lavender is a dream boat, herbal and slightly edgy. Sweeten it with vanilla marshmallows and I am on cloud nine. As this one melts past the four hour stage it does change and become more berry flavored cough syrup for some reason. I don't hate it but I usually pour it out around then. Repurchase. And I have.

Sniff My Tarts Blueberry Noel/Vanilla Bean Noel/Marshmallow Noel turned out to be one of the best blueberry scents I have melted to date. Well... maybe tied with Americana Wafers. This threw strong in my kitchen area and smelled of blueberries in syrup with vanilla cream. The blueberries were so bright and juicy they almost had a grape lean. The vanillas and marshmallow kept the blueberry from being overbearing (though it still shone through plenty enough). Repurchase? Yep! I have it on my SMT wish list. 

Speaking of SMT wish lists... what is on yours? I hear they may be opening pretty soon here... maybe in a few weeks? Less? Who knows! But I do know that I have some blends I am contemplating. The one above and a few repeats like Lord of Misrule/Peppermint and Cinnamon/Dragon's Blood/Butterbrickle. But here are some other scent combinations I am kicking around:

Pink Sugar/ Sandalwood (had this from Rosegirls forever ago and been missing it)

Tuberose and Jasmine/Pink Coconut/Marshmallow Noel

Beer/Apple Cinnamon/Orange Clove

Sweet Pumpkin/Sweet Cream/Cream Soda

Dragon's Blood/Sandalwood/Barbershop 1920

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Sugared Violets/Pink Sugar

Sugared Violets/Marshmallow Noel

Pink Sands/Pink Coconut/Sandalwood

Blackberry/Violet/Vanilla Bean Noel

Sandalwood/Marshmallow Noel/Indian Sandalwood

The more wild ones will be the small frosted cookies but others will probably be no-fuss chunks. And I want to try some single scents in the piped hearts. I am still tinkering and I want to see what other new scents Amy and Donna roll out. Please share your blends!


  1. ooh SMT scent list!!!!!!!!! a few weeks, maybe!!!!!!!!!!! I might be overeager. My scent prototype list is at home but I see we have a similar blend in Dragon's Blood Barbershop, (I'm calling it how to shave your dragon:p) Did I miss Sandalwood in the possible scents? For some reason I haven't used it in anything...back to the drawing board for that one. Are the current scents listed on SMT's site the same for customs choices? I know they recently added Marshmallow Fireside, which I'll be using. Also, your LOM/Cinn/DB/BB one is 4 oils, I thought the limit was 3? Help!
    P.S. You let me know how that Beer works out for ya!

    1. There is a post in the Facebook group that Amy made on March 3 that goes over the prices for each shape they offer. Scrolling through the comments, it looks like they are all 3 scents except for the 9 oz chunk muffins which can be up to 4. Then there are two shapes that are available in single scents only.

    2. How to shave your dragon is flipping amazing!!! LOL! I had asked Amy and Donna if there would be the chance of them picking up some sandalwood and Amy messaged me saying she actually got two! Sandalwood and Indian Sandalwood. So naturally I want to smell both. I don't think they have put up all their new scents for this opening but all the current ones will be on offer for blending. Marshmallow Fireside?! I hope it is a nice good strong one, sometimes they can be weak. I will have to make some blends with that! Sorry if my writing was not clear up there. Before I listed my blends two were LOM/Peppermint blend I have been melting lately and the second one was the DB/Cinnamon/BBrickle one I loved in the frosted cookie. Not combined. You do only get 3 scents to blend with, though some they have combined to make it easier for blending like pink serendipity, pink coconut, lavender rosemary mint, and a ton of others. I know the beer ones can be really strong and over bearing and hoppy but I can't shake the feeling it would be fun in fall as a freak melt.

      Thank you for the 4 note blending info Kris! That can be exciting! But sometimes the more oils, the less they stand out. I don't know if they still do but Glitterati used to allow pretty much free reign over amount of scents. The more that got added the more muddled it smelled sometimes to me. But I may have a few four noters I would be interested in trying.

    3. Yes, thank you Kris! I will probably consider a 4 blend given the opportunity, good to know.
      Now, I will have to do at least one sandalwood blend. I've got a rosemary mint, barbershop and pink sugar blend I plan on trying too. I'll probably go for Liz's Sugared violets/bvbn/vbn in a cookie, still considering a fruit one, so many options; just when I thought I was set, and here's hoping it's on a day when I'm actually availabe!

  2. Your pink sands/pink coconut/sandalwood blend sounds so good! This will be my first time ordering. Do they announce a date ahead of time or do you have to be online at the right moment? I'm worried about missing it again.

    The ones I've narrowed down are -

    blueberry noel/lavender coconut milk

    sugared violet/blueberry noel (I'm also thinking about trying this and the blueberry lavemder coconut blend as custom perfumes from Haus of Gloi)

    lemon curd/violet/marshmallow fluff

    Pineapple/grape/lime (not key lime pie, but I've seen another lime that isn't showing on the scent list)

    Single scents in Mandarin and tangerine

    And then I want to use mandarin coconut marshmallow fluff and tangerine coconut marshmallow fluff in two different blends, but I haven't narrowed down what to mix them with. Mango Sorbet is the top contender though

    1. Thanks! I am excited about playing around with blends again. It has been too long.

      They do announce a date AND time (YAY!) in advance and usually keep it open for at least one hour. There really is no need to rush unless you want to be first in line. The quicker you order the quicker it will arrive but if you are cool with waiting then take your time. Your blueberry noel blends sound so yummy and I bet would make a beautiful custom scent from Haus of Gloi! I am over the moon dreaming about the sugared violet in blends. Your lemon curd violet blend. I may need to try that one. Mango sorbet would be amazing in the citrus coconut fluff blends.

      Are you on FB and in the SMT group? If so you should catch the info there but if you aren't I can send you a message letting you know when it is announced :-)

  3. Hey, there they are - thanks so much for checking them out. In agreement with you on the Mango/Shortcake/VCD one. I actually quite like the Strawberry Shortcake scent, but as it melts, I find it always takes on a weird kind of sweet-and-plasticky note - like a Strawberry Shortcake doll with the "tart" part of the scent rubbed off! Glad you liked the other one, though - hard to go wrong with all that creamy marshmallow and Raspberry Sauce, because it's the greatest. :)

    I'm pretty excited about the possibility of another SMT custom opening, but if it really does happen within the next little while, I may have to abstain - I've barely touched my last order, and I'm up to my butt in wax. But...some of the blends I'm considering - PURELY FROM A HYPOTHETICAL PERSPECTIVE, OF COURSE - are the Ultimate Bakery/Blueberry Noel/Waffle Cone one you got last time (probably a cookie, unless you tell me it's the shit, in which case, let's mount up!) and a Pink Sands/Strawberry Raspberry Guava mix. I'd love a decorated sheet cake in something vanilla-minty - I love Marshmallow Noel & Candy all by its lonesome, but I'd like to add a slightly creamier edge. Have you any suggestions? I'd also like to try Sassy Sweet Tarts and Cotton Candy in a frosted cookie - the last time I had a blend like that, it smelled just like the coating on the outside of a Nerd candy, totally weird and unexpectedly delicious.

    1. That Raspberry/Mango/Mallow blend was totally rocking it! Thank you for generously sharing it with me <3 You have converted me to the Mango Sorbet side. I need to make some for the SMT opening! Doh!

      I don't blame you for waiting since you just got yours PLUS shipping fees. Ew. But if you do decide to order you could wait to the last minute then you get about a 4 month TAT which could give you enough time to melt/make room. I don't generally go huge on the SMT openings but I do try to blend up something. It is just too darn fun. Plus I love their wax. I enjoy their VBN and Marshmallow Noel for adding creaminess. I have also tried their Warm Vanilla Sugar but it is kinda light, the vanilla marshmallow smoothie is nice, whipped cream might be fun, vanilla waffle cone is great, never tried vanilla sugar (will need to try that in a piped heart), and their vanilla butter fudge is strong. I love Marshmallow Noel and candy alone too. Sassy Sweet Tarts? That sounds cool! I will have to think on that, Nerds are so good. Sucker for a nice fat Nerds Rope.