Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Holly's Dazzling Designs Wax

These wax tarts were sent free from Holly's Dazzling Designs for reviewing purposes.

Holly from Holly's Dazzling Designs sent me some wax a couple weeks ago to test out and review. She sent some clamshells, a room spray and two hand sanitizers. At the moment, Holly mostly has an RTS inventory of clamshells for $4 each in a wide array of stock scents. Out of the dozens and dozens of scents offered I counted about four as being "exclusive" blends which I am taking to mean house blends. I have one of those today to showcase. 

Sweet Dreams- Notes: A soft, sweet blend of creamy peppermint. *signature scent
Fluffy mounds of buttercream iced with peppermint candy canes. Quite a nice vanilla mint. 

Rugged Steel- Notes: A very fresh, clean manly scent.
This smells like it might be an Acqua di Gio dupe or some aquatic cologne as such. Two cubes threw strong in a large area for about 4-5 hours.

Cinnaberries- Notes: Cinnamon and clove meet juicy orange and war spiced berries with a hint of vanilla.
Spicy sweet fruits that would make a brilliant Christmas scent. I love how much this smells like a jolly Christmas punch. It threw at about a medium to medium-strong for a few hours.

Cinnamon Fireball- Notes: A fireball of cinnamon explosion. 
Just like the Atomic Fireball candy. Candy sweet fire. It threw medium-strong in the kitchen area. 

Cinnacedar- Notes: Cinnamon sticks, cedar and light clove. 
The cinnamon fires up the senses but the cedar in this one is a touch sour and musty. I was hoping it would melt off but it didn't really. It filled the house with comforting cinnamon with a strong throw but that staleness lurked just underneath like an after taste. 

- Easy to navigate and nicely designed website.
- Affordable prices.
- Wide range of scents.
- Good throw on the majority of the tarts.
- I like the hand sanitizer.
- Good customer service.
- Pour dates on the clamshells.

- Could use a few more house blends.
- The labels are nice and simple but the outline shows and instead of a Facebook promo it would be nice to have the scent description.

Overall I am happy with Holly's Dazzling Designs. I am curious about a few of her scents like Lavender Dream and Campfire Marshmallows. Have you heard of Holly's Dazzling Designs or had a chance to try them out?


  1. I have not heard of this vendor but Sweet Dreams and Cinnaberries sound right up my alley. :)


    1. I do think you would love those two scents. I will save a couple cubes to let you give a whirl.