Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wild Beast Pottery

I bought a teeny tiny pot and I love it. 

I picked up this beautifully glazed tiny hanging planter from Wild Beast Pottery on Etsy for $20. The gorgeous bleached out sand tone clay with the dreamy aqua drip glaze really fits my tastes. My new succulents seem to enjoy it too! There are no drainage holes so I placed rocks in the bottom and made sure to use a sandy succulent soil for good drainage. 

We are feeling some hot summer days already. I think this weekend I will be able to buy more garden soil and start planting on Sunday or Monday since it is a nice long weekend. Adam will be gone hunting next week for a few days so it will be incense burning in the house 24/7. I will miss him of course, but I am actually excited to burn some incense. What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Beautiful planter and succulent arrangement. :D
    What incense scents are you looking forward to? Incense is my favorite home fragrance, but I'm new to all the indie vendors. I've burned a lot of German, Japanese, Indian incense since I've been a kid, though. And the cheap hippie sticks you find in headshops/porn shops.
    My sister and I plan to go to the Rose Girls store in Oshkosh on Saturday. It'll be our first time and my first RG purchase. I'm so excited! :D

    1. Thanks! I cooed out loud when I opened up the box. It is the cutest little pot ever.

      I bought some Esteban incense from a high end online store called ZGO Perfume and Apothecary:

      I love it. It smells really smooth and woodsy/resiny. I kick myself in the butt all the time for not picking up incense when I went to Tokyo a few summers ago. German incense huh? I will have to Google that and find some. <3

      HOW EXCITING!!! I am so pumped for you and your sister! I hope you find lots of scents you love. Are you planning on picking up any Candy Panda scrubs? Please let me know what you end up getting, or post it on IG so I can drool. <3

  2. Ah yes, I remember now reading that blog post. :D Happy burning!! :D
    I'll keep my eyes open for the CP stuff and I think RG stocks Zeep Bath lip balm? I'll check it all out and see what happens. lol I'm still being super low buy.. ;)
    I also hope to stop at a Wal-Mart to check out newer wax. I last stopped in October or November for some holiday blends.
    Want me to keep my eyes open for anything for you on my wax outings? :)
    Have an enjoyable weekend, Julie!