Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Solstice Scents: Owl Creek Aleworks

Owl Creek Aleworks by Solstice Scents- Notes: Toffee pudding, vanilla, caramel, toasted coconut, hazelnut and sugared pumpkin cream stout. $16

Rolled wet onto skin in a generous layer, coconut caramel rises to the surface. It smells just like the deadly delicious dessert I make featured here. The coconut is sweet and creamy and richly gourmand. My mouth waters with the promise of coconut cream pies, fluffy layered coconut cakes and coconut custards. As the scent burrows into its drydown, a toasted nuttiness appears and the pumpkin stout almost has a barley grain lean to it. The final aroma is a decadent tobacco-leaning vanilla that creates the perfect parting to a sumptuous treat.

This beauty stays close to my skin and the longevity is a few hours. It was a gift from my friend Jean. <3 

I believe Solstice Scents will be releasing their Valentine's collection soon. Have you partaken of any Valentine's releases? I did buy a few from Nocturne Alchemy but that is it so far.


  1. I wore this scent a lot this past Autumn. It almost has an incense type note that I really love. Sometimes I'd layer it with another scent from a different vendor, I'll have to try to remember what it was. lol
    I think I just ordered 2 NAVA Valentine's scents, decanted from Ajevie,(my first time ordering from them). Trying to still be good on this low buy thing. ;)

    1. I got this in November but wanted to let it settle a little since it went on a whirlwind trip from New York to FL (I met up with an online friend and she gifted it to me in NYC). I will wear it again and see if I can pick up an incense note. It does have a certain earthiness with the barley and hops and the stout mixed in. I bet there might be some incense in that accord. Isn't it just the most comforting thing? I kind of want to pick it up in an EDP. I love layering. If you remember please let me know. Ah! So excited for you!! What scents did you get??? I had a hard time choosing as I liked so many in this release. I have not extended my low buy to perfume yet but I probably will soon. I recently decided to put away all my pumpkin and heavy winter scents like the gingerbreads and some of the eggnog and evergreen (though not all the evergreen as I do love my pine all year) in my nightstand tucked away until next fall. I am so proud of you for staying strong!! If you see me review anything you are interested in and would like a decant just holler. I am thinking of buying some 1 ml vials soon so I can spread the perfume love. <3

    2. Thanks Julie! I love buying "sample" or mini sizes whenever I can, so I can try more fragrances and I honestly rarely really fall hard for a perfume and want it in a big full size. I typically enjoy the crap out of my sample or whatever size purchased, but don't feel like I need anymore than that.
      Also, being so new to indie perfume, there's so many vendors I want to try.. see who's blends work with my body chemistry the best.
      I got 2 resurgence NAVA releases, Plum Rum Parrot and Petrie.
      I always have a hard time choosing which perfumes to buy. Everything sounds so good and it's hard to know which note(s) will be dominant.
      I think I grabbed an Arcana and BPAL in that Ajevie order. All decants since they're new to me vendors.

  2. Your descriptions are always so lovely and evocative, Julie. I got a sample of this one last year, but I really haven't given it enough of a spin to get any of the wonderful scents you're pulling. I'm going to go root it out post haste and see what becomes of her. :)