Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

In the past I would write things I loved about my daughters and husband on a paper doily and tape it to their doors every night from February 1st until Valentine's Day. I didn't do that this year. Valentine's Day is Savanna's birthday so that is the most important thing to celebrate that day. She turns 11 this year. I will still swing by the Dollar Tree and pick up some balloons and things for the girls to see in the morning. I don't think Adam and I are doing anything other than singing Savanna "Happy Birthday."

2. Do you send Valentine's cards?

No. Usually the girls and I spend the night before filling out Valentine's cards for them to give out at school but this year they aren't celebrating for whatever reason. Instead they are practicing random acts of kindness all over the school. So no cards at all this year.

3. Do you like candy conversation hearts?

I do. Of course I do. I like candy corn. Why wouldn't I like conversation hearts? 

4. Are you romantic?

I think so. I love date nights. I enjoy thoughtful gifts and candlelit dinners. Well written love songs and love stories make my heart flutter and eyes glisten. I do think I am a romantic. No Hallmark movies though, please.

5. Would you rather receive flowers or chocolates?

I enjoy coming home to a nice bouquet of flowers from my husband but I also love to eat chocolate. Any gift is one that lets me know he has thought of me. 

6. Who is your favorite fictional or celeb couple?

Claire and Jamie from the Outlander novels.

7. Who would your dream date be with? (current significant other excluded)

Adam will always be my dream date. 

8. What would your dream date consist of?

My dream date with him could be relaxing in a fluffy white down bed after a day of swimming and snorkeling in Fiji in one of those huts over the water. It could be eating grilled octopus in Santorini, Greece in a quaint cafe. It may be bundled up gazing the aurora borealis in Alaska after a day of whale watching. Who knows... it might just be dinner and a movie in Orlando. Or a jaunt to Dave & Busters. I just love going on dates with him.

9. What scent will you be melting/burning/wearing this Valentine's Day?

You know what... I have not even thought of that! I am thinking Pink Twinkling Lights from Vintage Chic Scents would be a good one to melt on Valentine's Day. 

10. Finish in your own way:  Roses are red, Violets are blue ...... 

I am so very grateful for friends like you. 

Happy Valentine's Day! Check out Deb's blog at It's Always Something to read her TAG as well and Jessica over at The Melt Down Blog! What are you up to today? Any traditions or plans?


  1. Alright Julie, No fair, No fair, No fair! :P I sat and struggled with that dream date question.
    I thought, who on earth put this rotten question on here, must be Deb :P I'll get you Deb. bahaha. My eyes and heart are for my husband as cheesey as that is. I'm happy. I picked my soul mate. Sounds like you picked your winner too :)
    Your dream dates sound ahhhmazing!!

    I hope Savanna has a spectacular birthday!! I can not wait to hear about this party!

    1. LOL! Deb definitely stumped me on that one. I am so happy we both have husbands we love with our whole hearts. <3 We are blessed girls.

      Thank you! Savanna had a nice day and she is very excited for her party! I am looking forward to it too. I will take pics!

  2. I absolutely knew you'd say Claire and Jamie!


    1. LOL! Predictable aren't I?! I just love those two. I want to re-read the series but it takes so long. I may have to do it over the summer.

  3. Conversation hearts are the *best* thing about Valentine's Day!

    1. YES! I am kinda bummed I didn't get any this year. The kiddos I teach make their teachers Valentines bags and it is the sweetest thing ever. I may have to buy some on the cheap if there are any left.