Monday, February 5, 2018

Lasting Scent Candles: October Wax Pre-Order

Here she is. Perhaps my final Lasting Scent Candles post. Certainly bittersweet, but like I mentioned in the past... never say never, Pam might come back one day. Maybe. I will hope. Each 2 ounce scent shot was $2.65 and shipping was $9.75. Pam may open for RTS but that has not been decided yet as of the time of this writing.

Pumpkin Chill- Repurchase. This definitely has that creamy milky scent of ice cream. It is churned with lightly spiced pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin Panna Cotta- I think I just groaned out loud. This might just top my favorite as a spiced pumpkin scent... even over Spooky Apparitions. It is pumpkin but different, not so much a puree as it is a dense pumpkin cake with a browned butter frosting sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Pumpkin Poke Cake- A caramel pumpkin baked delicacy that smells comforting and rich but not overly heavy. 

Toasted Embers- Repurchase. I have said it once and I will say it over and over, LSC has a killer Marshmallow Fireside dupe. It is deep and multifaceted, sweetly smoldering and woodsy. A brilliantly warming and snug aroma. 

Amaretto Nog- This is apparently a dupe by Aromatique. This does not come across as a nog for my nose but rather a crystalline almond and vanilla syrup. It is buoyant and almost floral. 

Toasted Pumpkin Latte- Repurchase. Because nothing is as good when it comes to coffee as LSC's creamy latte scents. I particularly enjoy the spice in this one. It is not overly hot but just gives it a fallish vibe. Almost like a chai latte.

Insanity- This is new sugar cookie blend Pam created that is next level. It is a classic chewy sugar cookie dotted with vanilla beans and sprinkled with coarse sugar crystals. Half a tart threw strong in the kitchen warmer and the other half in the living room warmer. Glad I have one more on hand.

Buttery Ale- This is a Three Broomsticks butterbeer fragrance that smells more creamy than fizzy. There isn't a butter rum tang but it is golden and sweet and topped with thick cool cream. 

Cinnamon Sugar Churros- A creamy sweet and surprisingly realistic churro aroma that isn't too spicy and smells like it is dusted with crunchy cinnamon sugar dust over its crisp fried dough exterior.  

Autumn Evening Hay Ride- Crisp straws of hay and brown rustling leaves are the strongest scents with a touch of watery nectar from apples. It has a fresh air tang to it as well. 

Candy Corn Cookies- Caramel cookies with chopped candy corns nestled inside, gooey and chewy. 

Cabin Fever- Repurchase. Over and over. Again and again. If I could. I love this spicy autumnal woods delight. The mahogany and cinnamon are plush and just a touch sweet. 

Peppermint Snow Cookies- Peppermint sugar cookies with a marshmallow frosting on top. 

Pink Sugar Spruce- Repurchase. Even though, like I mentioned previously, this one doesn't throw as strongly as I would like but it still does nicely enough in my bedroom. It is a sweet blend of evergreens and Pink Sugar. 

Autumn Dreamin'- Wow. This is a throwback for me. I haven't had this scent in a good few years. It is like the OG lavender and pumpkin blend. The pumpkin is rich and spiced and thick. Almost custardy. It is tempered with herbal lavender and it works. 

Apple-y Ever After- This is a blend of mac apples, burnt sugar, sweet cream and burning embers. I don't catch much of the burning embers on cold sniff but it smells lovely, like a creamy apple creme brûlée. 

Blueberry Fritters- A blueberries and cream delight. Extra blueberry syrup on top. 

Free samples:

Spooky Brew- I love this chai tea and pumpkin blend. It is heady and peppery and full of exotic spices. 

Other free samples included Mint Mallow Creme, Sinful and Cinnamon Waffle Cone and I love them all. 

Do you have any Lasting Scent Candle favorites that you will lament the passing of? 


  1. Although it's true I didn't love my LSC order last year, I guess I should have tried more of her bakery, it seems that's the incredible goodness going on here. I regret I never got more of that Spunky MOnkey Bread, I'd even have ordered a loaf if possible. It was such yummy peachy goodness. I'm sure if/when LSC sells off the last of the stock, it will be madness trying to grab some...but I'm happy for the chance to try any at all.

    1. I do very much adore Pam's vanilla scents and gooey bakery scents. Heck, I really enjoy most of her stuff though. If I see any Spunky Monkey Bread on the site I will grab you some. She will definitely sell off her RTS and then she will sell until she runs out of oils.

  2. That's a shame to hear LSC are closing their doors. It's always unfortunate when a popular vendor closes up shop. I'm going to miss seeing those cute little labels; always loved the graphic design work from LSC.

    1. It is a bummer. And I agree. Her colorful labels are very appealing on the eye. Her branding as far as the actual scent shots was one of my favorites.