Monday, February 26, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Blue Vanille and My Valentine

These two scents are part of the Resurgence Valentine release that is currently on the Nocturne Alchemy website ($24 each). These particular scents will be offered until they sell out or until March 30th, whichever comes first. 

Love of Bastet: Blue Vanille- Notes: Crimson Egyptian musk, blue cardamom of Nepal, blue sugar, blue Crystalline, a drop of blue chamomile from Hungaria, Kobalt vanilla and a touch of caramelized French vanilla.
Sniffing from the bottle reveals crushed blue velvet, cobalt and cool. Musky sweet chamomile makes its presence known. Normally chamomile and I do not mesh in fragrance as it tends to smell of plastic fishing worm bait to my nose but this is very much not the case here. Dabbed onto the skin, Blue Vanille smells cushiony and downy, an azure chenille throw wrapped around the shoulders. Serene chamomile buds float in a pool of creamy sweetness, almost like a plush yet tempered blueberries and cream aroma. But this delicacy is experienced through a veil of musky gauze that filters out the normally gourmand tones of such a treat. It is a beautifully unique scent in my collection and I adore how it works its calming spell.

My Valentine: Sandalwood and Cinnamon- Notes: Sri Lankan cinnamon bark, SL Santalum absolute, Tahitian sandalwood, sandalwood infused Egyptian musk flower petals with a drop of Egyptian musk and Bastet Amber absolute.
In the beautifully decorated bottle lies a fragrance of heady cinnamon that sparks and smolders amid a small collection of loosely corked vials that cup precious musks inside their glass bellies. These treasure lie in a hand carved sandalwood box. Once on the skin, cinnamon gleams like a polished sienna stone, a shining and smooth carnelian. It glows and shimmers with vibrancy, not fiery or hot, but luminous. The cinnamon lies nestled in a golden sandalwood setting. Treasures harvested from trees to fragrant the skin. Gossamer musks, laced with sweetness, spice and woods are the heart of the aroma. Warm and red and gold.

These two scents really snagged my heart. I love how both of these turned out and they will be welcome additions to my collection. As these are both resurgence scents, they are very unlikely to return in the future (though there is always a small chance they may I suppose). Regardless, these were my favorite of all the Valentine scents I ordered this year. I will still feature a few more that I picked up but I wanted to show these first incase either might interest you. Pink Vanilla sold out quickly but Blue Vanilla is still there. 

Did you partake in any of the Valentine's releases this year? Are you looking forward to any spring releases? Where the heck did February go?!

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