Friday, February 16, 2018

Candles From The Keeping Room: Anniversary Opening

Carol opened up on Saturday the 27th in January and she was my fourth and last order of the month. I try to catch a Candles From the Keeping Room opening if I can help it. I missed the last couple ones so I was due to pick up a bag or two... or some. This opening was extra special as Carol celebrated 19 years of wax making on January 10th and in honor of that huge milestone she had a 10% off sale. Most bags were $5.35 each. Items marked with (*) are repurchases that I have picked up in the past and enjoyed enough to get again. 

Peppermint & Cypress- I picked up two bags of this scent as I fell hard and fast for this one. The simple briskness of the arctic mint and woodsy cypress makes for a peaceful melting experience. *

Blueberry Cream Type- A strangely satisfying blend of sweet blueberries and floral musks that would probably make a cute perfume spray for a tween. It throws well and I like it for spring. *

Ultimate Bakery Noel- I am pretty sure I have had this in the past but if I have, it has been a good long while. This is Carol's Ultimate Bakery mixed with Vanilla Bean Noel. It is a robust vanilla bakery scent that does have a chewy sugar cookie note that I love. 

Gretel's Treats- This one is new to me from Carol. This is different than Hansel and Gretel's (which I love too). Despite being described as a cinnamon bakery and gingerbread treat, there is more to it than that alone. It has a brown sugar and sweet potato richness that I quite like. I look forward to melting it. 

Strawberry Noel- I had this as a sample once and vividly remember how much I sniffed and huffed and opened and closed that single ziptop bag to get at the yumminess inside. I finally brought myself to melt it and it was just as good as I hoped. A crystal clear strawberry sweetness heightened by vanilla cream. I finally scored a bag of it and I am thrilled to pieces.  

Creamy Peppermint Serendipity- Normally I hate peppermint and fruits. But can I confess something? I rarely think of Serendipity as a fruity scent. Weird right? For some reason I love peppermint and Serendipity together. Yes there is obvious coconut and yes the cherry is cheerfully singing its maraschino melody but my nose always reads it as a creamy tropical cotton candy type of scent. At any rate, I love this blend. Carol's Serendipity Marshmallow Delight is amazing too. *

Mahogany Coconut- I really do enjoy this Bath & Body Works dupe. It reminds me of driftwood and coconut shells covered in sea salt and a dash of sexy merman. How cute are the flip flops? This will be a great summer scent.

Strawberry Salt Water Taffy- A couple summers ago this was my new found favorite of Carol's Fresh Picked Strawberry variations. I have been out for a while now but when I saw it restocked I had to buy one. Now, typically Salt Water Taffy scents don't ring my chimes but this one is an exception. The Fresh Picked Strawberry with the taffy smells like refreshing strawberry iced treats on summer boardwalks by the shore. *

Merlin's Forest- This must be my fifth or sixth bag over time. I have a few tarts left in my last bag but I love this hippy woodsy scent so much I try to keep a full bag on hand. It is a fresh cedar and amber scent that throws well and always hits the spot. You know? That weird earthy craving spot? Gosh darn I love a well turned earthy scent. *

Nag Champa- This is my first ever bag of CFTKR Nag Champa. I knew if Carol decided to carry it, it must be good. That classic woodsy floral effluvia underscored by earthy patchouli will fit the bill when I am craving incense and calmness.

Pumpkin Firewood- I had to have one more bag on hand for next fall. I held on to the bag I purchased last year and was afraid it might not come back like Pumpkin Lager (darn I miss that one!!!). I love this. It is pumpkin woods but elevated. Much like the fancy but warming Pumpkin Peppercorn, this one has that same sophisticated pumpkin vibe. I mean it has guaiac wood as a note. It has to be lovely. Well, to me at least. *

Free Samples:

Ultimate Waffle Cone- Yes. Carol's "Ultimate" blends really are something special and this one is no different. Freshly pressed vanilla waffle cones in an old fashioned ice cream parlor. 

Pistachio Marshmallow Sugar Cookie- Pistachio is normally too cherry-almond for my liking but the added sugar cookie and marshmallows are nice here. I am actually looking forward to melting it!

Green Apple Smoothie- Bright and summery. This is not an overly tart or overly sweet apple. It smells of juicy green apple flesh.

Blueberry Meringue Torte- Vivid and bouncy blueberries with a lemony twist. Like a lemon meringue pie with blueberries in syrup poured on top.

Basil Sage and Mint- Fresh, green and herbal. I enjoyed this blend from TDC years and years ago, it is nice to have it on hand again. The mint is fresh from the garden and the sage and basil have a fuzzy warmth.

Acai Berries and Satin- Bubblegum and pink fruits.

Apricot and Fig- Watery clean mellow fruits with cucumbers and spring tagging along. 

Cottontail- Berry laden cookies and granola.

Avobath- Brilliantly strong Avobath Lush dupe of lemongrass and citrus.

Alpine Frost- Snow capped cedars and evergreens outside a ski lodge spa. 

Supernova- A lovely Supernova Lush dupe of bubbly grape wine spritzers and musk.

Iced Wine- I can't really place what this smells like but dry oak cordwood comes to mind. Wine does try to come through but by and far it is a musty old cabin scent on cold, one that has been neglected and needs the windows to be opened. I must melt this soon to see what happens to it. Curious.

Citrus and Teakwood- I quite like this one. Dusky aged citrus with dry woods. 

I am very happy with my Candles From The Keeping Room order. As long as Carol is selling, I will be in line to fragrant my home with her wares. February is half over (actually more!!! Where did that go?!) and I have made no wax purchases yet. I slated myself for three this month. I do know the Lasting Scent Candles will open up for RTS soon so I am hoping that will be one of them. I may just end up having less than three this month which would be nice. Did you pick anything up form Carol's anniversary opening?


  1. Oo, if you are able please let me know when lasting scent candles opens for RTS. I would like to see if there is anymore bliss and if there is anything I cant live without!
    One day, One day I will snag an opening of Carols. Its on my to do list!

    1. I will absolutely message you when I see that Pam has announced her opening. She mentioned a few days ago that it would be soon! Carol is my wax Holy Grail. I can't even lie. For some reason her wax just works for me.

  2. "Cheerfully singing its maraschino medley" she says! I'm I know how much you adore cherry :p

    Congrats to Carol on 19 years! I know how proud I am of 10 years, so almost double that is quite admirable <3

    1. LOL!!!! My arch nemesis!!!! Dratted cherry. But for some strange reason I love that serendipity. Weird huh??

      Nineteen years is insane isn't it?! She is the OG wax maker for sure.

  3. I always love seeing your CFTKR posts - those little shapes and all the nice pastel colours are so compatible with your photography style. Ultimate Waffle Cone sounds GREAT, and I was *just* commenting over on one of Jay's posts that I've really come around on good old VBN, so that Strawberry Noel one sounds justifiably hoard-worthy. :)

    Wax low buy-turned-no buy continues unabated. I haven't been intending to necessarily, but I've managed to abstain completely. I'm actually being sort of ridiculously single-minded about it, but the levee's sure to break eventually! Probably the next time SMT has a customs opening.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I like taking pics of Carol's wax too. It is never smooshed and always willing to pose.

      YES. Vanilla Bean Noel is a fave of mine and I like it with just about anything.

      How awesome! I am so happy for you and all these wonderful habits you are forming for yourself. <3