Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nui Cobalt Designs: Collection of Bees

Nui Cobalt Designs debuted a perfume oil collection that revolved around bees in January. I scooped up three that claimed my attention based on their notes. These scents cost $19 each.

Buzzed- Notes: Spiced mead, honey, bourbon, red mahogany, maple wood, brown sugar and crystallized ginger.
From the bottle arises the sweet and hearty aroma of maple and brown sugar with a slip of thinly sliced banana. Drenched on the skin, my nose experiences daybreak greeting me with a nourishing oatmeal breakfast topped with brown sugar, maple syrup and banana slices. Is there banana in here? No, probably not, but this is just how my senses translate it. A little bit of sharp greenery cuts into the sweet parritch, must be the ginger igniting this green flame. Soon more barley and grains join the harvest and a noontide mead is imbibed and the ginger burns off as a buzz sets in. The debauchery beings in earnest with several fingers of aged bourbon that pools in tumblers. No ice. The warm fumes dance with russet polished woods before the eyes droop closed at the end of the day. 
Buzzed is quite the journey! It reminds me a bit of Jamie Fraser's typical Scottish day in the form of food and drink.

When The Woods Awaken- Notes: Budding teakwood, turned earth, smoky sweet amber resin, birch bark, black pepper and a trace of crushed cardamom.
Silvery woods and duff strewn about the forest floor, harboring microcosms of life in a single teaspoon. This fecund yet austere scent fills the nose when I take the lid off. The teakwood in this is sun bleached and lovely. Applied onto the skin, this same aroma initially takes on a fresh pureness of forest atmosphere and gentle winds. The calming aroma of peeling curls of papery birch bark and the soft cedar tones of teak drift in on the breeze. This is a lovely airy and crisp scent that will wear beautifully during Florida' sweltering summer heat.  

Queen Bee- Notes: Creamy white gardenia and fluffy whipped honey.
The vibrant blue bottle issues forth a cascade of candied flower petals, sweet and tangy like a pastel rainbow of SweetTarts. Dabbed onto the skin, tiny white flowers unfold amid a dreamy Candyland. The blooms grow and grow, morphing from Baby's Breath to lush gardenias, magnolias and jasmine. As it dries down the heady florals mellow into a sweet and charming bouquet of wildflowers that flutter among the SweetTarts once again. 

I love how creative and inspired Forest is with her scents. She has a Tryptophan fragrance I am honing in on next. I think I could use a new bedtime perfume. Do you have a bedtime fragrance? What do you wear to lull yourself off to dreamland?


  1. I always shower right before bed, so generally whatever body oil or lotion I slather myself in, I love and it won't interfere with my relaxation before bed.
    I have put on Solstice Scents Lavender Vanilla perfume oil before bed a couple times and that's quite divine.
    Sometimes I use a linen spray or lavender bud sache, but I don't have a tried and true, constant nightly fragrance. ..I probably should hone in on something though, scent does help this insomniac calm more easily.

    1. I do my bathing and showering at night too and always have lotion involved. <3 And like you I do enjoy that SS Lavender Vanilla. I used up all my oil but I am working on the glace now. I have actually used up all of my nighttime scents and was going to start looking for some new ones. Sorry to hear you have insomnia. Hoping you are able to get some rest when you need it most.

    2. How do you like the glaces, Julie?? I've been meaning to try one out. :)

    3. I quite enjoy them! If you like body oils I think you would like it. They finish with a satiny texture that is almost dry and velvety. I like them for post-shower and bath experiences.

    4. Ok, that sounds lovely!! I prefer to wear oils, both dry and heavy, but I wear all thickness of lotion, too. Can't say I'm too picky.. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It is an LED solar doo-dad that lights up at night. My mother-in-law has all kinds in her yard. I used it to prop up some bottles because I thought they were cute too.