Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ten Digit Creations: Anniversary Winnings

After I placed that initial Ten Digit Creations order in early January, I had won a $25 store credit. Amber had several prizes from $10 to $50 in store credit that was randomly awarded to several customers who ordered during the sale. I picked up three scents with my winnings at the end of January. 

The first scent blend I created was Winter Patchouli/Lavender Woods/Peppermint Twist in the 6-pack of medallions for $7.25 for about 7.5 ounces of wax. I am very pleased with this earthy, minty woods creation. It is soothing and beautiful in my bedroom and throws at a medium strength. The fragrance smells of purple and grey woods at dusk with just a breath of minty coolness. A dark, cool woods.

I chose the 40 pack of runts which is $16.25 and about 18 ounces worth of wax in the scent combination of Cherry Tobacco/Gypsy Magic/Clove, and I am loving every minute of it. The cherry tobacco warmly snuggles up to the wooden clove buds and Gypsy Magic, which brims with cedar, rosewood, spice, herbs and frankincense and myrrh, wraps the other two into its warm bosom. It smells insanely divine to my nose, the tobacco, spice and woods work magic. I want to melt it down and dab it behind my ears to carry it around with me all day. Very plush. Very elegant yet approachable. I will be making this blend again. By the way... it threw strong.

As for that third blend... it was a gift for my friend Ashley. Does anyone reading this post remember Enchanted Candle Company?? Years ago she had a blend called Graveyard Rose or something along those lines and it was a Rose Jam and dirt blend and my friend Ashley LOVED it and was not able to get more before ECC closed. I took the 12-pack of roses ($8.50) and blended Rose Colored Glasses (Rose Jam dupe) with Potting Soil and Ashley says it works! She even melted it the other day and featured it on her IG account so I think she is happy with it. I did sniff it myself before I mailed it off to her and it really is a nice soil and sweet rose scent. It goes together surprisingly well!

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Papa's Cabin- Gah! Yes! I forget how much I love this one!! It is another brilliant tobacco centric scent but it smells really mellow and smooth and more like tobacco and vanilla amber with polished wood from Papa's whittling. I need to get more of this and blend it.

Silver Birch and Vetiver- This is quite lovely. It reminds me of a silvered sweet balsam tree. If you took the citrus out of the Citrus and Balsam scent and plated it in silver starlight. 

Garden Mint/Hippie Hippie Shake/Winter Patchouli- I love smelling others' blends! I would never have blended this in a million years but it works. It smells like my herb box right outside the front door. Not only fresh green sprigs of mint but also the collection of all the herbs: parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme. The soil that the herbs live within and fresh air. It makes me want to garden.

I love my order and will happily melt through these over the spring and summer and into fall and winter. What unexpected blends have turned out to work for you?? I want to use Papa's Cabin in a blend. 


  1. I love purchasing the wild sounding scent or flavor combinations in life. 9 times out of 10 they're brilliant and really something special.
    For wax, I'm totally just buying already blended stuff, but I hope to do my own unique blending months down the road. some single note wax scent shots and blend away! See if I'm able to create any magic. Haha

    1. I need to get more wild! My tastes are getting more mild in my age. LOL! Lady. I KNOW you could create some magic!!!!

    2. lol I'm plenty mild here, myself, as I grow older. I do have a more is more philosophy, so sometimes I just need to reign that in! Haha ;D