Monday, March 26, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Arrok

My love of birds is well documented on this blog. My love of Arrok's jewelry is as well. Nicole's eye for blending nature, Victorian aesthetic, bold tattoo inspired designs and fine craftsmanship and precision all conspire to bring me back to her shop again and again. A few months ago she generously hosted a sale at her Etsy shop and this beautiful bird ring just happened to be sitting there in my size. I scooped it up and now she flies on my hand. 

Nicole is very responsive to messages and will work out payment plans in some cases. I have her hammered sparrow earrings, which Adam bought me for Christmas, and I love wearing them. She has been working on a mermaid piece that have been a joy to watch in progress. She is one smoking hot siren. Have you checked out Nicole's work? Her spider earrings and viking ring are making my eyes twinkle right now. 

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