Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Geek Fire Labs: Wax Tart Melts

I decided back in January to expand my wax horizon by giving Geek Fire Labs a go. I had heard about them for a while but my low buy had me looking at what I wanted to add to my wax stash in a more adventurous manner. Unfortunately the owner, Nikki Ward, and her family fell ill to the flu, like so many other this past flu season. The order was delayed about a month or so, but I didn't mind the wait. I decided to give the "Choose 4" wax bundle a go for $20 plus $4.85 shipping. There are 20 scents to choose from and all give a nod to some pop culture reference. 

Potion's Class- Notes: A pinch of dried lavender, a dash of patchouli, stir clockwise three times after adding amber, violet and nag champa. 

On cold, this blend smells of herb infused nag champa. There is a green astringency to the incense, but it is pleasant and bracing rather than harsh. Once it melts the greenness fades a bit and an earthy blend of nag champa and patchouli fragrants the house at a medium-light throw. I enjoyed this one but did wish for a pinch more throw. 

Weirwood Grove- Notes: Birch bark, pine cone accord, blood-red maple leaves and amber sap.

I love the creamy amber and wood filled fragrance of this scent. It definitely smells familiar but my brain is not sending me the wavelength on which the answer resides. The woods and leaves speak of fall with a rustle of cool breezes through the leaves. Guys. It has been years and years since I have read the last Game of Thrones novel, but smelling this rendition of a weirwood grove makes me want to re-read the whole series again. Until I remember that I may never get to experience the completion of the epic tale of Westeros. Ah well. Back to the Weirwoods. This reminds me of some Bath & Body Works Autumn Day or something along those lines. The throw was a touch light on this one too... about medium-light. 

Memory of Gallifrey- Notes: Gentle dusky desert breezes with notes of dried, wind-blown leaves, charred pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood with light notes of brown sugar and soft vanilla.

The Memory of Gallifrey smells exactly like Bonfire Bliss if you are familiar with that scent. A sweet, smoky campfire type of fragrance. It was nice and threw at about a medium. 

Yubaba's Bathhouse- Notes: Exotic seas salt bath soaks, delicate water lotus and healing aloe, topped with Japanese yuzu and Satsuma orange rinds. 

Brilliant. This smells exactly like I would expect Yubaba's Bathhouse to smell, clean, fresh and full of light refreshing citrus and serene florals. Sparkling river spirits, shining fool's gold and squeaky clean patrons of all shapes and sizes float to the surface of this scent. The lotus possesses an almost lily and freesia lean. Two cubes melted nice and strong in the living room and kitchen. This was perfect for the day I melted it; I was cleaning the house and organizing.

Since the order was delayed Nikki sent out a free lip balm along with the order. I don't see this particular flavor on the website but it is Moon Goddess and is flavored in lavender vanilla ($4). 

 I very much enjoy the branding and pop culture references. I do feel like some of these scents smell a touch light for my tastes but I would still be willing to shop again and try a few other scents. Have you tried Geek Fire Labs? Do you have any favorite scents I should give a whirl?


  1. They've been on my Etsy wax to try list, so thank you for the review and insight. :D

    1. What others do you want to try out on Etsy?? I feel like there has to be some serious waxy treasures out there but I have the hardest time finding them. They are buried under all the mundane things on Etsy.

    2. My Etsy wax to try list:
      Country lane keepsakes, housewarming melts, 3 cheeky chicks wax co, nichols gems handmade, house of wax, big whiff candle co, willow wax craft, category 5 creations and scented farmhouse.
      Sorry for the no capitalization, I'm super lazy. lol
      I know some of these you've reviewed. Some I've heard great things about or nothing about.