Monday, March 5, 2018

Soap Box Company: Arcana, Alkemia and Sixteen92

The Soap Box Company is a vendor who sells a variety of artisan products mostly of the bath and body and perfume varieties. I purchased some natural deodorants and odds and ends from The Soap Box years ago and enjoyed the experience. As I got to know which vendors I enjoyed most I drifted to purchasing directly from the source. I have stayed on the mailing list of The Soap Box and a recent sale announcement caught my attention. I ended up browsing a bit and threw a few things in my cart that were highly discounted.

Magwitch from Arcana Wildcraft- Notes: Rich pipe tobacco, sea water, tobacco flowers and black roses.
Sea salt crusted like crystals growing on the velvet skin of blood red rose petals unfurl from the vial. Pressed into the skin, a pungent and seafaring salty dog emerges, slightly stiff and crude with perceived malice flashing green and sharp in his eye. He may come off as brutal and standoffish but really he harbors good intentions. The stark greenness of the sea water and sharp tang of bitter herbs hover over the scent like a fog. Underneath the scent thorny vines slither and curl, pushing their peppery rose breath against the body. This is no sweet golden tobacco of indulgence but the bitter dregs of the last puffs on an old cigar. This is a man who has come from nothing and been forced to use his every last resource. He must smoke until the final bitter end of the stogie. His coin demands it so. A harrowing tale indeed but a scent unlike any other. Pungent, sharp, dark and intense. 

Witch's Tit from Alkemia- Notes: Two chilly sweater puppies warming by the blazing fireplace of the Candy House. Cold mint, skin musk, hot tea, slowly toasting vanilla treats and sugared woodsmoke.
Sweet peppermint discs twisted in cello and sitting in grandma's crystal candy dish. This is the scent in the bottle. Graced in the crook of the arm the sweet mint gets a vanilla creaminess and reminds me of after dinner buttermints. After a bit, some hazy smoke creeps in and the buttermints morph into sweet peppermint tea. Now I crave some Sleepy Time tea, which is exactly what this smells like. Even though a little cold front has blown through over the weekend, it is not quite as cold as a witch's tit, but some hot tea wouldn't hurt nonetheless. 

Salem from Sixteen92- Notes: Damp leaves, incense, leather, birch and smoke.
A balmy summer evening unravels the end of the day. Sun warmed garden soil and leaf litter gently decaying underfoot, while the soon-to-be harvest is tended under the orange glow of sunset. Mild, dusty top notes set into an earthy and leaf strewn heart. Silver pillars of birch wood and black crumbling patchouli echo in the drydown. The late summer sun setting on a day spent outdoors tending the garden and watching the woods rustle with life. 

These scents were a steal. The perfume oils were $8 each and the EDP was around $15. This reminds me I need to pop around in various stores such at The Soap Box Co and see what's about. 


  1. This is awesome! I have met the owners of the Soap Box Company as their business is out of North Pole!!

    1. You have?! That is really cool! Do you buy from them?

    2. Yep! Last fall. I have only purchased from them once when they were at the fair. They had a bunch of neat stuff. I have never looked at their site, though.