Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Pastel Collection

These lovely perfumes are part of Nocturne Alchemy's Valentine's Resurgence collection that will be coming down March 30th. When I took these photos and began jotting down my experiences wearing these scents, all four where in stock. As the days have passed, one after another has gone out of stock. As of this current writing there is only Nag Champa Seahorse left. I have seen a few of these for sale in the NAVA Marketplace on Facebook so a few can be sought out. As usual, I am going to talk about them anyway. There are a few more scents in this particular collection like Buttercream Butterfly and others, they run $24 for each 5ml bottle. 

Nag Champa Seahorse- Notes: Nag Champa incense smoke, patchouli, sandalwood, dragon's blood and Crystalline vanilla.

I actually purchased this scent a while back, maybe last summer? It is one of my favorite nag champa scents. This is a light and airy incense with the clarity of salty sea breezes. On the skin it feels wispy and white, pure incense. The tones are are more dried flowers rather than earthiness. It makes for a stunning spring and summer time fragrance as the sun warms the earth and heats the skin. 

Amber Beetle- Notes: Amber resin, rock rose, sandalwood, patchouli, Vanilla-Myrrh, Crystalline and Egyptian musk.

From the bottle the scent of dark amber and sticky rose rose, otherwise known as cistus, arises resinous and warm. Rock rose is a flower but not a rose in the traditional sense. It actually composes quite a dark aroma and makes the resin from which labdnaum derives. I love labdanum. Once on the skin this scent reminds me quite a bit of Eternal Ankh Anniversary (which is another NA scent I own and have yet to bestow a proper review upon). It has a sweet pink amber fragrance, like vanilla amber and the tender opalescent pastels inside a seashell. Amber Beetle darkens as it settles into the skin, becoming a sepia brew of amber, labdanum and myrrh. The vanilla sweetness of Crystalline offer a candied musk throughout the experience.

Coconut Cockatoo- Notes: Coconut husk, coconut milk, coconut sugar and Crystalline vanilla.

My childhood emerges from the bottle, sweet coconuts, a dash of Hawaiian Tropic lip balm and my mom sipping tropical coladas at the Adam's Mark hotel on Clearwater Beach. On the skin the same beachy vibe laps at the senses. A perfect summer scent for coconut lovers. The coconut it candied with that Crystalline vanilla while toes wriggle in fine sugar white sand and gulls shriek overhead. As it dries down a touch it becomes more woody like the brown rough husk of a coconut bobbing in the teal gulf. Ultimately it settles into a divine vanilla coconut scent that I am thrilled to have for this summer. I am sad to say I don't think this bottle will last me very long. 

Lavender Dolphin- Notes: Lavender, Crystalline, white sandalwood and snow musk. 

Lavender buds on clean white linen floats to the surface of the oil when the lid lifts. Rubbed into the skin, the scent of sappy sticky lavender buds and leaves being rubbed and pressed between the fingertips emerges. Organic and realistic, herbal and freshly picked. Soon a bleached musk washes the lavender to purity. It morphs into lavender sachets that lend freshness to lacy unmentionables and linen closets. Or is it a sandalwood hope chest that the sachets reside within? For the sandalwood chest is faded and pale, dried to white bones. This is a white lavender and woods fragrance that is gauzy and austere.

Nag Champa Seahorse is still around and if you enjoy incense fragrances I think you might enjoy it. What notes do you like to have on hand during the summer time?

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