Thursday, March 1, 2018

Melting Basket 117

Happy First of March! March is a good month. March and April in Florida no doubt begin to feel like summer but there are wonderful breezes and all of a sudden flying kites sounds like a really great idea. Especially on the beach. 

Well guys. It has been a long time since I posted a melting basket! Twenty days! I think it is about time I cobble one together. But before I tell you what all is going to be melted I do want to say that every last wax tart in the last basket I would happily buy again. If you are curious what was in there check out this post

Candles From The Keeping Room- Cinnamon Broom
Candles From The Keeping Room- Gretel's Treats
Candles From The Keeping Room- Ultimate Bakery Noel
Lasting Scent Candles- Cinnamon Vanilla Waffle Cone
Lasting Scent Candles- Insanity
Lasting Scent Candles- Blueberry Fritters
Lasting Scent Candles- Peppermint Snow Cookies
Beezy- Vanilla Custard
Handmade in Florida- Frosted Gingerbread
The Bathing Garden- Mrs. Cratchit's Christmas Pudding
Ten Digit Creations- Birthday Cake Waffles
Ten Digit Creations- Pink Candy Canes/Marshmallow Sugar Cookies/Toasted Marshmallow

If you are curious how any of these melt and would like a warmed review please holler down below.

After over ten years of saying I wanted to plant a garden... I have finally planted a garden. Scarlette was my little buddy on this project and together we plotted out a 6 foot by 6 foot garden. We planted a row of sweet corn, two mounds of watermelon, two mounds of cucumbers, three rows of radishes, a row of beets, a row of okra, a row of beans, three rows of carrots, a row of lettuce and a row of tomatoes. The wee garden with the white picket fence to the left is a wildflower plot. I am hoping to attract some butterflies and hummingbirds over there. Ripping up the grass and digging out the soil left me sore and tender but vitalized. Dumping and spreading topsoil, worm castings and garden soil for days felt exhilarating!  Planting the seeds, some minuscule, some knobby and wrinkled like old gnome noses, some long and thin as needles or shiny like the tear drops of pearls, felt life giving. Scarlette cooed over them and I cooed over them and we cooed in tandem while we stuck finger tips into the dark loamy earth and dropped the seeds into their hatcheries.

And behold! They are sprouting!!! Even if the yield is nil and bugs swarm in or squirrels attack... the girls and I are thrilled that things are growing.

Just to see this take place has been an experience full of pleasure and joy.

I will keep y'all abreast of the garden. The birbs. Ya know... the Herbs 'n Birbs. 

My husband is getting a kick out of me developing into a little old lady. He jokes about having to live in a home full of gnomes and plants and cats once the girls go to college and we have an empty nest. He isn't too far off. 

What would your ideal retirement home look like? What hobbies would you have to indulge in?


  1. Love your garden! I'm always in awe of people who can do that so well. We've had messy attempts at gardening here and there over the years. We're just not dedicated or ambitious enough, or something. Just not knowledgeable enough about it all, perhaps. I *am* going to container grow a few things on the back porch this year though!!!

    My ideal retirement home would be something small and easy to manage, ideally a ranch house so everything is on one level. lol I'd like to be in town, hubby'd like to be in the country. I'd probably be a lot like I am now...reading, intending to make cards, watching some TV. You know, boring old lady. LOL


    1. Thank you! We had some caterpillars on the corn (which is a bit taller now) so I had to go worm smooshing. Container gardens are very nice! They look pretty too. I hope you do some. When do you plant?

      I agree about the ranch house. We live in one now and no stairs is easy peasy. So since we don’t have them, of course the girls are obsessed with them. I like that you already do the things you enjoy! Sounds like you will have a relaxing retirement one day! Soon hopefully. <3

    2. Years ago we were debating whether or not to fix this house up or knock it down and build something else on the property. Hubby wanted a new house to be bigger and more grand. His parents just looked at him and said "You're not getting any younger. You should think 'easier' for your older years." SO TRUE! His parents still live in their old farmhouse but are now limited to just a couple rooms on the main floor because of their age and mobility issues.


  2. Lots of waffley goodness in that basket. :) I was just commenting to Jessica that I feel like waffle scents are making a comeback - glad to see it, because I love them myself. It's such a great blender.

    Your garden is wonderful, what a lovely, lovely thing to do with your daughter. I live in a two-balcony concrete jungle these days, so no garden for me (I did attempt some balcony gardening many years ago, but it's also windy as heck where I live, and that just makes for too barren an environment for effective gardening.) I did grow up on a farm, though, so I'm well acquainted with the pleasures of a freshly tilled patch of earth. Much to my grandfather's indulgent horror, I used to just yank carrots out of the ground, brush them off on my pants a bit and eat them. Eh, bit of soil never hurt anybody! I wish your little garden tons of growth and protection from the critters.

    1. And I'm retiring at the Haunted Mansion. Might make it difficult when I'm shuffling down the upside down, infinity stairs in my bathrobe as people go by in their Doom Buggies, but whatever.

    2. There really is nothing more satisfying than eating something straight from a garden. Hey. I bet you have one toughnimmune system! Maybe my girls will take a cue.

      Lol! You will be a true snowbird! Come live in Florida with me! Home of the crazies. And Disney.