Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Melting Basket 131

Wax from the Halloween basket that I would love to have on hand again in the future includes: TDC Haunted Soul/Pipe Tobacco/Vintage Vanilla, CFTKR Witch's Brew and Pumpkin Stew, LSC Cast a Spell, Dracula's Dungeon, Candy Corn Cookies, The Great Pumpkin and Jack O' Lantern Cookies.

CFTKR- Pumpkin Lager
CFTKR- Amish Quilt
CFTKR- Sugared Cookie Latte
CFTKR- Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
SMT- Cider Lane/Apple Cinnamon/Warm and Cozy
SMT- Peppermint/Marshmallow Fireside/Vanilla Sandalwood
VCS- Cozy Jackie O
VCS- Murder House Coven
Beezy- Country Bumpkin
Dessa- Apples & Cinnamon

Thank you for indulging me in the sub-par photo above. I literally just got home from an extra long day of work last night and wanted to get a post ready for today to go live. If there are any tart scents you would like to hear more about, just let me know. 

This past weekend I spent cleaning. After dropping a fair amount of wax into a large Rubbermaid I decided I am going on a wax no-buy for the rest of 2018 and then evaluating it from there. I squeezed in a nice fat Candles From the Keeping Room order a couple weekends ago so I will still be posting that haul but I am good. I am done for now. Time to focus on melting before I have to pack it all up in six months for a move anyway. 

Other goals for the rest of the year:
- Track food, paying attention to portions, veggies and water intake.
- Get more active, walking/working out three times a week.
- Limit myself to 4 perfumes for the remainder of the year. 
- Finish my sister's wedding quilt. 
- No wax purchases.
- Paint a pair of Toms.
- Listen to as much Christmas music as possible. 
- Pierce my ear.
- Read five more books.
- Bake those ding dang cinnamon rolls using yeast!

What are you hoping to do by the end of the year? How are your wax or perfume collections coming along? 


  1. Ooooh, that peppermint/marshmallow fireside/vanilla sandalwood blend sounds good! I've limited myself to buying wax from just one vendor to help me decrease my stash, but I'm not sure that's helping! My end of the year goals include trying a new recipe for dinner once a week and wearing a different perfume oil every day. Yeast cinnamon rolls sounds like a great weekend activity with the girls! I haven't baked with yeast before, but that sounds like a good place to start!

    1. It really is a great blend. It ages well. Is your vendor TDC? Amber has such amazing scents. I will be buying form her once the new year begins and I melt through my ginormous stash. I really want to wait to buy AFTER we move in the summer so we will see if I manage for that long. I love your dinner goal. I love to cook and bake. The holidays have me excited for that. A perfume oil everyday? Nice! What perfume houses make up most of your collection? My collection is quite robust at the moment too. I have drained a few bottles with a couple more almost close to being empty which is a great feeling. Today I layered Arcana This Is Not Canada with Blood Moon Botanica's Red Cedar.

      It WOULD be a great weekend/holiday activity with the girls! We have been watching The Great British Baking Show so they are eager to bake. <3

    2. My wax vendor is TDC! I love the easy ordering, quick turn around and variety of scents available. I have mostly Haus of Gloi and Arcana perfume oils, with some Darling Clandestine, Solstice Scents and Future Primitive thrown in. Mostly samples, but a good number of bottles, too. The Great British Baking Show is a favorite in our house, too.

    3. Amber really does have a nice thing going on between the RTS, prices and selection.

      I adore Arcana, SS and FuturePrimitive. Great choices!! I am such a crazy slathering fool that my samples usually only last one or two times.

      Hope you have a wonderful holiday next week!

  2. Oh man, I hear you on the cutting back. Having just come home from our trip, I feel like everything's just a bit too much - we're coming home with too much debt, I've been neglecting my diet and exercise too much, I've developed a wicked nasty cold that is definitely TOO MUCH. I was commenting to Jay that I just don't feel like I've got my feet under me, although it seems like something everyone is kind of going through at the moment, unfortunately.

    I love all of your goals for the next month and a half. I'm going to try to follow along with some of them myself (especially the wax one; after melting my stash down to the absolute dregs, I'm now once again flush, although I really want to BUY MOAR. Trying to hold back the spend monster.)

    I'm so excited for your move! I mean, not excited for the act of moving itself - there's actually nothing I hate more in the world than moving or - perish the thought - helping someone else move (seriously, we're all old now with crap backs and knees; the time has come to hire a mover, friends!) But I'm excited that the move is happening - hopefully next trip (February?) we could find time to meet up when one of us isn't sick and the other is up to her eyeballs in resort troubles.

    1. I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Try not to be too hard on yourself when you are sick. You have been so successful with all these areas for the better part of a year. You will get back to that place once you get your equilibrium back. I just know it.

      I have already busted on one of the goals but I am not going to let it get me down. It was the perfume goal. I bought more than 4 at the holiday release I was eyeing, but it's all good. Not gonna wallow in it.

      I am excited too! It will be good for all of us. There will be some tears (heck, there already has been) but it will be a new adventure for all of us. Thankfully Adam's company is hiring movers for us, but I will still need to pack and box things up and all that jazz. But it will be a great opportunity to down size in some areas or toss out old things.

      I really do hope we can meet up! I would love to. Hoping the timing will be better for both of us. <3

  3. I've wondered what your stash looked like. It must be a daunting task to pack it all up and portion out what you will use seasonally. I'm starting to resent mine lately as it seems it never gets smaller, but it would help if I stopped buying it.

    1. Yeah. Hoping I can melt through a good chunk before we actually move. I think I can make a nice dent. But that means not adding to it for about 1/2 a year. Kinda like you said. :-) Raising a handmade pottery mug of tea and cheering a dent in our wax stashes!