Monday, November 5, 2018

Arcana Wildcraft: Leaves Falling Like Rain

Arcana Wildcraft Leaves Falling Like Rain- Notes: A comforting base of brown sugar, caramel, gingersnaps and cappuccino is sparked off with hints of patchouli, hyssop, mullein and white pepper.

This perfume is discontinued but I picked it up a few months ago in a buy/sell/swap perfume group on Facebook. My friend Jean gifted me a sample of this scent ages and ages ago and I wore it and enjoyed it tremendously. I just happened to spy this one up for sale so I brought it home to live with me. 

In the bottle this one has a dark green herbal aroma with sticky brown undertones. Almost like a medicinal tincture the herb-woman would have brewed up to cure what ails you. Once on the skin, the gingerbread comes to life and it possesses dark sticky molasses undertones. Roasted coffee beans transformed into coffee liqueur tantalize the nosebuds and pair beautifully with the gingerbread. However, as gourmand as this sounds, these aromas derive from a small town cafe in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps Cafe Mundo in Newport, Oregon where you can eat outdoors with brun soil beneath your boots and ivy and vines framing windows and forming bowers above your head as you enjoy your morning breaking of the fast. 

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While you drink your cappuccino and nosh your gingerbread loaf slice in the chill of November, the leaves do fall like rain upon your shoulders and skim the table. 

This is a wonderful scent for fall and winter wearing. It warms and delights with its earthen portrayal of coffee and leaves. Slight spice and patchouli. I am happy to announce that Julia has opened her own website for direct buying now. You can visit her here.

I dream of visiting the Pacific Northwest. I want to hike in Washington and Oregon. I want to experience the lush greenery and primitive forests. Hot springs. Quaint cafes and artistic dwellings. Have you been? What places would you recommend for lodgings? What towns or National Parks are musts? What time of year is best to go?

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