Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Bathing Garden: Fall Scents

The last Bathing Garden order I placed was about one year ago. It seems I make a habit of October Bathing Garden ordering. I kept it neat and tidy with a few clamshells, a couple shapes and a couple scrubs. I did go big on the lavender sampler jumbo clamshell. Shannon's scrubs are still some of my most favorite. 

A scent I adore that Shannon blends is Cardamom Apple Pie. This whole pie was $5.95. It smells incredibly life like. From the crust to the baked apples laced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. There is a deep richness here that keeps this from being county gift shop. 

Charred Jack-O-Lantern ($4.50) wafts about with ghostly bonfire warmth and spiced pumpkin. It is a touch earthen and dense. I will save this one for January when it is colder outside. 

I picked up three clamshells for $3.95 each. 

Evernight is a Lush Twilight dupe that I have been faithful to for several years.

Cinnamon Cream Apple is new to me. It is a delicious blend of spiced cinnamon with green apples and vanilla cream. The spice is strong. It smells amazing.

Deadly Sleeping Draught is a lavender blend I have been dying to have come back. It brews white tea and thyme with heady lavender. It is softly sweet and the white tea is fruity and floral. 

An Evernight scrub ($9.50) was a must. I only have one Bathing Garden scrub left so it was time to restock. This one and Sleepy are my favorites.

I am traditionally a chocolate hater when it comes to fragrance (other than real chocolate bars to smell and then proceed to eat). But this parfait that blends pumpkins and brownies into a soapy rich scrub under the name of Colossal Pumpkin Lantern ($12.50) is one of my favorites. This is the power of a free sample. I used it once and that was all it took. I enjoy the decadent duality of Shannon's parfaits. Her whipped soaps are notoriously thick and her scrubs too, they scoop out and lather up in an extremely satisfying manner. 

Check out this jumbo clamshell, Lavender Medley ($12.95) that is perfect for gift giving. It comes trimmed and with a blank card. 

Five lavenders round out this mini collection: Dreaming of Dreams (lavender, camphor, bergamot, sage), Alice in Lavenderland (lavender, vanilla, marshmallow), Deadly Sleeping Draught (described above), Pillow Fight (lavender, woods, Love Spell) and Evernight (Lush Twilight).

Dreaming of Dreams is new to me. It smells amazing, but I love camphorous scents. It is almost like medicinal lavender and pine and menthol. Verra good. I do not care for Pillow Fight as it mostly smells of Love Spell and I cannot abide that perfume.

But look how gorgeous?! The tiny lavender sprigs are adorable. 

I had a nice collection of samples but I didn't get around to taking pictures and gifted some away. I will say I got a sample size scrub in Woodland Apple and I am stoked about trying it.

Have you ordered from The Bathing Garden lately? I was hoping to behave on wax for a while but some of her Christmas offerings sound good. I might pick up one or two clams. Maybe as a birthday gift to myself. <3


  1. Love that I can sit and admire orders since I am not getting to indulge in ordering myself as of late so I do enjoy getting to stay in the loop through your pictures! SO gorgeous as always and I just love the big clams that Shannon has released sporadically. Especially even more now that it is lavender. Swoon.
    The pie is also a real winner, how cute would that be on a little pie display plate?!
    I need to get more of Shannon's scrubs in the future though as of late I have really been enjoying Lush's Magic Crystals which I HIGHLY recommend you trying for yourself. It really seems like a scent you would enjoy

    1. Thank you! I am in your boat now. After placing one final Candles From The Keeping Room order I am now on a wax no-buy for at least the rest of 2018 and then possibly longer. Ideally I won't buy wax again until after we move next summer. But we shall see.

      I simply could no resist that lavender clamshell. What a great idea. Lush's Magic Crystals huh?? I will have to swoop in to the store and sniff that soon. I have not been in Lush in ages. <3 Hope you are doing well!!

  2. That big ol lavender clam sure caught my eye when it was available! ;)
    I think I just got Charred Pumpkin, Darkside and White Magic for the Halloween, Autumn season this year. I still have stuff from last year I need to finish up, although I do find plenty I buy seasonally I'd melt year round.
    I've been trying to keep my wax purchases small, but I really want to try every minty blend from TBG.
    That sale tomorrow at 2mt has caught my attention and I'll be checking out what will be available. Can't wait! How bout you?

    1. YES! I am thrilled with the scents in there except for that one Love Spell but I can gift that easily enough.

      Lady, I am in the same boat as you. I have SO MUCH WAX!!! And with us moving here in about 6 months I simply do not want to have to haul all that wax somewhere so I am going to go on a no-buy as of this past weekend and melt, melt, melt.

  3. Jay gifted me a couple of slices of that Cardamom Apple Pie one and it's so great! You are correct, it smells incredibly realistic. It's actually what prompted me to buy a Caramel Apple Butter Chai Tea Latte from Jeoffrey's in Disney - I was seeking the taste of that wax (you know what I mean!) And you're right, it doesn't smell like a Cracker Barrel at all. ;)

    1. How sweet!!! It is a stellar scent. A Caramel Butter Chai?! Was it yummy? I am about to head over to your blog and catch up this morning. Hopefully I will read something about it. There are definitely moments in my life where I wish I could taste what I smell in a wax tart. Cracker Barrel!!! Yes. I actually don't mind eating there. I have been craving their chicken dumplings lately.