Monday, November 26, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Midnight Syndicate

The perfumers at Nocturne Alchemy collaborate with talented artists from an array of genres to create meaningful perfumes from time to time. I posted about one such collaboration with the artist/writer/filmmaker Clive Barker and his Tarrie Cats, here. I also reviewed a perfume from their duet with Dan Brereton and his Nocturnals comics, here. Today I am featuring two perfumes that Nocturne Alchemy created in conjunction with the musical talent of Midnight Syndicate. I found myself listening to the haunting music of Midnight Syndicate last year after discovering this perfume line. The atmosphere created from the spooky haunted houses to forbidding carnivals to a ghostly Christmas amps up this particular time of year for me. I have the Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering playing on Spotify at work between bouts of a Carpenter's Christmas.

Under the Big Top- Notes: Confection os sweet blue and pink cotton candy, a drop of black sugar, aged vanilla syrup, and a few drops of aged five year old amber resin along with black saffron and mahogany wood. $26

From the glass vial wisps of cotton candy curl up from an earthy base of saffron. Dripped on the skin the vanilla and saffron mingle with carnival sugar like a slightly off kilter Fun House. Are your jitters from excitement or fear? Perhaps a little of both? Is this sugared candy innocent or infused with something a bit more naughty? Subtle saffron and amber whirl like a melodious calliope around a cloud of dark vanilla spun sugar. These are the sweet shadows of the Big Top where kisses are stolen and cotton candy clouds float from fingers to tongues. 

Mists of Arcacia- Notes: Black incense, black cedar, black sandalwood and Sapphire amber. $26

Darkest frankincense accompany the smudged silhouettes of a spooky tree line in the distance within the bottle. Rolling along the skin like a creeping fog the sacred incense smoke and cedar transpire to evoke a smoky aquatic perfume. It glows with a green phosphorescence. As the mists thicken they hold the pitch darkness of the forest and carry the perfume of the woods to the nose. Brackish sandalwood and amber sap the shades of peridot cling to the dew drops that hover in the quiet air. 

These perfumes fit beautifully with this evocative tale I recently finished, Night Circus. My friends have been urging me to read this for some time and I am thrilled I finally did. The author is a fan of indie perfumes herself. She acknowledged Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as an inspiration. Her innate ability to describe scenes and scents resonated with me. I think Erin would appreciate the Midnight Syndicate line from Nocturne Alchemy as well.

Do you enjoy atmospheric or carnival scents? Have you read this book? What did you think?? I loved it all but the ending was a touch "hm" for me. 

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