Sunday, November 4, 2018

Bohemienne Life: October Pre-Order

Good Morning. I hope you guys have been well. I was struggling and under the weather with an upper respiratory infection and ear infection for most of last week. I had some posts in the queue but then they ran out and I really wasn't up for blog life until today. I am about a week into my antibiotics and with the time change last night I am sitting pretty and feeling much better. 

I want to pick up with some wax. Kyme at Bohemienne Life put out some amazing scents (well, to be fair she always does) this last pre-order for wax. I ended up picking up four bags in scents I felt like I couldn't survive without. Each bag was $6.25.

Gimoire- Notes: Old books, sage and magic.
Kyme syled Grimoire perfectly. She used a dark lush brown base for the brittle along with fluttering deckle ivory pages and shimmering magic sparks. It smells exactly like piles and stacks of old, old books. Worn, crusty leather, cracking glue bindings and brittle paper. Sage is ideal within this combo, it adds a touch of dusty herb to balance the leather. This one will be fun to melt as an atmospheric library scent.

Medieval- Notes: An incense blend of sage leaf, cedar, cinnamon and clove, rosewood and myrrh with a beautiful blend of frankincense and musk. 
Ok, maybe I was a bit quick.... this one is a new favorite too. This rosewood incense blend feels like a bespoke blend made just for me. The spice is a smudge of warmth within the heart of the powdery woods and incense. Man, that rosewood. It is plush. This is the medieval perfume of Guinevere's private rooms. The rosewood and cedar bed frame and furniture, the incense she burns in censors in the corner of her room, the lightly perfumed tapestries and sage rushes on the cool stone floor. 

The Green Faerie- Notes: A magical forest blend of absinthe, flowers, woods and anise.
I am a sucker for well blended absinthe scents. This is certainly a well blended absinthe. The wormwood is smooth with soft floral sweetness. The white curling bark of birch trees is lustrous while the anise lies like velvety shadows around the edges of the scent. This one is my new favorite Bohemienne Life scent. 

Mabon- Notes: Nutmeg, spices, sandalwood, myrrh, wood smoke and apples.
Dern. Lemme just say that all these scents are purdy dang good. Mabon is a wonderfully unique take on the spiced apple genre. The red juicy apples are paired with wooden spice and that touch of wood smoke spins it into a haunted fall revelries that takes place amid burning bonfires and craggy apple trees. I will be melting this one very soon.

I am thrilled with the scents Kyme is blending up and I cannot wait to melt these fellas. Did you buy any from her this last go 'round? How are you feeling? Did you get any fall sickies?


  1. I picked up a bag of Brigid and I do believe it is *the* most perfect scent for fall! Crisp apples, wood smoke and honey! Ahh. So good!

    1. Brigid really is gorgeous!!! I think I had her as a sample before. I just love the samples Kyme gives. I need to see if I can pick that one up again one day. I am still in an apple and spice melting mood. Especially now that it is cooling down here. <3

  2. I know I commented on an earlier post that I only grabbed Green Faerie, Grimoire, Half Baked and Candied Violets and Lemon this time around. I've tried the first 2 so far.
    Our household got sick at the end of September, with bad colds. It sucked. lol We need to get our flu shots yet for the season.

    1. Ooooo Candied Violets. I just love violets in late winter and early spring. <3

      I am so sorry. Babies being sick is never fun. Is everyone feeling better though? Sometimes it lingers. Mine has just now cleared up a little. Scarlette woke up with a cold this morning. As soon as I got to work I sprayed all the kids' work tables and desks with bleach. We did our flu shots but I am not risking anything. Hope you guys stay healthy!!

    2. Thank you!!
      We've been well except for that September cold we caught. I'd say my son and I had it the worst. It lingered for about 2 weeks or a little more.
      We still gotta get our flu shots. The kiddos really don't want to get a shot, but heck neither do my husband and I. lol I'd rather be safe than sorry.
      Hope your household has been well. <3

  3. So many new favorites. The apple spice seems to be calling to my name, unusual for me, but even I succumb to the cozy now and again. Enjoy these lush beauts and please let me know if Kyme reopens for wax again soon, I like to plan ahead, although I had to restrain myself and not order for awhile.

    1. Definitely digging the cozy spice as of late. I sent you a Messanger about her next pre-order. Some great scents. Awful time for me to do a no buy but hey. There it is. When would ever be a good time?