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Candles From The Keeping Room: November 3rd Order

Carol's early November opening at Candles From The Keeping Room was the most recent and last order for me for a little while. I kinda knew it was about time to take it easy so I made sure to try and grab everything I wanted to last me a little while. Today I am going to showcase only the new-to-me scents I have not blogged about previously. I will mention all my repurchases at the end. 

Pumpkin Patchouli- Sweet pumpkin, a hint of spice and rich patchouli.
A gorgeous spiced patchouli aroma. This patch is deep and herbal with an almost iron tang to it. I love it. It reminds me touch of the Witch's Brew and Pumpkin Stew scent but darker and more patch heavy. I would buy this one again in a heartbeat. 

Pink Sugared Pumpkin- A delightful blend of one of our best pumpkins and pink sugar. 
Mmmmmm! Pink sugar deluxe!! This smells like pink sugar and Carol's Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow. No spice. Heavy creaminess and loads of vanilla. It will be beautiful once melted.

Pumpkin & Cardamom- Pumpkin pie with cardamom, clove leaf, nutmeg and rum. 
The cardamom is not quite as strong in this as I had hoped but it does smell like a yummy rum cake with very soft spice and that is cool. 

Maple Pumpkin Stout- Whipped pumpkin puree, maple sugar and dark spiced stout.
After falling in love with Pumpkin Lager I knew I wanted to try this one out. It is delicious! I almost like this one even better than the Pumpkin Lager. The pumpkin with the dark maple syrup and touch of dark Guinness-like stout is rich. It is not sweet at all and will be a warming fragrance.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte- Creamy pumpkin latte topped with melted marshmallows and a dusting of nutmeg, sugar sprinkles and a drizzle of caramel.
I love this version of a pumpkin spice latte. Mostly becuase it basically smells like sugared vanilla musk. The coffee and pumpkin is very mellow if present at all. This is one of my favorite fall Bath & Body Works hand soap scents. It smells of caramelized Pink Sugar without the "pink."

Pumpkin Oud- Smoldering woody notes, incense and spice add a darkness to pumpkin,
This one is incredible. Smoky warm woods and sweet creamy pumpkin. This takes the place of Pumpkin Firewood for me as I like the darker musky tones this one carries. 

Cinnamon Apple Cider- Fresh fruit, apple juice and rich spices with vanilla, warm wood and creamy musk. 
The cinnamon is very quiet in this one. It is a lovely wooden apple aroma with about a medium throw. 

Apple N Spice- Macintosh apple, robust cinnamon and clove.
This is my new favorite apple cinnamon scent. Robust is the perfect word indeed. A fiery blend of sweet cinnamon sugar and apple pie filling. I could eat this up with a spoon.

Harvest Moonlight- A spicy and creamy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, black peppercorn mixed with pumpkin puree, mahogany woods, whipped cream and vanilla bean.
Dusky woods with musk and a pinch of cardamom greets the senses. This one is lighter on the spice than I anticipated but it is a beautiful scent nonetheless. It would make a wonderful scent all year through. 

Nights of Autumn- A designer scent of nutmeg and cinnamon, cedar, applewood.
I very much enjoy this one! I just burned through my old Bath & Body Works Autumn Day candle and these tarts will easily take its place. An autumn musk with soft harvest fruits and bundles of rich wood. Pure bliss.

Country Gift Shop- Gift shop potpourri.
Mmmmmm!!! Strong cinnamon and dried fruits along with some cheerful rose hips and perhaps a few dried eucalyptus sprig leaves. There is something quietly floral and tea-like in the back ground of the spice and fruits. 

Apple Clove Butter- Apples, clove and warm spices.
Just as mouthwatering as Beezy's version! I am stoked to have it from Carol too. This is one of my favorite apple scents. It is sweet and clear with nuances as applesauce and a dash of spice. So so good.

Cane Sugar Cookie- Cane sugar, butter, rum, caramel, vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.
Very sweet with sugar and a drop of rum. There is almost a tint of almond within the intense vanilla. I melted this in the kitchen and living area and it threw medium-strong and created a delicious pool of wax. Some of the sweetness calmed and it left the most divine vanilla scent.

Noels of Autumn- Crisp fallen leaves, cinnamon apples, clove scented pine cones and vanilla bean noel.
I have been looking forward to trying this one for some time. It was worth waiting for it! A creamy blend of Bath & Body Works Leaves scent and I am here for it. 

Autumn Spice- A warm blend of cinnamon, allspice and clove simmered in a sweet, buttery vanilla.
An interesting blend. Undertones of crunchy leaves that come from the cloves and perhaps the allspice, a touch of anise and then the vanilla base all rise from the bag when I bury my nose in it. I need to melt this one soon and see how it unfolds.

Wood Vanilla- Coconut milk, black vanilla absolute, caramelized benzoin, bitter almond, tonka bean and sandalwood. A Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille dupe. 
This is not quite as sweet as my Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille but it is still darn good. I love my vanilla woods scents and this is a nice one. Not overly sweet and with oaken woods.

Clove- A true, realistic clove.
It has a base of licorice leaning clove, but there is a plastic tone to this on cold. It melts off once warmed. It throws medium-light. 

Frosted- Fresh mint and white musk.
The white musk makes up 80% of this scent with soft, unsweet mint as the remainder. The white musk as a clean spa quality to it that also is fluffy and starchy like fabric softener. This is an interesting fresh aroma.

Icy Peppermint- The strongest peppermint at the Keeping Room.
This is a true statement. Pure arctic peppermint with icy spikes of coolness and a touch of menthol. Just the barest hint of sugar but no vanilla here. A clean classic peppermint.

Peppermint Cream- Pure peppermint with notes of marshmallow fluff, vanilla sugar and creme de menthe. 
A brilliant frozen mint with a stunning backdrop of vanilla sugar. It smells like the ultimate peppermint ice cream. I want this as a perfume. I want to smell this every night.

Free samples! Carol always blows me away with her generosity. I love the wide variety of samples she gives and the adorable shapes. 

This Santa gnome is the cutest. 

Spearmint and Basil is an invigorating blend that smells like a kitchen herb garden. It is slightly cool and green and watery. I will be saving this one for spring. 

Pumpkin Coconut Sugar Cookie smells delicious! Carol always does the best sugar cookies. Add some sweet creamy coconut and a touch of caramelized pumpkin and it is the bee's knees.

Honey Pear Cider vibrates with a fruity clarity of gingered pears. 

Applesauce Cupcake rings my chimes. Apple cinnamon with just a pinch of vanilla cakes in the heart. 

Bourbon Pumpkin Almost smells like it has coconut in it too. Maybe this is Bourbon vanilla pumpkin? Either way it is yummy and rich. A touch bakery. 

Brown Sugar and Fig is gorgeous. Just like the Bath & Body Works perfume. Sweet musky figs and velvety brown sugar. Lovely.

Amber and Oud. Oh good gosh. This is dead sexy. Smoldering oud incense with warm glowing amber shines in this sensual aroma. I need bags and bags of this. So do you.

Cozy Cabin is warm with a crackling birchwood fire. Smoke and embers and toasty woods. Another one I need more of in my life.

Honeyed Pineapple Pumpkin is all about that pineapple. I don't get much pumpkin on cold but it does sniff like a caramelized pineapple cake.

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie is crunchy and not too sweet at all. I would even go as far as to call this a pumpkin shortbread cookie.

Bergamot Rosewood brims with citrus brightness. Like orange wood. A lovely unique scent.

Winter Flannel slays me. This is Marshmallow Fireside with a tiny bit of spice to warm it. I was not expecting that when I opened the bag and it took me by surprise. I seriously am in love. Two bags, please.

Sugar and Spice Noel, oooo yes ma'am. A creamy vanilla sugar and spice delight. I am ready for some more of this one. 

Cucumber Cilantro is as realistic as it gets. The cilantro zings with a touch of lime and the watery vegetation of cucumber pairs beautifully with it.

Coconut Lavender Sugar Cookies combines Carol's yummy sugar cookie with a coconut milk and Lavender Vanilla. It is the same lavender vanilla that smells like the Bath & Body Works candle or similar to Rosegirl's sweet lavender. The one that has a fabric softener lean. 

Charcoal Tonka and Amber & Oud are both extremely spectacular scents. Charcoal Tonka is a plush vanilla tonka scent that is dark and smoky. I would be stoked to get both of these one day. 

My favorite samples are Charcoal Tonka, Sugar and Spice Noel, Winter Flannel, Amber & Oud and Cozy Cabin. 

Other scents I repurchased this time that I did not feature include: Strawberry Martini, Sugared Strawberry Spruce, Pumpkin Lager, Homespun Sugar Cookie, Olde Town Bake Shop, Frosted Pine Noel, Peppermint Cypress and Warm & Cozy.

Did you pick anything up at Carol's November opening? She is set to open December 1st I believe. Carol ships fast enough that they would make it in time for Christmas. What are your favorite CFTKR scents?

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