Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ebb & Flow: March 2019

The highs and lows of the month.

Hermes Eau de Merveilles 

Perfume Oil:
Nocturne Alchemy White Santalum

Body Oil:
Kings Road Apothecary Tulsi and Pinon

Le Petite Ferme Ninja Pit Cream in Lavender Peppermint Patchouli

Moonalisa Krampus

Solstice Scents Whipped Soap in Manor used as bubble bath

Sea Witch Botanical collection

Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside

Super Tarts Hades

Arrok Moodstone studs

Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood

The Umbrella Academy, We Bare Bears and The Guild of Ambience on YouTube

Enya pretty much every morning.

Toasted bagels with butter and jam.

Water, coffee, kombucha. My holy trifecta.

Seed packets, vinyl and Sterilite moving boxes (we have bought sooooo many!)

Putting the house up on the market (in about two weeks), camping with my girlfriends and a Garth Brooks concert. Also waiting on hearing back from the girls' school appilcations, job applications and waiting on some flowers to bloom.

So much that I don't even want to put words to it right now.

My new bird feeders from Achy Joints Creation. They are so cute and I cannot wait to hang them up at our new place. Photos to come when I do!

Blogging. I miss it. Looking forward to this summer and hopefully spending some time doing more of it. Been a bit crazy with packing, which is almost done, and grading papers and arranging things for the next chapter.

My sister's brother-in-law passing away at such a young tender age. Trying to manage stress. 

My friend Ashley coming to visit, a nice trip to D.C., more books, more coffee mugs, seed catalogs, buying a record player, hanging with my sisters, hanging with my daughters and husband. It was a nice month in many ways too. I also picked up some art supplies so I can get back into drawing. 

How was your March? Anything new blooming on your side of the fence?


  1. Yay for Achy Joints bird feeders!! We worked on a stack of them last night, getting ready for the May village rummage sale.

    I miss blogging too, and I think the Google+ shutdown really is affecting things more than they say it should. I guess I'll just keep posting to an empty room and hope an audience eventually finds its way back.

    March has been a mental health disaster for me and I can only hope it starts to even out in April. Ugh.


    1. I simply love the feeders! The staining and twine are all wonderful. <3 I hope you guys sell a ton at the rummage sale. And thank you so much for talking with Kurth about the mountain shelf. I am so very excited about it.

      I think you are correct. I know my views have been way down but for me it is because I don't post everyday like I used to so my total views are down since there are less things to "view". Ah well. I hope to come back to it more regularly in the future once I get more settled.

      I am so sorry March has been hard. Praying April is smooth and relaxed with some joy in there too.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your sister's brother-in-law. Life can be so upsetting and cruel. :(

    I totally know that feeling of "if I don't say it, it won't be that bad." I'll be sending you all of my deep breathing stress-free vibes over the coming weeks and months as you transition into your new home. <3

    It's been a busy month here! We are still settling in to our new home, and I honestly am hoping that I've got things fairly well together by Halloween - then, I'll feel ok. I think it takes time, and I've got all my mom's stuff from CA in my garage now, which we need to go through and either establish here or sell. A highlight this past week was finally getting our old couch sold, so that we could unroll our new living room rug and set up the living room, including making my new coffee table. We still have stuff to do in there - and I need to find the perfect bookshelf for that room, to set up our favorite books for display and browsing - but that's going to have to wait, because now I'm totally past my budget and have a lot of recouping to do! That's my "if I don't say it" thing, as summers are very tight since i don't get my normal paycheck July/Aug/Sept. Breathing.

    I am absolutely loving my indoor plants (including the stunners you sent me - photos to come soon! thank you!) and establishing my outside plants. I've mostly got my back yard flowerbed planted, with the exception of two roses and a gardenia that I'm waiting to come in the mail, and the front yard flower bed, again waiting for two roses to arrive. I set up our herb box, but I need to set up and plant our pollinator box and two food boxes - Hoping to get those set up by the end of next weekend. And planting some containers.

    The other thing I've been spending a lot of time on is planning a tea party I'm having in two weeks! I got picked to be an "influencer" for Tetley tea, so I'm putting on an afternoon tea party. I invited some friends from work, and it will be the first time to have some people over to our new house. So I want to get at least the main open area "done" as best as I can, and then of course I've spent SO MUCH TIME setting up a menu. Now I've got it all sorted, so I'm excited!

    This comment was more of a blog post than a blog comment <3 Hang in there through all of this - it's going to feel so good when you're on the other side of moving!!!!! Lots of love and calming vibes coming your way! Going to look up those bird feeders now!

    1. Thank you. It was very tragic and my heart goes out to his brothers (my brother-in-law) and to his three little girls.

      I appreciate you understanding about the verbalization. Adam convinced me to stop looking for homes and to just try and enjoy our last few weeks in our home rather than stressing about the next steps. So that is my goal over the next two weeks.

      Nancy, I have loved seeing your indoor and outdoor plants. They just make my day. Your yard is looking spectacular! I saw you mentioned a rare seed company and I wrote it down as a place to order from. I have become slightly obsessed with ordering seeds. Your rug is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see what bookshelf you end up with. I am hoping we will be able to take down the birch one Adam and his dad made me and take it with us. I feel you about the lack of pay during the summer. I usually ask for escrow if I can but sometimes I have had to do without it. This summer will be interesting to see if I can get a job in time to keep the paychecks flowing. Thank you for the well wishes in that department!! I will happily take them all.

      I will be picking your ear soon about the easiest to care for houseplants that you are loving. I definitely want some pepperomia but not sure other than that.

      How cool about the tea party!!!! It kinda reminds me of the House Party program that was semi-popular several years ago. I hosted a Pulls-Ups house party LOL! But the toddlers loved it. We mostly danced and ate goldfish and such. The tea party will be a nice way to have a small house warming party.

      Glad you are doing well and have such a beautiful happy nest for you and your loved ones. <3

      Achy Joints Creations is on Facebook and they post handmade woodworking things form time to time and can be purchased through a message or comment. <3 I recently asked for a custom moon mountain shelf and it is coming along well!

  3. My condolences extended for your sister's brother in law passing. I hope that your "dreading" won't be too bad and will go well! <3
    That deodorant scent sounds fabulous.
    I also recently used a Moonalisa Krampus soap (sample) and was very impressed by the lasting scent. I really enjoyed the fragrance.
    My March went well enough. Can't believe it's over already! Still no relief from my MS attack, but I did get out to those two concerts, (KISS and Wednesday 13), in March. That's the highlight of my month. I love music and seeing bands I love perform and do their thing.
    I hope April will be a beautiful month for you, Julie!

    1. Thank you. It has hit them hard but they are trying to keep steady for his babies.

      It really is a nice combo of essential oils. I am thinking about trying diffusing just so I can make this blend to scent my house. I love lavender, peppermint and patchouli. I wish I could persuade Julia to make this in a perfume.

      I am loving that Krampus soap!!! You are right it smells amazing and I love the texture too. I will try and keep my eye out for it next holiday season.

      I am glad March was OK. I know you have been fighting some battles of your own. Music is amazingly healing. I rely on it myself. I am so excited you got to see KISS!!! How cool!!!

      April, I hope your April is as beautiful as you are! Thank you for the kind wishes.


    2. Thank you Julie, my month has been well so far. Hope yours is going smoothly. :)
      I've definitely been getting way back into music- I was so much before having kids and since them I just haven't been up on new releases, staying up to date on bands I enjoy.
      Your are so darn right about music being healing. Music has always gotten me through so much, so I've been really leaning on it lately.
      (And it really, really was awesome finally seeing KISS. My sisters and I have been fans for so long and getting to go together was beyond wonderful).

    3. Good!!! I love hearing that! Mine is better than last month. <3
      I didn't know you got to go with your sisters! That makes it even more special. I love getting together with my sisters. I wish we could do it more often. But it gets harder as we all move farther and farther away. Glad you have that memory now though. Maybe ya'll can make it an annual plan to go to a concert all together. <3