Monday, March 4, 2019

Melting Basket 137

Wax from the last basket that I enjoyed melting and smelling in my home: Handmade in Florida Cinnamon Donuts and Moroccan Mint Tea, Dessa's Sugar Plum Fairy and Beezy's Marshmallow Fireside (seriously long lasting!).

Bohemienne Life- Bloom
Bohemienne Life- The Green Faerie
Bohemienne Life- Fraser's Ridge
Bohemienne Life- Heart & Crown
CFTKR- Smoked Vanilla
CFTKR- White Cedar Forest
CFTKR- Woodland Foliage
The Bathing Garden- Alice in Lavenderland
Glitterati- Blood Orange/Blonde Moment (in celebration of getting on the Mystery Box List again!!)

I am hankering those floral and woodland scents with a hint of fruits to herald in the springtime weather. If you are curious about any of these feel free to drop a comment. The Bathing Garden just released the Alice in Wonderland scents which are incredible and appeal to the lavender lover in me. Carol at Candles From the Keeping Room is opening up next weekend for the first time in a couple months. I really want to grab a few since I know she ships so fast. 

The wildflower garden is coming along well. It has been very hot and dry as of late so some of the more tender and heat sensitive flowers are withering away despite my watering. I was very excited to see this cute fairy house at the Dollar Tree around Valentine's Day. I am going to try and go back for a few gnome friends if there are any left. 

I saw recently that bumblebees were added to the endangered species list. As I was wishing that one would come to my garden, two actually did. They both loved this small white and pink flowers (the photo above and the last one of the post). Savanna named one BB and I named the other Buzz. The two honeybee visitors left since the sunflowers are on their last legs and are busy producing seeds rather than nectar. 

We do have plenty of garden snails and mushrooms and even some fairies flitting about (I am sure).

How was your weekend? Did you sign up for the Glitterati Mystery Box? Do you find hidden treasures at Dollar Tree? Have you been going outside?


  1. That house is darling, great find. One of my besties is a save the bees crusader, but I don't know much about it. I know that the fat fuzzy fellas love our Salvia bushes, but they seem to be withering. Also, our wooden deck is riddled with borer bee holes, so we unfortunately try to eliminate them as pests. Perhaps I'll plant more flowers to invite the friendlier species, I'll have to do some research...
    Oh that darn mystery box, I forgot and was out of town for State anyway. Alas,it probably isn't meant to be. Not on facebook=missing out on facebook only offerings and to me it's worth it to be fb free. I hope you get some excellent wax from yours.

    1. I admit I am worried about the bees. We noticed a few going into the girls' picnic bench and I was hoping they wouldn't make a home there because then I would have to move them with us for fear they would be destroyed by someone else.

      Sorry about missing the sign up. I was teasing with a friend that if I pass away before my name is called I will write it into my will. I will write mine to you then.

      P.S. I was FB free for four years once and it was very nice indeed. Certainly worth more than wax. I have considered going back once the girls are older.

  2. OOps, meant to comment on White Cedar Forest, April mentioned on my post that you came up with that fragrance! Did you ask Carol to blend it? I do love it, creamy fruity powdery goodness-I find it so soothing. I must have missed your post on it but it's incredibly good, happy I snagged it:) I also have a haul of Bohemienne Life sitting untouched because I'm unsure if I'll get back to blogging, perhaps with Fraser's ridge-I will break off a few pieces and melt them this week and figure the rest out later.

    1. I didn't blend it but it is certainly one of my very favorite scents from Carol. I think maybe it was meant that I requested it in the sense that I begged Carol to make a bunch LOL! Carol is great like that. I just melted my last bit of Fraser's Ridge. Hot damn did it smell fantastic!!!! <3