Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sea Witch Botanicals: Facial Collection

This facial collection was provided free form Sea Witch Botanicals. All opinions are my own.

For the past few weeks I have been using this skin care collection from Sea Witch Botanicals. Last year I dabbled in mostly Korean skin care and then moved onto Paula's Choice. I had pretty much run out of my Paula's Choice routine items and then this bad boy arrived. Fortuitous! This kit is a simple, all natural and high quality skin care regimen.  

There is a soap, toner and face oil for $55, which is a savings of $6 if purchased separately. 

Let me tell you right here and now. I traditionally have never used a facial skin cleanser regularly other than whatever bar soap I am using to bathe my body with. I just don't have the time or inclination to make that a part of my skin care routine. Especially since I tend to use really great soap anyway. 

I decided to go ahead and start using this Radiant Pearl Facial Bar ($12) nightly while taking my bath. It is a glycerin based soap that houses shea butter, coconut oil, buckthorn extract, carrot extract, kaolin clay, vitamin e and oat protein among other ingredients. A smooth and softly fragrant lather builds easily for washing. It is a clean yet earthy scent and the soap washes all traces of makeup and dirt from the face without leaving any residue or tightness. I feel like I am finally treating my skin well and it is easy to use now that I have a dedicated dish for it by my bath tub. 

After the night time washing routine I next spray this Soothing Facial Toner ($14) all over my face. I don't use a pad or wipe. It saves trash and keeps me from pulling at my skin too much. This toner smells beautiful. The lavender is the star here and she floats lightly with sprigs of tiny herbs and button sized roses tucked into her buoyant bounty. I give the toner a few minutes to absorb before moving on to the last step. Once it dries it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and cool. The aloe keeps it from feeling tight or drying.

The last step in the skin care routine is applying this Lucidum Reishi Facial Serum ($35). A base of coconut oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin e carries buckthorn, carrot, reishi, nettle, rosehip and rosemary extracts as well as bergamot and frankincense essential oils. The serum is an earthy, umber and green hue and smells strangely wonderful like walking into a home improvement store with the perfume of lumber and turps mixing with the garden area. I pat a few drops of this into my skin with my fingertips and it soaks in within several minutes. There is no greasy texture, just silken oils. 

After a few weeks of use I am thrilled with it. My skin tone looks less red around my nose and cheeks. My acne (which can sometimes be an issue) has not flared up other than my typical pre-menstrual spots here and there. My skin feels soft and looks dewy. I think this set will last me 2-3 months and I will happily pick it up again. I like that the ingredients are natural, ethically sourced, and vegan. The simpleness of the skin care set is wonderful and something I can stick with happily and at a very affordable price point. 

Do you use serums or oils in your routine for moisturizing?


  1. Goodness, I am green with envy over this, it sounds wonderful especially those serum ingredients. I also don't have (make) time for separate facial bar cleansing and have started showering at night due to my new early a.m. routine. I don't know how much I'd use the soap/toner, but may check out the serum separately. Sea Witch's packaging gets me every time, I know you must have flipped for this pirate aesthetic- beautiful stuff.

    1. I am enjoying the serum for sure (all of it actually). I do think it is very nice given the ingredients and the cost. I will be sticking to the set for a good long while. The branding is very nice! I love the old fashioned nautical feel for sure.

  2. Replies
    1. My skin loves it! And the price really isn't too bad for a complete system that will last a good long while! <3