Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Solstice Scents: Hidden Lodge

Hidden Lodge was among some of the very first perfumes I encountered from Solstice Scents when Angela was first debuting her EDP format. Back in 2015 I fell hard for it and my love for it has only grown deeper. Hidden Lodge was built around the earthen habitat of a beaver. Angela constructed a scent that evokes that dark dank coziness with a touch of animalic warmth. I don't remember the exact cost of this perfume and it is not currently in stock, but Angela does do seasonal restocks so it will return. I am thinking it was in the $70-$80 range as are most of her EDPs with a few exceptions. 

Hidden Lodge- Notes: Dry wood blend, oud, woodsmoke, spices and castoreum (botanical interpretation). $70-$80 I believe... I forgot exactly how much I spent on this one.

As previously mentioned, Angela built her inspiration for Hidden Lodge from the hard working beaver as he constructs his warm cozy dam of a den. This woody beauty has dark dank undertones and subtle sweetness but it surprisingly wearable and it resonates with me. Pine and cedar kindling, flesh toned and brimming with fuel in their fractured bones ignite into delicate flames sending woodsmoke signals into an unmanned sky. Tufts of lightly charred oud wood plug crevices and tuck into nooks to lay a downy bed of warmth in the perfume while the castoreum is the ghost of the pelt that leaves behind its musky effulvia letting one know that this is a living creature's home. So tread with care and respect. The spices are well blended into the fragrance but play out to my nose as a hint of earthy coriander or camphorous juniper berry, perhaps a small grating of nutmeg or mace for woodsy warmth or even a grounding of tumeric or saffron. Either way the spice is not overt or kitchen cupboard but it shades and highlights the delicate construction of the scent. 

I do adore this perfume. It is beautifully rendered and is one I wear all year through.

Do you have a favorite Solstice Scents perfume? Do you prefer the EDP or oil versions?


  1. This sounds so interesting. What a fun idea to perfume off of.

    1. It really is! And well done too. I love when perfumers listen to unexpected muses. <3 I feel like you are gifted at that too.

    2. awww. shucks. joys in unexpected places