Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Perfume Packing

I realized about a month ago that I was going to need some kind of system to pack up all my perfume oils for the move. I usually have them displayed on my wall in my bedroom so I did not have anything on hand in which to safely move my collection. After reading some awesome suggestions in various perfumes groups I decided to try two different options. 

This first was this 54 count essential oil carrying case I picked up from Amazon (here is a link to it - NOT an affiliate link- none of them are) for about $40. It will hold 5 ml bottles perfectly in a precut velvet lined foam tray and the holes stretch to accommodate even larger bottles. It even came with stickers and pens and all sorts of paraphernalia. 

I like that is has extra room on top of the bottles so I could fill it with all the silly little things I have collected over the years that I want to take with me. Yes, that includes lots of feathers from the birds in our backyard. 

After filling up the essential oil carrying case I knew I needed something with a little more capacity. A lady in the groups mentioned that she used a tool box that she filled with smaller padded essential oil cases. So once again I popped over to Amazon and picked up a small steel tool box for about $22 (here). I think I had the most fun just decorating it with all my favorite handmade artisans' stickers. 

The tool box did come with a tray insert but I took it out to make room for the all perfume. There was a small space left on top and I put some special vintage post cards, book plates, incense and perfume on top that I knew would travel safe there.

I was then able to squeeze four thirty bottle carrying cases into the tool box. These essential oil cases are soft and padded and ran about $12 each. They can be found here.

They stack two deep and fit perfectly.

They fit 5 ml bottles easily and up to 15 ml bottles. I can also squeeze two tall 5 mls in one spot, like the bottles that Sixteen92 or Hexennacht use. 

I still have about 25 stragglers on the shelves that I am leaving out so I can wear them. I also need to figure out how to pack my Solstice Scents and Sonoma Scent Studio and Serge Lutens EDPs. But not going to think about that just yet until I get most of the kitchen packed. Any suggestions? Are you adding up how many perfume oils I have? Not too far from one for every day of the year? LOL! I will do a collection post once I move into my new location in a couple months. 


  1. Wow, this is impressive. My packing MO is to leave it all until the very last moment and then panic. I think I like this well-organized method a lot better! I think I only have one thing in the house that requires special packaging arrangements, and that's my Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe. It's huge, it weighs a ton and it's unbelievably delicate - Jack broke clean in two at his waist the first time we moved it, and I've never been comfortable with the stability of the Crazy Glue job we did on his bits. When I very, very rarely have to move it, I basically treat it like an infant. I feel like you might feel the same way about your beloved perfumes!

    1. Thanks! The benefit of knowing years in advance that a move is coming is being able to slowly pack well before-hand. Last minute packing does have the benefit of having everything on hand for the longest amount of time and without shuffling things from one room to another. We finally landed on storing everything in the garage and parking my Jeep outside. Moving a snowglobe sounds like a very delicate proposition. So sorry to hear Jack broke once already. :-( Are you guys planning on staying in your current place for a while?

  2. Wow - I love these! So pretty! I haul my stuff around in plastic bins with handles and lots of recycled shipping bubble wrap. But this is so much more attractive. Thanks for the tips!

    When is the move?

    1. Oh fun! Glad you could maybe make use of the info. I hadn't thought about a perfumer needing to travel with glass and wares. You are right! This could definitely work for you and any shows you attend. <3

      We are putting the house up on the market around April 15th we think. The goal is to move right after the girls get out of school at the end of May/beginning of June. I will definitely mail you a post card with our new address so we can keep in touch.

    2. Yes - please keep me in the know, when you get a chance. Moving is so hard! I hope everything is super smooth.

    3. I absolutely will!! Moving is tough. I am happy we have got so much packing done so early in the process so hoping that will make things a touch more easy. I am sure the unpacking part will be daunting. Also the home shopping. But most of all the job hunting is my very least favorite part. Thank you for your well wishes!! <3