Sunday, March 10, 2019

Mermaid Treasure: Purified Art

Bill Martin is the talented maker behind Purified Art and his rings have taunted me for ages. Today I don't have a ring to show you but instead a more practical piece that I found missing in my silver accessories, a long chain.

This chain is 30" long, thin yet durable with multiple clasp locations. I was recommended Bill's chains by a few different Magpie friends. 

Sadly, Bill's father passed away and his Etsy shop is currently closed. He will probably open back up in the future. 

Do you prefer long chains or short chains?


  1. In-between? I like his logo, kind of reminds me of a luchador. I'd also like to see how you pair this with a fab pendant.

    1. In-between is nice too! I have several 20-24" chains that I like but was looking for a really long one for larger crystals and pendants. <3 I totally love that you got that from his logo. Nacho Libre did enter my mind. I have a particular pendant in mind but need to find the outfit to best rock it for sure.