Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Obscurus: Northern Skies Perfume Collection

These perfumes were sent gratis from Obscurus. All opinions are my own.

Obscurus released their summer 2019 collection of scents called Northern Skies. Each fragrance in the collection was available in a scrub, body balm, solid perfume, wax tart, shower gel, a body whip, hair tonic and bar soap format. These can be found at Femme Fatale via the link above (click on Obscurus). I was pleasantly surprised to see these perfumes in a solid perfume medium. I enjoy a solid perfume from time to time. Each scent is built around a constellation and runs $9.35 AUS which is about $6.50 USD.

Cepheus- Notes: White peach, citrus, grape, light musk, dry ozone, blossoms, vanilla, moss and wood. 
Fuzzy peaches and cottony blooms breeze into the opening of the scent once rubbed into the skin. The cotton blossoms settle and the pale peach and oakmoss pull into the center, lightly sweetened by the grapes. Birch woods and gauzy vanilla musk lie at the base of this constellation. This is a fresh, springy scent that will wear beautifully in warmer weather without being cloying.

Ophiuchus- Notes: Dew drops, apple slices, vetiver, clove, fir needle, vanilla, musk, grape and lemon.
White grapes on a vine, plump and shimmering like ivory opals, cling to the trunks of fir trees when initially applied. Watery and dew riddled apples comprise the heart of the aroma, like taking out a ruby snack to fill the belly while sitting beside a mountain fed stream.The aquatic aspects evaporate and leave behind a drydown of pillowy vanilla with a pinch of lemon zest. 

Cygnus- Notes: Summer rain, tulips, daisies, sugar, peach blossom, green melon, pink apples and vanilla.
Bright young peaches, slightly tart and firm are plucked with glee by tiny hands splayed like starfish. Dimpled cheeks and spritely curls are haloed by a flower crown, lips shining from a sweet apple snack. A frolic in the orchard where pink and red and coral fruits extend from the finger tips of generous branches. A beautifully rendered fruity-floral that will be worn with pleasure.

Lyra- Notes: Pear, white rum, strawberry, black tea, tobacco leaf, lemon.
The pear and rum possess a crystal quartz firmness to the scent which has a pale amber quality to it. Ghostly bergamot and subtle greenery garnish the pear skin and rum infusion. Perhaps it is the tea and pale tobacco that lend the clean yet musky vibe. 

Aquila- Notes: Bay rum, cedarwood, pine, citrus, bergamot, sandalwood and green leaves.
Aquila smells like the soundtrack to watching a bald eagle soar: bracing evergreens, mountain air so pure it stings the lungs and shards of sunshine squinting in the eyes. It glides down into smooth polished sandalwood. Pure fragrant freedom.

Draco- Notes: Fresh apple, stone fruits, passionfruit, balsam, cedarwood and jasmine.
Sunny jasmine and tart fruits greet the nose. The passionfruit emits a mango meets grapefruit aroma that is vibrant and pairs wonderfully with the shimmering jasmine.

All these scents are lovely. My favorites are Aquila, Cygnus and Cepheus. 

Are you wearing any perfume in this hotter than hot summer weather?

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