Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sihaya & Co. Summer Box: It's Practically Magic

This box was sent free for reviewing purposes from Sihaya & Co. All opinions are my own.

Sihaya & Company's curated summer box of indie and artisan makers was themed "It's Practically Magic" and contained some really fun and unique items.

Three postcards featuring art by the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic came tied with twine and a sprig of blue silk flowers. The cards display poetry or play scenes typed up and framed by artwork or photography. Not sure of the actual value/price but they are on thick cardstock and beautifully rendered.

A fun witchy brew of tea came in the box that has me excited to try it, Cherie Anne Designs Butterfly Pea Tea is a blend with apple, carrot and ginger pieces, bean peels, goji berries, raisins and butterfly pea blossoms. It steeps up a blue hue that turns purple when lemon is added. $6.75

A lovely lip tint from Wild Rose Herbs in Roseberry came in the box. It is an all natural, vegetarian product tinted with natural ingredients like alkanet, elderberry and rosehips. It imparts a soft rosy hue to the lips that looks natural and blushed. It has a nice slip and feels cushiony on the lips. I will happily use it all up and explore their other shades. If you sign up for their newsletter you get 10% off. $5.95

A witch bottle from Vasilion Apothecary containing lavender (for luck), salt (for cleansing), rose (for love), calendula (to attract love and success), peony (for self-love and good fortune), hibiscus (for harmony) and a small quartz was sheathed into a muslin bag. $5.99

Glamourkin is a shop on Etsy ran by Bridget Essex. She made and contributed a handmade wooden decoupaged pendant crafted with old fairy tale books. $12.00

Dreaming Tree SoapWorks is an artisan brand that I have tried and enjoyed in the past. I used this bubbling bath melt the other night int he tub and it was awesome. This bah truffle was scented in Midnight Margaritas which smelled like limewood and dark summer skies. It bubbled and frothed in high mounds of white clouds and made the water silky smooth. I used the whole bar at once but cutting it in half would have been adequate. Not sure of value since Dreaming Tree isn't currently open. 

 Sucreabeille is an indie company that has been gaining traction as of late. Much like Femme Fatale this is a webstore that features artisan and indie makers from bath and body to perfume, home fragrance and more. Sucreabeille also has creation of their own such as this perfume called Fall In Love Whenever You Can. $12

Fall In Love Whenever You Can- Notes: A rich, sultry vanilla, a perfect red rose, spicy coumarin, a touch of labdanum and a whisper of wormwood.
From the cobalt vial blooms a dark mahogany rose amid powdery green wormwood fronds. On the tender skin of the wrists the green sap of the wormwood, softly bitter and pleasantly pungent, remains tied closely to the dark silken rose. The labdanum creates the dark spaces and pockets of warmth while the vanilla gently rounds the fragrance out. It is a lovely scent.

One of my favorite parts of a Sihaya & Company box is the candle included by Sihaya. $12

It's Practically Magic- Notes: A sprinkle of rosemary, a blanket of lavender, a plume of sage smoke and a palm full of pink rose petals. 
That teal glitter. So gorgeous! I like that both the perfume in this box and the candle both nod to rose. The candle is a sweeter rose, more plummy and jammy and framed by the sweet sage and smooth lavender and rosemary, it really shines. I have not burned it yet but plan to very soon.

Another thoughtfully assembled box of treats from Sihaya & Co. I am already anticipating her fall box which will be on pre-order August 1st for about $65. 

This box reminds me that I need to read the book Practical Magic. I loved the movie but once I found out Alice Hoffman wrote the book first it threw me for a loop. Have you read it? Do you enjoy Alice Hoffman books?

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