Friday, July 12, 2019


My daydreams as of late have been fueled by thoughts of gardens. Butterfly gardens, old Florida landscape beds brimming with hydrangeas, azaleas, caladiums, gingers and lilies, raised bed veggie gardens and sunny plots bursting with a motley variety of wildflowers. Everywhere I go I yard gaze. Collecting ideas and shapes, colors and patterns. I notice what people plant in their shady spots or in clusters. And as we have been on vacation it has been even more fun stare out the window as gardens spiked with day lilies and zinnias streak by and mountainsides heavy with rhododendrons hypnotize me. 

I found the cutest blog called Hoe and Shovel curated by a lady who lives in Lutz, FL which is across the state from me near Tampa Bay so we are in the same planting zone. I love reading her water and ecosystem friendly plant choices. She has been inspiring me to visit some local nurseries. Green Acres in Apopka has been my favorite. My mom and I picked up tons of beautiful plants to start my front door butterfly garden: milkweed, pentas, firebush, bulbine, white salvia, pink whirling butterfly plants and mona lavender. Now I daydream about starting in on the back garden within the next year or two... one plant at a time.

Being outdoors working in the garden has definitely helped my frame of mind and my body physically. I am more apt to drink tons of water and crave healthier things. I am excited about this new endeavor. 

What are you day dreaming about?


  1. Ah, so you DO need some bee and butterfly houses! I think I know someone who makes them... :p

    I've slowly started doing some long neglected yard work, finally. Seriously neglected. Nothing came up in our south flowerbed this year. You know that one that used to be loaded with tulips in the spring and lilies in the summer? We're going to rethink and redo things, and switch to big pots of flowers, instead of full beds that we suck at tending. In my head it's going to be fabulous. lol


  2. Very excited to see how your garden shapes up! I'm dreaming about getting my patio garden back soon. At the beginning of June we had to clear off our patios while they repair the wood siding on our buildings, power wash and paint. I moved my potted rose bush and dwarf lemon tree to a friend's backyard and have the smaller pots shoved in various corners around the apartment but I hadn't realized how much I relied on being able to sit on my patio among the greenery to manage stress. I still drag a chair out to read on weekends, but sitting on a bare concrete slab is kind of depressing :(

  3. Dreaming about not letting the rest of summer pass me by, but damn it's flying. Future vacations, wax scent creations (always), getting more exercise, baseball games, spending time with friends, more carefree days-someday??
    There's nothing better than a garden in summertime<3