Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Candles From The Keeping Room: Samples

These are the free samples from my huge order from the Candles From The Keeping Room I just posted the day before. Carol has some of the cutest molds out there and she packed up some of her new succulent shapes as free samples for the folks who ordered recently. I love them! They are so cute. I am going to just give brief impressions of the scents in case you are curious about trying any of them in future openings.

This variegated succulent is my favorite of the succulent tarts as far as color and shape. It is gorgeous. 

Garden Mint is pretty much a true and realistic fresh green living mint plant. There are subtle basil and watery dill tones but the garden mint is so strong and real I want to crush it up and drop it in a summery green tea lemonade.

Fresh Strawberry Cut Grass blends up fresh picked strawberry and green dew drop riddled blades of grass. An excellent summer scent.

Cucumber Mint is a nicely done garden mint and watery cucumber blend that is soothing and fresh without having harsh detergent tones. 

Cucumber and Oakmoss are the tarts on the right. I love those minty colors and cute little hen and chicks plant shape. This is another pleasing aroma of cucumbers but this time with masculine oakmoss in the mix. I love oakmoss.

Green Goddess is a charged scent that has some movement to it. Turgid greenery, popping jasmine, peppery bergamot and soapy coriander all make for an energizing scent.

Jolly Rancher Pineapple Type is just that. A sour and tangy pineapple flavored Jolly Rancher.

Raspberry Lemonade is a twangy powdery lemon drink with sour raspberry flavoring.

Strawberry Fig is beautiful. A juicy sweet strawberry with a green fig leaf to set it off.

Market Front is a chocolate I can melt without reservation. It is a trip to a local coffee house to get a mocha latte and chocolate croissant while wearing your favorite vanilla sandalwood perfume. A day I think I would like to have soon.

Morning Beignet smells like a box of all your favorite assorted donuts: lemon curd filled, cinnamon sugar dusted, powdered donuts and cake donuts. Mmmm... yesssss.

Lavender Latte reminds me of the trip I took to Savannah, Georgia last summer and ordered a lavender mocha latte and it was the best thing I have sipped at brunch for a long time. There are soft cocoa tones with this creamy coffee and soft lavender scent. I cannot wait to melt this one.

Powdered Donuts is pretty much perfect. Gently spiced vanilla bean donuts. Delish.

Warm and Toasty is an exotic take on a fireside scent. This is more like the scent of the warm embers rather than smoky clouds of burning. Not sweet. Very well blended.

Whiskey Go Go Pops is probably the coolest whiskey tart blend I have sniffed. It smells like a date night line dancing: bourbon, a single rose and her perfume and his cologne mingling nicely.

Exhale brings sea salt crusted shells, clean beach towels and cedar trees by the shore all together for a fresh air ocean experience. Lovely.

Southern Plantation is one that my mom loved. It smells like peach tea turned Long Island Iced Tea. 

Pink Fresh and Clean Type is lovely. It is a soft citrus scent with light florals and a subtle pink sweetness.

Lake Adventure features ozonic musky florals and mellow aquatic fruits to mimic a relaxing lake home.

Moringa made me super curious to sniff. Adam and the girls bought me a moringa tree for Mother's Day this year and I planted it in our new yard. It seems to be doing well. Moringa trees are pretty cool. You can eat/use just about any part of it. This is a sharp green scent of green peppers, tomato vine and peppery geranium. This one will clear the sinuses. 

Lucuma is a lovely creamy tropical aroma. Coconut milk and pineapples with plumeria blooms and green musk. 

This group of samples contains really incredible blends! I love all these and would buy each in a full bag any day.

Barley Grass is complex and beautiful. Lavender, meadow flowers, herbs, amber and airy musk make this one to have any time for a sophisticated home atmosphere.

By The Campfire definitely smells special. The mirage of a sparkling summer night in the Appalachian mountains with wine and friends and happy chatter lifts up with notes of blackberries, tobacco, sandalwood and amber. This is not a smoky campfire scent but a cheerful summer evening.

Mamey Sapote came in the cute Jack O' Lantern shape and is packed with creamy pumpkin and cardamom. I do get some pie crust in this one too. 

Crafternoon has a name I love and happily it smells fabulous too. It is a soft herbal scent of dried apples, greenery, roses and rosemary. 

Silver Birch and Vetiver features bountiful woods and fresh breezes. Executed beautifully.

Hippy Cakes blends up buttercream, bakery, chocolate and frankincense. The gourmand parts are strongest but have a perfumed undertone. It is a complex and interesting scent that I need to melt to see how it plays out. 

Day Tripper is one I love. To my nose it smells like jasmine and white florals paired with juicy berries and smooth musk. 

Tequila Mockingbird  definitely emits that boozy tang of hard liquor along with a splash of unsweet black tea and green herbs. 

Tiffany's Mango Cupcakes has a vibrant juicy mango that I love. The Tiffany's Cupcakes is about half of the blend so I will be passing it on but if you are a Tiffany's fan this is a nice one.

Coconut Milk Sorbet is a crisp and clear coconut shaved ice treat. Delicious.

Mezcals On The Pier is flipping incredible. Fuzzy peaches, breezy freesia, salted amber and wood all make for a divine scent that will warm any home. I will be picking more of this one up.

Weren't those some amazing samples?! I am very much looking forward to seeing these added to the store. The ones I want to add to my list to buy are: Mezcals On The Pier, Barley Grass, Mamey Sapote, By The Campfire, Crafternoon, Silver Birch and Vetiver, Warm and Toasty, Market Front, Powdered Donuts and Morning Beignets. 

What samples did you enjoy most from your order? How do you like the succulent shapes?


  1. Those succulents sure are cute. Diving into the generous bag of samples is almost more exciting than receiving the things actually ordered. It's like Christmas, seeing which ones you get each time. :)


    1. You are completely correct about that bag of samples sentiment. I always save it for last and make a marathon sniff out of it. It seriously feels like Christmas, just like you said. Plus I always find some new scents to love that I might not expect. <3

    2. That's why I love when vendors include samples as opposed to those 'mystery tarts.' Even if you like the scent of the 'mystery tart,' it's usually just a bunch of leftover dribbles that you'll never be able to get again anyway. Whereas samples, like you said, can open you up to scents you might have overlooked, and bring in more orders.


  2. Truly fantastic samples. I wished for the Mamey Sapote pumpkin that everyone seems to have received but I, although Carol did take care of me in sending a jumbo tart of Santal Almond Cream, I'm stoked for the Almond Milk trend appearing in wax!

    Most of the watery mint blends don't do anything for me, however Market Front and Lavender Latte are very intriguing. Coffee blends have called my name for months now. By the Campfire, Mezscals on the Pier and Warm and Toasty sound like my type as well. I received a Silver Birch and Vetiver and appreciate its briskness, a cool take on Yankee's Silver Birch, a longtime fave. Oh, give that Hipoy Cakes another sniff, there's a decidedly herbal note to it which lends it its name;) You like Day Tripper? I'll send mine onto you, my nose cannot do those indolent white flowers. What a joyful thing for new CFTKR scents, I'm going to try to refrain from ordering for the rest of the year but her shop will be the toughest to avoid.

    1. Oh no! I am sorry! I was trying to clean up my inbox and saw I missed this comment. I heard that Santal Almond Cream is amazing. I am hoping to try for a bag soon. Though to be honest I have no business trying to buy wax any time soon with all the recent hauls.

      Strangely enough I am dabbling in coffee scents more frequently too. I picked up the Coffee House Barista (or something like that) from Bohemienne Wax and it is so very nice. I just melted Silver Birch and the girls came in the house and said is smelled like Christmas. LOL! I am quiet enjoying it. Ah! So you smell some ganja in that Hippy Cakes? :-)

      Wax hiatus for a little bit? At least there are only about 4 months left in the year. I am definitely going to cut back but I may be watching Bohemienne Life here and there.