Thursday, July 4, 2019

Indie PickUp: July '19

This wax was sent free from Femme Fatale for reviewing purposes.

July's Indie PickUp wax tart is Obscurus Isla de Pascua. This wax tart will be available for purchase at the Polish PickUp website July 6th through July 9th and the theme is inspired by Easter Island. 

Isla de Pascua- Notes: Sugared pineapple, coconut, cotton candy, sugarcane, citrus and guava.

This one makes my mouth water. Plucky and punchy pineapple and lime filled citrus pucker the lips while sweet strawberry and guava flavored candy floss tame the sour tartness. In the background, coconut adds a creamy touch that rounds out this sweet fruity scent perfectly. This really is the ideal summer scent to add festivity and sunshine to the home.

I am saving this one for a special party and look forward to melting it. I just know the guests will love it.

What scents are you melting this summer? Happy 4th of July!


  1. I've been doing some random scents that aren't normally my type, because I haven't ordered wax in forever and have just been picking through the cheapest that Walmart has to offer. I've had some rainy days type scents, some non-cologne-y outdoorsy beachy scents, things like that. I'm actually out of summery type scents at the moment and will need to pick up a few more next time I'm shopping.


    1. Lady. You know I have a ton of wax still. Do you want me to send you some over?? I don't mind at all. <3

    2. Our scent tastes are so different though! If you have some stragglers you think I'd like I would humbly and gratefully accept them. Thank you. :)


    3. Sweet. I think I may have some you wouldn't mind. <3