Friday, September 27, 2019

Fall Friday: Ten Digit Creations Fall Haul

The kick in the pants I got that initiated this order was melting that Ten Digit Creations mini loaf a couple melting baskets ago. I know Amber had been tinkering with a new website and ordering process so I popped over just to see what all was shaking out. Turns out I found quite a few goodies on offer. She currently has $3.50 flat rate shipping and a nice selection of RTS and custom offerings. I went the RTS route.

Mulled Cider & Chestnuts/Orange Clove/Indian Sandalwood ($2.70) is a deeply spiced orange pomander scent with rustic wood elements and old world charm. Amber knows how to blend and this one has me excited to melt it.

Apple Pecan Sage/Gingerbread/Wood Spice ($3.40) features a nice cozy mixture of cinnamon, woods and a hint of apples. I shared quite a few from this order but the two of these I picked up I selfishly kept for myself. I am a sucker for apple cinnamon scents and this one is very lovely and unique. This is apples with cinnamon being canned in a wooden barn that has stood for many generations while a whiff of hay and late afternoon sunlight filter through the planks that make up the walls. 

Caramel Apple/Marshmallows by the Fire/Sandalwood Marshmallow ($3.40) is a brilliant merging of Macintosh apples, shining red cheerful on their wooden sticks awaiting a thick coating of viscous caramel. The fireside aroma is a tantalizing addition to the scent, and you know I am a fanatic of marshmallow fireside types of scents. The merging of the two is magic. I bought three of these leaves and kept two. 

Egyptian Amber/Sandalwood Rose/Vanilla Lace ($3.40) is a beauty. I wasn't sure how I would like the rose but I am very happy I threw it in my cart. Sandalwood and rose are a pair made in heaven, plush and refined with a softness that is added by the vanilla. A wonderful bedroom scent.

Palo Santo/Bourbon Tobacco/Wood Spice ($3.40) is my died-and-gone-to-heaven aroma. Holy smokes. Where has this been all my life??? Amber always stocks the best tobacco oils. This one is elevated from smooth, sweet tobacco wonder to smooth, woodsy, sweet tobacco incensed spectacular. Seriously. It is divine. 

Winter Candied Apples/Vanilla Birch/Campfire ($3.40) is a unique melding of sweet and tangy cotton candy apples and smoky woods. Garnet hued candy apples and tangy cider tasted alongside scarves holding woodsmoke and sweaters full of the outdoors.

The chunk was 2 ounces and the leaves are 2.5 ounces. I like to cut them both in half to get two melts out of them. Amber likes to make sure her customers are happy with their wax and packaging. She noticed that her wax was making the baggies soft so she is now double bagging them along a similar vein as Carol at Candles From The Keeping Room. She tucks them into a thinner plastic pouch and then that pouch goes into a ziptop bag. I love how easy it is to use and I think it will help cut own on the soft bag syndrome. 

What fall notes do you like to melt right now? Woods? Leaves? Apples? Spice?


  1. Beautiful pictures! I have been loving apple and wood scents right now. I usually get four melts out of the leaves because they are so thick. I love Ambers wax! My favorite vendor.

    1. Thank you!! A love apples too and wood as well. Especially together. I will try cutting my leaves in quarters. I normally just cut them in half. Thank you!! I love Amber's wax too.

  2. Amber is someone I trust with complete blind faith to make any blend work-I don't think I can say that about any other custom wax blender I've tried.
    Kudos to her for coming back to business seemingly stronger than ever.

    I do not blame you for keeping the apple/gingerbread/wood spice close to home, I love the hay barn description, a favorite fall note of mine.
    Both her sandalwood rose, and Palo Santo blends will be on my to-try list. In fact, I'm curious to smell how they'd play together...
    It will have to be after the current custom event, because I'm committed to not ordering until sometime in 2020.

    I'm in a strange place when it comes to wax scents rn, I've been picking whatever's closest, usually Carol's bc that's the most recent I've ordered. But it's been totally random. Maybe I'll try something different for Oct.

    I do have a candle I hope to share soon- that you would adore, I think. My warmest wishes to you in enjoying these cozy scents in your new home. I know you're heading to Salem soon, so I'll let you know when I have a lil package ready to send your way. It's almost complete;)

    1. Right?! She definitely has a nose for what I like in a scent.

      I enjoy a good barn scent too but sometimes they can be too dry for me. I like this one a lot. Blending Sandalwood Rose and Palo Santo would be a dream. I will have to remember that. I am tempted to try some custom blending. I like your long term no-buy. I know you will rock it.

      I am currently melting that Outlander candle you gifted me a while back. I love it. And thank you again for the package. I hope you got my email thanking you. <3

  3. Sandra again. Well, there's a very Julie order! I am so with you on the marshmallow fireside, fire-roasted marshmallow scents. In fact, I ambled over to VSC the other evening to see if I could nab a few of the marshmallow fireside scents that they had on offer, and no dice - they were all sold out within minutes. :( So we's ain't the only ones.

    1. Oh no. I am sorry you weren't able to buy any. It is definitely marshmallow fireside season around these parts. I think I will need to load my next basket up with some. Beezy has a nice Marshmallow Fireside but he didn't have any with this pre-order. Who else has some?