Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Bohemienne Life: August Pre-Order

Are you ready for some endless footage of stunning morsels of wax from Kyme at Bohemienne Life? I mentioned previously how I placed two orders from Kyme back-to-back after trying to swim my way to the surface of sanity after our move and the beginning of the school year. The first order was a teasingly small one as I was just dipping my toe back into the fragrant waters. This second one I possessed no such hesitation. With flagrant disregard to my needs versus my wants I simply purchased what I wanted. And I regret nothing. Each bag holds about 5 ounces of wax and runs $6.25 each bag.

La Dame Blanche- Notes: White musk, rosemary, thyme, sage and basil with a hint of sandalwood. 

Look at this gorgeous brittle wax. The colorful herbs and delicate beauty mimic the fragrance itself which is inspired by Claire Fraser from Outlander. The herbs smell of French provencal gardens. The thyme, basil and rosemary swell with aromatics and the musk lends a feminine touch to the natural perfume of the herbs. I melted this over the weekend and a medium sized chunk threw strong in the kitchen. I would but it again for sure. 

Fraser's Ridge- Notes: Strawberry, peach and raspberry with a hint of violet and grounded with earthy patchouli.

This is one I have purchased many a time. And I will continue to. We all know I adore Carol's Fresh Picked Strawberry for its fresh-from-the-field aroma, but Kyme's Fraser's Ridge is the embodiment of the whole plant. This is the true wild strawberry with its tiny but potently sweet dangling hearts of ambrosia along with the soft green of its serrated leaves and delicate white blossoms. This is the earthen tang of the organic matter it grows from. Fraser's Ridge is an incredible strawberry scent.

Sweet French Herbs- Notes: Sun drenched linens, herbaceous sage, lavender, bay, black currants and bergamot.

Sweet French Herbs is not similar to La Dame Blanche at all. The sage and lavender are more more cottony and ozonic in their freshness while the black currants add a sharpness to the aroma. This is a great cleaning day scent that will freshen the home without smelling artificial or detergent.

Black Celt- Notes: An open leather bound book and homespun wool.

This is another Outlander inspired scent based off of Roger Mac, Brianna's husband and Claire's son-in-law. As you can tell he is a bookish type, being a historian and all, and this is a brilliant book fragrance. Hard but worn leather bindings, thin papery vellum and a brown scratchy tweed jacket with patches sewn onto the elbows rise up like the dust blown from the cover of antique books on the top shelf of a 100 year old library. I love it. I should have bought two bags. This Black Celt is a handsome one and the perfect scent to invite into your home on New Years for a Scottish first footing. 

Go Tell The Bees- Notes: Sun warmed sweet honey swirled in warm oatmeal and cream.

Divine. Comforting. Rustic. Oats, milk and honey in a classic soothing scent that leans heavily on the golden viscous honey. I love the honeycomb shape in the chunks. This makes for a beautiful fall scent. Sweet and warm.

Pumpkin Doughnut- Notes: Pumpkin doughnuts sprinkled with sugar and spice.

Speaking of fall... this one is made for autumn. The pumpkin aspect is gorgeously present and baked into a dense sweet pumpkin bread rather than a pie. The sugar has a vanilla infusion while the cinnamon is lightly dusted, not heavy and fiery. There is almost a banana bread richness to the scent. Perfection.

Gypsy Moon- Notes: Bergamot, basil, sage, rosemary and thyme with mahogany, frankincense, patchouli and vanilla musk. 

An enchanting blend that leans into an almost rosy aroma, like walking in an English cottage garden surrounded by wispy woods at dusk. There is a hint of rose, kitchen herbs, shimmering birch bark and a thread of incense smoke from the cottage window. This type of scent blending is what I gravitate towards when it comes to outstanding wax. It is just plain lovely. 

Fig & Rhubarb- Notes: A burst of fresh figs, citrus and rhubarb, a balance of sweet and tart, create a fruity summer fragrance.

I have been a fig kick lately so I knew I wanted to try this one out for sure. This is a sweetly tart yet creamy scent where rhubarb lends a lemony berry tint that contrasts wonderfully with the milky mellow sweetness of the fig. It is a summery scent but I think of it more as an Indian summer to transition into fall. I will be melting this in the next basket for sure.

Scout- Notes: A blend of woodsmoke, amber, red cedar and oakmoss with hints of eucalyptus, clary sage, coriander and tanned leather.

This is another Outlander scent and one I have not yet sniffed. It is blended in honor of Ian Murray, Jamie Fraser's dear nephew who was at one time a part of a Native American tribe. This scent is a primitive leather and soft smoke that curls my toes and has me happy I ordered two bags. I figured I would love this and I do. The cedar adds a natural airiness while the amber and herbs soften the leather. If you like woods and leather you should keep an eye out for this one.

Velvet & Violets- Notes: A romantic blend of violets, amber and a hint of greenery.

This is yet another scent I am experiencing for the first time from Kyme. I am a violet fiend and combined with the amber I could not resist. The amber leans into the Victoria Secrets Amber Romance territory while the violets and greenery contribute a vintage nostalgia to the perfume. It is a pretty smell that will melt tenderly in the spring time.

More Haystacks & Bonfires because it is that good. 

Tobacco Leaves- Notes: A warm, sweet, smoky, comforting melange of caramelized vanilla, patchouli and honeyed tobacco.

How was I supposed to NOT put this in my cart?? It was practically custom made just for me. The tobacco is rich and full bodied, tannic and chewy, dark and sticky. The added honey lifts the sepia leaves into the gourmand. This might just be the best tobacco blend I have ever had in a wax tart. I want to wear this as a perfume.

Honour- Notes: Clean bergamot and fir infused with warm amber blended into sandalwood, oakmoss, tobacco leaf and clove. 

The last of the Outlander scents in this order, Honour is a nod to Lord John. He is a loyal friend of the Fraser's and even has his own series spinoff from Outlander that is quite good in and of itself. In this creation the oakmoss and bergamot with amber figure foremost with the fir tree needles dancing on the edges but the whole fragrance is blended out so well that they all mix and mingle to evoke a clean shaven and dapper gentleman who exudes honor and intelligence. 

Coffeehouse Barista- Notes: A blend of cinnamon, hazelnut, cream, strong coffee and warm, fresh baked cookies, mahogany and teakwood and vanilla and sandalwood.

I initially skipped over this scent at the previous restock but my friend Lizzie mentioned how much she adored it so I decided I had better try it out. And she was right. It is dreamy. The coffee is bold and brewed with chest hair in mind. But it is a good coffee scent. Not twangy or off. The addition of woods and the other notes makes this coffee interesting and unique. I am looking forward to melting it this fall and winter.

Free samples! I always appreciate when vendors provide free samples. It opens up a whole new world of scents and products to try out. Often, I end up enabled of new fragrances. Kyme's adorable Wax Twists are the perfect sized morsels to melt in a warmer and look like old fashioned candy treats.

Candied Violets & Lemon Sugar Cookie is new to me and I am thrilled to sniff it. The lemon and violets are bracing and fresh. I don't pick up on the sugar cookie on cold but I am wondering if it will emerge once melted? Looking forward to having this one in the bedroom.

Confetti Corn Spoon Bread is also new to me. It is a dense vanilla cake and softly spiced corn pudding scent that is delicious. This will get melted very quickly.

Heart & Crown is one of my favorites. A truly lovely feathery floral with soft woods and gauzy musk in the background.

MaLionne is not one I recall sniffing. It is a pretty floral musk with an ambered honey lean. I would happily get this in a bag. Isn't this what Fergus called Claire? My memory is fading a little on those first several Outlander book. I feel like it is an Outlander reference. 

DeClermont is dead sexy. And not just in the Discovery of Witches series but also in this scent. Stark clove and ghostly carnation pair with wine, incense and sandalwood and it makes my mouth water. Please, Kyme, please. I need more of this.

Mermaid blends tropical coconut and island flowers to create an aquatic beachy perfume that is a siren song of summer. 

I have all my Bohemienne Bakery bags lined up and ready for duty. Kyme has a thread up in her Facebook Group taking scent requests for the next restock. I put a small one in but if DeClermont ends up making the cut I will be pre-ordering for sure. What is one of your favorite Bohemienne Life scents? I hope she makes Raven's Myst in a wax crack. I should probably add that. 


  1. I want to eat that Coffeehouse wax. Does it not look like chocolate and graham crackers, or toffee or something?! The scent was sounding pretty nice too until the mahogany, teakwood, and sandalwood showed up. Go Tell The Bees and Pumpkin Doughnuts sound yummy though!


    1. It totally does. And it smells amazing too. I love how Kyme's chunks are artful yet not fussy. She is really great at what she does. I promise the woods don't mess it up. I will send you some samples for sure. <3 I ordered some boxes from the post office and once they get here I will start making your fall friendship box. Hoping some fall feels will move in soon. I need to start decorating and I need to bake an apple pie. I NEED TO.

    2. I've been gathering fun fall goodies and will get a box out to you soon. Yay for fall! Yay for traditions!


    3. Speaking of fall traditions... I am terribly missing the Fall Fun Series. I think I am going to try to do a Fall Friday post as often as I can to get my autumnal mojo going. <3

    4. I'd been wanting to ask about the Fall Fun Series. I didn't want to bring it up because I'm in no position to participate this year, and I miss the earlier versions of it when it was just more...different. I look forward to reading your fall posts though, if you do some. :)


  2. That's what I like to hear - I REGRET NOTHING! This is such gorgeous wax. Glad to see if you're going big instead of going home. ;)

    1. LOL!!! It has been far too long for a senseless wax haul. But it felt good. I have a few more posts coming but I am blaming it on the need for fallish things and the work stressors. I should be back to melting and no buying here soon. :-) I have furniture and stuff to save for (not to mention going back to school but that I am not trying to think about for the moment).

  3. Her scents are always so beautiful and complex. You made some wonderful choices! I missed this opening but must stalk her instagram for info on the next.
    MaLionne is from A Discovery of Witches-I think it's what Mathew calls Diana and it's from Kyme's All Souls line. A personal favorite of mine from that was Gallowglass( blend of bracing fresh Mint and watery sea kelp, and full of salty air and driftwood)

    1. Kyme really is a master mind mixer. Thanks! I ordered from her last pre-order too. I am a glutton for punishment.

      Ah!! You are right. I forgot about that. I read the books last year but for some reason that didn't stick with me and I thought I remembered Jamie calling Claire something about a lion too. It all scrambled in my mind. Mmmmm Gallowglass. Great notes. I need to try that one. It also doesn't hurt that he was one of my favorite characters in the series.

  4. Goodness I didn't want this parade of wax brittle beauties to end. Hearts and Crown and Gypsy Moon are fast favorites from Kyme. And another tobacco blend, similar, was my #1 scent of the year in 2018 <3 For some jackass reason, I always seem to go on a wax no-buy just when Kyme offers Haystacks and Bonfires. If it comes round again, please pick up some for me and I'll send you the funds-then I technically wont be breaking my wax ban, right?
    Speaking of which, I think we traded places, your low/no buy the first half of the year when I went hog wild-mine the second half. Its wonderful to read your descriptions again.
    For now, I'm content reading about scents and planning custom combos w/o any order dates in the future. I'm interested to see how long I can ride my willpower, but I'm honing in on 60 days, it's a start.

    1. You absolutely won't be breaking your ban if I send you a bag. <3 I will definitely order some for you if they turn up again and if they don't I will share some of mine. I did have my low/no-buy earlier didn't I? Just not getting back into it as you are leaving. Like some fragrance relay race. LOL! You totally have the rest of the year. I have faith in you to hold tight. <3