Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Nocturne Alchemy: Book of Halloween Pumpkins

Nocturne Alchemy is unique among perfume houses in that their perfumers enjoy doing collaborations with other artists such as authors, musicians and visual artists. The House of Nocturne Alchemy has teamed up with Chris Raimo in the past. He has created exclusive art for their labels, especially Halloween releases. Last year Chris did a Kickstarter for his new Halloween book and pledging a certain amount enabled the purchaser to not only get a signed copy of his book but also two limited edition NA perfumes. I was quick to pledge.

Incense Pumpkin- Notes: Pumpkin accord, pumpkin skin, black fig, nutmeg, clove, butter accord, NA Kashmir incense, frankincense, myrrh, amber, nag champa and black amber.

Robust blood red Kashmir musk spools out of an incense stick, almost berry like in its texture and hue, from the orange bottle. Smoothed onto the skin the red musk resins continue to smolder along with amber thick with labdanum and cistus. In the heart, myrrh smokes upon a bed of straw and wooden nuggets with nag champa threads weaving through the haze. A warm spiced pumpkin rind like a ribbed harvest moon rises from the midnight patch where a multitude of these incensed offerings  wend their smoke to the stars. 

Vanilla Pumpkin- Notes: Pumpkin accord, pumpkin skin, black fig, nutmeg, clove, NA Crystalline, Bourbon vanilla, French vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, Ember vanilla, ember burning woods accord.

From the pumpkin hued vial arises a sweetly intoxicating vanilla that is shot through with veins of almond. This vanilla almond sugar rests in the womb of a russet roasted pumpkin. Basted on the skin, softly spiced pumpkin pie puree is layered with vanilla custard and drizzled with thin ribbons of golden caramel. The heart casts out a velvety and plummy darkness that appears to stem from the fig. This is not overly sweet but more fuzzy and furred like the skin of figs rather than their sticky flesh. The vanilla, fig and pumpkin are shrouded in cauldron smoke until the deep dry down when the Boubon vanilla comes out of hiding. 

I am very happy with not only the Book of Halloween by Chris Raimo but I am also happy with my Nocturne Alchemy pumpkin perfumes. These will be worn for many falls to come. Though they are not currently available for purchase they may come available from time to time on the Facebook indie perfume groups. 

Do you like the smell of pumpkins in perfume or are you more of an apple person? Or perhaps woodsmoke and crunchy leaves? 


  1. I usually skip your perfume posts because I'm not into perfume, but pumpkin drew me in. I have nothing wise to comment, just "Yay, pumpkins!" LOL


    1. The pumpkins! I have been slathering my pumpkin perfumes on all this past week. I was a little worried I might get tired of them but I wanted to smell them so bad. The only hard part will be deciding which pumpkins get to come to Salem with me.