Monday, September 9, 2019

Vintage Chic Scents: August Restock

I placed a healthy order from Vintage Chic Scents a few weeks ago, grabbing several fall fragrances and a tiny handful of everyday scents for the bedroom. Kirby really has a wonderful things going with her current business model and her growth has only made ordering from her easier and easier. Pretty much any time I pop over to her website I can find plenty to covet. I also love that she has more and more of the smaller sizes available to purchase to take new scents out for a spin. I took advantage of those smaller options this last order but I also grabbed two loaves.

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel- Notes: Rich vanilla bean topped with whipped marshmallows, pumpkin cupcakes and Cider Lane. $19
I always forget how much I enjoy a good Cider Lane blend around fall time so I picked this loaf up figuring I couldn't go wrong... and I didn't. The creamy apple goodness of Cider Lane features in the spotlight with extra vanilla sweetness. The pumpkin cupcakes are mellow on cold sniff but they might comes out later when melting. Either way, I am thrilled with this one and it will be in the next melting basket. 

This is Halloween- Notes: Just like walking into a bakery filled with all things pumpkin, Jack Skellington approves! $19
Most certainly a pumpkin forward aroma with minimal spice but loads of bakery goodness to back it up. Pretty much like a fresh baked pumpkin cake. I might blend this with some spice forward scents like Celtic Moonspice or Amish Quilt because you guys know I am a spice fiend. But if you are spice adverse, check this scent out. 

Edward Scissorhands- Notes: Spooky citrus Halloween punch filled with mulled fruits, sugared berries and garnished with spun sugar. $6.30
This is called a Plain Jane Souffle and is a hefty size, probably at least 4-5 ounces. The scent is definitely punchy and tart, filled with cranberries and citrus and harvest fruits. I was hoping for a touch of those mulled spices but this is pretty peppy and fruity. Almost summery in its vibrance which suits back yard BBQs with Edward on his Florida lawn. I love that movie. It was filmed in Lakeland at an iconic strip mall. I thought of this movie every time I drove past it.

Chef Wendell's Cinnamon Squares- Notes: Your favorite cinnamon swirled cereal with ice cold milk. $2.75
I love Kirby's leaves. They are usually over 2 ounces of wax and I get two melts out of them. Plus I appreciate the shape. This smells exactly like a chilled bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Kudos to Kirby. 

Hot Patootie- Notes: Cinnamon Vanilla Glazed Old Fashioned Pumpkin Donuts. $2.75
Yes! Now here is my spice. Warm cake donuts flecked with cinnamon and baked with pumpkin puree in the batter. Divine.

The Munsters- Notes: Pumpkin salted caramel eggnog. $2.75
I had to try it. And it is pretty good. It comes off more as a caramel drizzled pumpkin milk shake but I dig that too. 

Cream Cheese Spindle Curse- Notes: Cinnamon glazed snickerdoodle donuts atop vanilla bean cream cheese cake with marshmallow filling. $2.75
The white wax with the black glitter is really effective at a Halloween aesthetic. It smells great too. Heavy vanilla with chewy bakery and a small pinch of cinnamon. I will be melting this one very very soon.

Carnival of Souls- Notes: Cider donuts, pumpkin cheesecake and Marshmallow Fireside. $6.30.
You know I had to add to cart when I saw Marshmallow Fireside in there. And it is mostly a Marshmallow Fireside scent with a sweet spiced treat baked right inside. The apples pop out more than the pumpkin but I like that. Very yummy. I will have the urge to hoard this one until I can obtain more.

Red Lips- Notes: Juicy plum and vanilla lace. $3.10
These roses are a little over 2 ounces of wax each. Red Lips is another tart and juicy fruit scent, almost like black currants and sour grape candy. The vanilla lace is quiet in this one. 

Sugar Milk Mania- Notes: Caramelized sugar blended with vanilla extract and sweet milk. $3.10
I totally get the crisp burnt sugar aspect that reminds me of the top of a good creme brulee, but there is a dryness to the milk portion that throws it off for me. It is almost like baby cereal. This is no knock on Kirby's blending. I have never been a fan of milk scents but figured I would try again since it had been so long. This will get passed onto a friend.

The Green Fairy- Notes: Absinthe with caramelized sugar. $3.10
Heck yes. This is fantastic. Woodsy anise and creamy caramel chews. I love absinthe scents.

Abbey Road- Notes: Tobacco leaf, shaving cream, teakwood, amber and cedar. $3.10
Another brilliant blend. This smells incredibly sexy and a touch masculine. I love the squeaky clean shaving cream that fluffs out into clouds of woods and amber. 

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving- Notes: Sweet potato, gooey marshmallow, sugar cookies and caramel cupcakes. $2.75
I have had this long ago and liked it a lot. The sweet potato is thick and starchy but the additional sweets make it creamy and delicious.

Superstition- Notes: Sweet cinnamon glazed  apple fritter funnel cake. $3.10
Hm. The apples here are very puckerish. They remind me of drinking in clubs in the beginning of the new millennium. I was hoping for more of an apple pie meets extra cinnamon. But I am sure I will find someone to love it. 

Black Swan- Notes: Patchouli, vetiver, citrus and sandalwood. $3.05
Oooo! A lovely Lord of Misrule dupe. I missed this fella.

Gold Dust Woman- Notes: Patchouli and vanilla. $3.05
A pretty blend of feathery light patch and cottony, almost honeyed, vanilla.

A Wink and a Smile- Notes: Buttercream frosted sugar cookies. $3.05
Can't argue with a classic. Crispy yet chewy wholesome vanilla sugar cookies. 

I had so much fun placing this order and pawing through these goodies. It has been far too long since I had a nice VCS splurge. 

Do you have any favorite VCS scents? Are you excited to try any of Kirby's new Halloween blends? I seriously need to get my hands on some more Carnival of Souls. It is so good. And I seriously need to decorate my house. What is wrong with me?


  1. Nice! So many of these sounds like scents I'd like, which if funny since our tastes are so different. It's been forever since I've even looked at the VCS site because it had gotten so difficult to order. Perhaps it's time I stroll back there for a look around. I'm not familiar with her scents but I do remember absolutely loving that Lucy & Ethel one. (I think?!)

    Now get that house decorated! Good lord, we're in the second week of September! 8|


    1. LOL! I do plan on giving some of the ones I think were too punchy for me. I know you like those sometimes. <3 Honestly, I am super impressed with how much stock stays in the store on the regular. She is restocking new scents this Friday and there are some Jackie O ones I am eyeing up. BUT I NEED TO STOP!! LOL! I must melt. You did like the Lucy and Ethel pistachio scent. It is very creamy and yummy and rich.

      I am so bad. I will. I need too. Truly.

  2. They're also now shipping to Canada, though I haven't placed an order yet. Maybe around Christmas - you've got me quite tempted here! I love all these colours playing together, with the indigos and oranges looking so nice and Fall-y. Hey, speaking of, are you going to be decorating this year? I wasn't planning on it, but then I looked up and saw that our walls are now this nice, attractive turquoise colour, and it reminded me of your old walls, and then I was reminded of how great your Fall decorations looked against those walls, so now I'm pretty much back to wanting to decorate again. :) Jay gave me a rose in Jackie O, straight-up styles, years ago, and it was awesome. I attempted to recreate it with a SMT custom, and it was close, but needed more creamy. And oh my word, Carnival of Souls sounds AMAZING! And finally, that mall in Edward Scissorhands is a HOLE - I hope it only looked like that for the movie, or was that an all-the-time thing?

    1. WHOOHOO!!! Jackie O is definitely a classic scent. Pretty much the perfect Vanilla Bean Noel iteration. I want to decorate but not bad enough to head out to the shed and unpack a butt load of boxes then put them back away. However, today I am forcing myself to because I know I need to. I miss my aqua walls and how they made the oranges pop. You really will love the effect. <3 I have boring taupe/dove walls now but maybe some color will help in the form of oranges.

      A hole? Like it looked crappy? Oh man. I always thought it was beautiful. That 50's architecture. It is an all the time thing. Some of the stores change but the anchor shops have always been the same. It is in mid-town in a nice older area of Lakeland. It is a place I like to shop at for Ace Hardware and Tuesday Morning and Office Depot kind of things. I do wish they were able to fill up the rest of the stores. This past year Disney filmed The One and Only Ivan there where they set up a faux pet shop. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. <3

    2. Maybe I'm thinking of a different mall. The one I'm thinking of is the strip mall where Edward's horny neighbour opens up her beauty parlor. I should talk - Ottawa's a mess of cruddy strip malls. Maybe I just don't know a nice one when I actually see it!

    3. LOL!! No worries!!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure!! Hahahahaaa!!

  3. Hello, popping in and out more quickly than I'd like but I'll return to visit more posts and catch up soon...
    You appeared in my thoughts three times yesterday:
    1) I melted the Suede and Lace from CFTKR you gifted and it was awesome. Deep musky patch<3
    2) A bat circled and swooped low over my deck and driveway for at least 30 min at dusk,traumatic for me but I thought of you. It was close enough to count it's wing flaps and I'm sure he's roosting somewhere nearby. We slept with almost all the lights on last night!
    3.) My sis finally and for the first time ever ordered from VCS today. Thank you for the generous gift cert:) I enjoyed a lot of the spring/summer Vcs offerings. Admittedly Kirby's fall scents all read Pumpkin cream cheese cookie to me.
    I imagine you'll be melting these goodies while decorating your lovely digs this weekend. I might as well, if I have the chance.
    I'll get in touch again soon!

    1. Hey there!!! I am happy you liked the tart!! <3 Carol's wax has a great way of holding up to the test of time. I have melted some scents from her that were at least a half a dozen years old. A bat!!!!! How cool!!! (well admittedly for me, not for you) I was just eyeing up some bat houses the other day on Etsy and really wanting to take the leap. I will one day. Though I have no idea if there are even bats in my neighborhood. Was he smaller like a microbat or was he a big boy??

      I am so happy she was able to use her winnings!! I hope she found some smelly treasures she will enjoy. I can get how pumpkin cream cheese comes up as the go to autumn scent from VCS. I tend to get that too but thankfully she had some cider land type goodies and creamy spice scents for me to explore too.

      I will!!! I am about to pop some in the warmer now and head out to the shed to get some boxes to bring in. <3

      Have a great day, Jay!