Thursday, September 26, 2019

Handmade in Florida: Summer Pre-Order

I have been sitting on this Handmade in Florida order for an embarrassingly long time. Between typing up student progress reports I decided to give my brain a break by engaging in some aromatherapy and blogging. I placed this order mostly to stock up on soap for my husband but of course some wax and other goodies tagged along. Zahida generously added some extras as a housewarming gift as well, since I moved to her neck of the woods. 

These adorable Mickey heads always make me smile. I love how smooth they are, the layers and the small details Zahida adds. I don't think Zahida sells these as a shape so no price will be listed. She usually sells her wax as larger shapes, scent shots or clamshells.

Lagoon- Notes: A blend of smooth peppermint, dead sea salt, delicate florals and warm tonka beans.
Lagoon is a lovely take on a fresh but delicate aquatic. The mint is watery but the tonka adds a hint of vanilla to the musky florals.

Life's A Beach- Notes: Light florals, fresh notes of bergamot, lemon, green tea and mint.
A luxurious scent that begins with strapping bergamot and a nod to iris. It smells like an upscale beach hotel. I very much like it.

South Beach Smoothie- Notes: Fresh mangoes and creamy vanilla ice-cream, garnished with sweet raspberries and a sprig of mint.
Oh wow. This one is very very yummy. The creamy mango paired with juicy raspberry are making my mouth water. As much as I am dying to melt this I know it has to go to my friend Sandra who truly appreciates a scent like this. <3

Peaches and Cream- Notes: A blend of juicy peaches, berries, vanilla and freshly whipped cream.
There is a cobbler quality to the peaches. A bready aspect to the lush stone fruit and heapings of vanilla cream. There is also something almost green peeping out from the decadent Southern dessert.

Berry Chantilly Cake- Notes: Fluffy vanilla cake loaded with layers of sweet berries and freshly whipped cream.
Divine. Angle food cake, spongy and light, is formed into a trifle with macerated strawberries and raspberries, pillowed with sugared cream. The berry reminds me of Rosegirls' Strawberry Jam single note. Really thick and chewy.

This cream puff of a tart is scented in Lavender Ice-cream and it is scrumtrulescent. If you have ever experienced Solstice Scent's Lavender Vanilla blend and enjoyed it, then this is for you. It is a sweet and rich lavender with syrupy herbal tones that compliment the lush vanilla really well. I look forward to melting this in my bedroom.

These larger paisley and heart shaped tarts are about 3 ounces and cost $5.50 each. I usually get 2 or 3 melts from one of these. 

Nag Champa- Notes: A blend of sandalwood, patchouli, oudh, lavender, vanilla and the champa flower. 
I love Nag Champa incense, perfume and blends. This one is lovely. Smooth and velvety with that classic sandalwood and floral incense aroma. 

Easter Oudh is a forever favorite. It throws strong and smells incredibly beautiful. Dark woods with a touch of smoke, full of resins and a touch perfumed. 

Oudh Rose is gorgeous too. Similar dark, dusky woods and resins are made more mysterious by an unfurling of burgundy rose petals. I love the tranquil quality of the dried rose petals. They are ghostly and almost smoky like a rose petal incense.

Mystic blends amber, florals, citrus, sandalwood and lavender into a spellbinding aroma. There is a heady rich quality to this that reminds me of something dense and honeyed. I quite enjoy the lavender in this blend. The fact that it is lavender essential oil stands out. A true lavender, not a fragrance oil rendition.

I love Zahida's clamless break away bars. They are 3 ounces of waxy goodness for $4.50.

Lemon-Lime Float- Notes: Key lime ice-cream and lemon-lime soda.
Electric citrus puckers the lips and twangs the jaw. The extra tart Key limes pack a punch for such a tiny fruit. And they feature prominently in this tart. I love the subtle creamy vanilla background that keeps these limes and lemons from running off with the blend. 

Gulf of Mexico- Notes: Pineapple and passionfruit blended with sweet peaches and bright citrus.
This fruity tropical blend has something a little extra in there. I am thinking it is the passionfruit adding a twitch of foliage and floral that keep this from being a tropical fruit salad. Zahida has a magical way of creating blends that are extraordinary and sophisticated. The oranges and peaches compliment each other effortlessly while the pineapple adds sunny sweetness. A beautiful scent for a beautiful place.

Southern Girl- Notes: Cucumber, citrus, light florals and freshly cut grass.
A mature version of Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon. The blending of the grass is what sets it apart. Genius. A water dappled, verdant aroma. 

Drum Circle- Notes: Bergamot, orange, lemon, geranium, rose, patchouli, vetiver and tonka beans.
I knew this would steal the show. Grassy vetiver and the green ivy tones of geranium twine wildly with the earthy hues of patchouli. I cannot wait to melt this one. 

Sensual Suede- Notes: An exotic blend of warm woods, amber, jasmine and musk.
I loved Sensual Suede from previous melting. It is a smooth cashmere woods type of scent that is silken and liquid with golden warmth.

Yacht Club- Notes: Lemon, rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli, musk and vetiver.
Zahida's vetiver is intense and wonderful. The thick grassy and haylike tones are refined with the addition of musk and citrus laced herbs. This yacht club is all about casual elegance. 

This is my husband's all-time favorite bar soap. Since we exclusively use bar soap, I always try to keep him in stock.

Three bars of Moroccan Mint Tea to the rescue!! I should have started tracking each bar I have purchased for him. I think over the years it has to be close to approaching at least a dozen. Only once or twice since we discovered this particular soap has he had to go without it. The mint is refreshing, but not arctic. There is enough essence of black tea to push it into a deeper and more complex fragrance.

When I am in need of spirit lifting or soothing I admit that I make a grab for this shower staple from time to time myself.

But my all-time favorite bar soap is Zahida's Spa Time which brims with minty cool patchouli and various other essential oils and clays. It simply feels and smells like relaxation to me. Zahida's soaps have a beautiful texture and lather like bubble making machines. They feel amazing on the skin and rinse away leaving behind nothing but suppleness and bliss.

Serenity is a close second with its lavender, mint and eucalyptus oils. I always get a lovely lavender and spearmint vibe from this one. I enjoy melting it in wax form too. But the soap is a wonderful nighttime treat.

All three of these soaps are $10 each due to their essential oil components. Zahida does craft other soaps without as many essential oils for $8.00 each. But I love these the best. <3

Coconut Smoothie Whipped Sugar Scrub takes me right to all my childhood beach memories. It is a lush tropical coconut aroma that brings to mind coconut heavy Hawaiian Tropic. I simply adore it. A 4.5 ounce tub is $8 and made from scratch, not a scrub base. I enjoy the texture and feel of these scrubs and will tuck one into my order whenever I can. I particularly like this one and the Lavender Creme Brulee.

Sorry I have been so quiet and this took me so long. I am trying really hard to acclimate to my new duties. I am dropping some balls and some plates and all the metaphors and idioms regarding tasks. I am thankful to have an amazing co-lead and assistant teacher. I am thankful to be building rapport with my new kiddos. I just need to get a handle on all the rest. 

But for today I am just going to breathe deep and teach my students how to edit their five paragraph informational essays on a historical figure of their choice for their final drafts.

Did you like writing as a kid? Do you like it now? Do you write for fun?


  1. As I read through the wax parts I kept thinking 'Please show the soap, please show the soap!' LOL So thank you for also showing the soap!

    I loved writing as a kid and did well with it in school, but these days couldn't write a proper essay to say my life. I can't even write a proper sentence half the time anymore. It's a sad downfall of society that 99% of people can't tell anyway. At least I can still use punctuation! LOL


    1. The soap!!! I will always love bar soap. I have tried shower gels a tiny handful of times when staying at other people's homes or at short hotel stays but I am always happy to have a sliver of handmade soap when I get back home.

      Right?! I do feel like writing has taken a huge backseat in schools. I have loved the challenge of getting children to enjoy writing over the past few years. Some do and end up taking off with it and others still battle with putting pencil to paper. Though sometimes it is because of particular learning disabilities. I still like writing. I found that out when I was having to write these papers for a course I was taking last year. I didn't mind the writing part, but I was loathing the lesson planning portions.

    2. I love handcrafted bar soaps too but I'm lazy and enjoy the instant and abundant lather that comes from shower gel/body wash. lol Just like when I discovered the awesomeness of foaming hand soap over regular liquid hand soap.


  2. Loved reading about your Handmade in Florida haul. <3 I cannot wait to order from Zahida again. <3
    I really hope all continues to fall into place for you, and you get fully acclimated. I'm always thinking of you and only wish you the very best.
    In response to your question prompt. I hate writing. I always have and I think I always will. lol I love reading, but I don't wanna write or talk. ;D

    1. Thanks!! Zahida makes such beautiful creations, that I just want to gift them to everyone. I think I might try that this year depending on when she opens up.

      Thank you. I truly appreciate it. I think I am coming to some realizations that I am not trapped and I can always try something new. I think it is the feeling of being stuck somewhere or that I am not cut out for something that has made me feel lacking.

      I love reading too but I agree with you on the talking. Which is strange. I talk all the time in my job but to my students it doesn't bother me. Have me talking to adults and I am backing slowly away.

      How are you feeling?

    2. I haven't been so well. I went through a real rough patch last week and the week before. It was horrible. Just felt low, defeated and wanting to stop doing anything beneficial and healthy. My severe chronic pain was driving it all. I am doing better this week. I hate hitting low points.

    3. I am so so sorry, April. I hate that you felt that way. Hoping that you are feeling a little better. It is hard for me to want to make healthy choices even under the best of circumstances. I cannot imagine how strong you are to do it under duress. Hoping your pain is ebbing for you. Thinking of you.

    4. Thank you and I'm doing better lately. Still under a bit of a depressed cloud. I placed my first Sonoma Scent Studio samples order and that helped to lift my spirits. ;)
      Have you placed an order with the new owner?
      Partaking in the current Handmade in Florida preorder?
      And hey, how bout all those Solstice Scents Fall release offerings on the horizon!! Oh my!

    5. I am sorry to hear about the depression cloud. Those do stink. I can commiserate with you on that. You placed a SSS order?!?! WOOT!! What did you get? I have not with the new owner yet but I will pop over and window shop. I want to grab a Witch or two from Arcana but I keep telling myself I need to CUT BACK. But I might still do it. I DID place a Handmade order for more soaps for Adam. Can never have enough. Did you? Man. I did refrain from Solstice since I placed that order for the last Hidden Lodge. I keep thinking I want another EDP from Angela (I love those most) but I am needing to use some of what I have for now. For now. Plus I am eyeing some Olympic Orchids stuff. I am just bad, bad, bad.

    6. Let's see, I just grabbed some samples: Cocoa sandalwood, equestrian, wood violet, champagne de bois, winter woods and tabac aurea. I want to try more, of course, but tried to stick with just a few and ones that may wear more seasonally right now.
      Handmade in Florida, I just couldn't pass up the Lavender wax sampler Zahida offered. And 2 soaps for my mother.
      I've skipped Solstice Scents so far, even though I want some larger sizes of some samples from past years I love. I think SS Autumn release is my absolute favorite.
      I may grab a few things yet as Angela restocks.
      Parlor Trick sounds so intriguing.
      I grabbed a 2.5edp of Hidden Lodge when Angela announced the discontinued status and it is such a wonderful scent. I'm definitely obsessed.
      You're so right- there's just so much lovely perfume to try and buy. There's so many brands I still desire to try. <3 <3 Ahhh, perfume!! lol <3

    7. Some of my very favorites from your samples are: wood violet, champagne de bois, winter woods and tabac aurea. <3

      Parlor Trick does ring my chimes. I want to try it and will probably end up sampling it soon.

  3. This aesthetic matches Zahida's colorful products perfectly. I'd be embarrassed for you sitting on this if it weren't for my own HiF order photos still on my phone from February!
    I'd taken them right before my job change and never had time to post, but I cannot bring myself to delete them. One lucky thing is that Zahida offers the same/similar rotating scent catalog so perhaps I'll post it next time they come up.
    I enjoyed South Beach Smoothie, in my bathroom actually, and know Sandra will too. I finally tried Moroccan Mint tea in wax [you know I can be shy about my mints] and it's truly gorgeous, a favorite. Adam has picked a winner. Meanwhile this Drum Circle sounds uniquely wonderful.

    Clearly I must like writing now, but dreaded it as a child. It wasn't until my life took the unfortunate turn which compelled me to start blogging that I came to rely on writing as an escape. A seeking of permanence in a transitory world. It's become a useful skill, certainly in coaching speech, but lately in my career too. My department was assigned a huge group presentation and it turns out only a couple of us could write well enough to convey the info. I'm glad I was able to contribute some meaningful help. Now we're in the scripting phase, and it's getting interesting... if I disappear mid-October you'll know its bc this staff presentation broke me, lol.

    Having another person you can count on is an advantage. You are made of hearty stuff, but it's okay to not have it all together. One day, lesson, breath at a time. <3

    1. LOL! We are some slacking bloggers, you and I. :-) I sent you an email thanking you for my gift on your Jaybird email. <3

      I often take photos only to sit on them for a while since the writing seems to take me just as long as photos and editing sometimes. Especially for perfumes. I love that you enjoyed Moroccan Mint Tea as much as I do. I think you would like Drum Circle as well.

      I love that your foray into blogging has enhanced your writing enough to contribute at work in a meaningful way. I found that keeping up with writing helped when I was taking some courses a couple years ago. Plus teaching writing has been fun too. I am SO LATE getting to replies that here it is mid-October. I hope your project is going well!

      Yes ma'am. Love that last piece of advice. Taking it to heart.

  4. Sandra once again. Aw, you doll! I will gladly liberate you of your mango/raspberry - you know me too well and you're too kind! What a gorgeous order. I was so impressed with the Dole Whip scent you sent (heh) me - it smelled how I wished Dole Whip actually tasted, if that makes sense. It had a tartness to it that the real stuff somehow does not possess, how weird is that? But you're awesome, especially in the midst of all the change and new experiences you're going through at the moment. Peace, serenity and hopefully amazing trips to Salem? :)

    1. I am glad you liked the Dole Whip! Sometimes a scent just *belongs* to a certain person. Salem was amazing. I am so glad I got the take the girls. Hope you are doing well. I apologize for my late reply.