Friday, September 6, 2019

Indie Pickup September: Obscurus Wax

This wax tart was given free by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. All opinions are my own.

The Indie Pickup theme for September is Magic & Alchemy. Obscurus wax will be featuring this wax tart in the scent Witch Runes and will be for sale September 7th-10th via Indie Pickup

Witch Runes- Notes: Plums, berries, cinnamon, orange spice, cherry glaze, vanilla, juniper and spruce.
Witch Runes is one of those forbidden fruit scents that reels me in every time. Sanguine berries vibrate with plumpness, their dark sticky juice trickles ruby sweetness throughout the scent. As it melts the purple fruits are joined by tiny sprigs of evergreen needles. Despite the notes, this is not a Christmas or holiday aroma, but more of a bountiful gathering of wild harvested berries. It is lovely and a perfect transition from summer to fall. Two cubes threw medium-strong in the kitchen.

I love this scent. 

Are you a fan of dark berry scents?


  1. I am indeed a fan of dark berry scents, and just reading the notes on the label in the first pic had me intrigued. Now I'm craving dark spiced punch type scents. Mmmmm.....


    1. YES! I melted through this one fast. I just found myself popping them back in every other day until the clamshell was empty. I think you have rubbed off on me.