Monday, September 16, 2019

Melting Basket 144

Autumnal wax from the last basket I melted and rolled my eyes over because it was simply so good: The Bathing Garden Cardamom Apple Pie, Beezy Apple Clove Butter, TDC Witches Brew/Patchouli/Cabin in the Smokies, and CFTKR Apples N Spice (super spicy apple cinnamon but doesn't last more than 3-4 hours), Noels of Autumn (for a creamy take on fall), Country Gift Shop (throws strong and smells amazing), Nights of Autumn.

Vintage Chic Scents Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Vintage Chic Scents The Bourbon Orleans Hotel
Vintage Chic Scents Cozy Jackie O
Bohemienne Life Zsadist
The Bathing Garden Cinnamon Cream Apple
Lasting Scent Candles Autumn Evening Hay Ride
CFTKR Apple Dumpling
CFTKR Cinnamon Apple Cider
CFTKR Cinna Bits
CFTKR Olde Town Bake Shop
CFTKR Farmhouse Kitchen

If you are curious about any of these scents please just let me know!

Hey. Guess what? I put some things up in my house. For fall. And it felt frustrating at first then it felt good. The best part was that the girls helped me. Savanna decorated my bedroom for me and I love it. Little black crows, bats and lanterns perched about the nightstands and dresser.

In an effort to minimize clutter I tired to cull some things from the collection. I don't have my home organized and decorated how I want it yet but this will be a nice way to document how it changes from year to year until I get situated. In the living room is where most of the decorations went. I love my Family Dollar light up pumpkin and I fit in where ever I can squeeze it. Right now he lives in a small house with a large bat flying overhead.

I promise this is not done. Not even really attempted. The bookcase is wobbly and needs to be secured to the wall and Adam left his drill at work so this will be completed later. When it is I will recapture it.

Even though the mantel is cluttered I like it. I do want to get some type of bunting to hang down to merge the gap between the mantel and the fireplace. I think. What do you think?

I love the pumpkin wizard but not sure if I will keep the other stuff the way it is. 


Had to throw this in. Savanna was trying to sketch, but the minute she does Toddles likes to remind her what she really should be doing.

I am happy I found a place for my "thankful" banner. I did try it over the fireplace but the colors didn't sit well. But I like it here in the dining room. It fits there anyway. Especially with the bright mums.

I have these old lanterns from my Pop-Pop. I put some candles in there previously but they were kind of messy as they melted. I found some battery powered short candlesticks on Amazon and they work perfectly. Strangely I like the remnants of the soot left behind by the previous wax candlesticks so I am keeping the glass lanterns sooty.

Not very Halloween or fall-like but I did add a few knick knacks to the kitchen shelf. The bird art to the right is made of feathers. I love it.

I finally got around to hanging some things in the sunroom. This little corner is pretty much finished. It is my record area with some art and plants thrown in. I want to keep it as simple as possible. The girls added the crows and tombstone.

Nothing too fancy or elaborate but there is officially some fall in the house. Once I get my bookstand and my mountain sign decorated I will post more photos. Maybe it won't be Christmas by then.

Are you fall ready? Do you merge fall and Halloween or keep it pretty separate? Does my Halloween/fall/Thanksgiving mish mash drive you bonkers? 


  1. Love it!! And love that you finally did it, even working through the frustration. :)

    I do keep my fall decorations separated, a three phase thing. September is early fall decorations like leaves, sunflowers, apples, crows, but no pumpkins. October is all Halloween decorations. November is Thanksgiving decorations like pumpkins everywhere, turkeys, cornucopias, pilgrims.

    I have nothing against those who go all out with pumpkins and Halloween and the whole shebang right off the bat in September, but for me personally, I get sick of things and am happy to change for each phase of fall. Although some of those reeeeeally high end decor people I see on Instagram could never do that because their whole. freakin. house. gets floor to ceiling transformed. How do they do that? Where do they store it all in the off season? Do they hire someone to do it?? Beautiful but wow.


    1. They hire people! ;) There's a whole industry for that. I can't afford that anyway, but I would prefer to have my own look. We can't let that stuff get us down, lol. I'm going to do a phased decorating this year, too. I am going to start with Halloween in Oct, then Fall in Nov, then Christmas.

    2. Crazy. I mean, yeah, I'd like someone to come in and decorate my house The one that comes to mind first is BentleyBlonde (or Wendy Bentley) on IG and YT.


    3. Thank you, Deb. After diligently putting away some of the odd and end clutter and getting the place more towards where I want it, it made it easier to get the decorations out. Plus the girls helping and getting excited kept me from straying into Grinch territory when I felt it coming on.

      I keep thinking I want to do a three phase thing like you do. It makes sense. I think next year I will do a more generic fall, then bring out some spooky in October and then put the spooky back away for Thanksgiving and see how that feels.

      I know what you mean!! I have browsed some home decor inspo and man those peeps know how to rock it. But I just can't. Even the small bit I have takes up four Rubbermaid bins and way too much shed space.

      Nancy: It makes sense that they hire that out. I had never even thought about that (not that I could/would). Like you, I like to do those types of things myself, at least when I am in the mood to. I usually am but this year was a little different.

  2. It's looking great! I am waiting until Oct to do my Halloween decorations. I also hope to be fully unpacked by around Oct 15. I know I should be, but i'm not. I have a big talk to give on this coming Sat and then the next weekend I have a conference/talk in Salt Lake City, so I need to get through all of that before decorating. I'm really excited about getting some pumpkins, too! I love all your ravens/birds! <3

    1. It is hard to move into a place and get situated. I still have the odd pile of random crap that refuses to be tossed but has no place to live. I was thinking with an older home I might have more storage but it is looking like I was wrong. I hope your Salt Lake City conference went well!! Utah looks to have such beautiful scenery. Those mountains. Come home safely.

  3. Your home looks so wonderful already, great job. :) Love your little "done" corner.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed (like today when I realize I just need to go ahead and paint the guest bedroom, hang two large mirrors and put away and organize more stuff) I will pop over to "the corner" and realize that it will come together.

  4. Thank you for posting even though it's a work in progress. I was feeling unsatisfied w/my half-finished autumn decor but seeing yours is giving me the permission to enjoy it. My piano top is is more crowded than your mantel, but so what? I think I left 5 items on it I meant to find places for, but didn't get around to moving. It's a different sort of year, I'm letting the need to try to get it all done go.
    With your recent move things will naturally be shaken up. I agree about the sooty lanterns, it looks authentic on them. I love the mercury glass holders and the bookshelf of course. You are so right that it's more fun to have others involved. Today my family's gathering for football and food and my niece, sister and I will decorate my mom's for Halloween. It's a yearly tradition I hope we continue.
    Looking forward to your Christmas decor:)

    1. Good. Sometimes a little is better than none. I am very much feeling your "let it go" mentality.

      Thank you for the compliments! The mercury lanterns are favorites of mine. <3 My mom bought them for me for Christmas a long time ago. I hope your football day with the family was fun! Family decorating is the best. I like seeing what other people do with decor.

      The crazy thing is that Christmas will be here before I know it. I cannot believe Halloween is only two weeks away. Though I won't lie... I am kinda ready for Thanksgiving Break too.