Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wildroots: Body Care

This is not the first time I have featured Wildroots Body Care on here (I raved about Megan's deodorant last time). I placed another order to stock back up on my official Holy Grail natural deodorant. I picked up one each of her two formulas. But I also grabbed some body oils I saw she had in stock. I have really become a huge fan of using body oil in place of traditional lotions. I still have some lotions here and there I will use up but body oils are my jam. 

I chose Lavender + Rosemary ($22) and it smells so serene. Peep those lavender sprigs in there. The lavender and rosemary essential oils float in a base of organic apricot and almond oils along with meadowfoam seed oil and vitamin e. The halcyon aroma of lavender greets the senses. Nuances of sweet pine and pillowy green herbs mingle with the plump purple lavender buds. The rosemary is light and gauzy, almost translucent. It feels wonderful on the skin, leaving it soft and perfumed. A bedtime treat to be sure.

The hand sanitizer was a generous freebie to those who placed an order while she had stock. It is a pray gel formula that nourishes and imparts softness. The scent is rosemary, thyme and sweet orange, so very uplifting and sunny. Great formula. 

This last body oil had to come home to me. 

Winter Ritual Body Oil (on sale $18) sports juniper, rosewood and citrus oils in a base of sunflower, apricot, sesame, avocado seed and grapeseed oils along with vitamin e and additional essential oils of lavender, fir, vetiver and cinnamon essential oils. This blend promotes circulation and nourishment. The juniper, woods and soft grapefruit shines through the most in this blend though the lavender  and cinnamon can be subtly detected. I love the scent and feel of this blend. It is comforting and natural.

I am so very pleased ordering from Wildroots. I look forward to being a customer for a long time. I do want to try some of her salves soon. 

Do you like body oils or are you more of a lotion or body cream type of person? 


  1. I love oils and lotions/creams. What I apply definitely depends on my mood or the season- what will wear/sink in best. I love light, dry oils and heavy thick ones. I love creamy, thick body butters, but prefer a nice pump lotion. Pump lotions seem quite hard to come by in the indie world and I rarely like the formulas at my health food stores.
    Wildroots' balms and salves have been amazing for me. I'm always using the calendula balm on everything. The cooling and heating salves daily on achy muscles or parts that need extra relief. The foot reparative balm is a heavenly formula, feels so decadent and dreamy.
    Yay for those lovely body oils you scored and more deo!!

    1. Thank you again for introducing me to this maker. Megan is so talented.

      I used to love Keihl's body lotion in the pump. I had a huge one I went through when I was pregnant with Scarlette. Great stuff. Haus of Gloi's Pumpkin Butters were favorites too. I wish I could find something like that formula that was all natural.

      I will try Wildroot's balms and salves then. The peppermint one keeps catching my eye. Thank you for the input on it. <3

    2. You're so more than welcome, my dear. <3
      I've had great luck with the salves and balms and of course, I hope you do as well. <3
      I don't have luck with every single herbal remedy, so it is very wonderful when I do experience things working. Definite plant magic. <3

  2. I once used body oils, but ruined/stained towels, sheets and my robe. Maybe I used them wrong.. how do you avoid stains?
    Fragrances sound lovely!

    1. Oh man!! I can see that happening. They can be a little finicky and drippy and oils do not come out of fabric well at all!! I tend to try and apply them in the bathroom so if they fall on the floor I can clean it up quickly. I apply only a few drops to my arms, body and legs after showing. It absorbs by the time I get dressed in my pjs. I think I have thirsty skin. They tend to absorb quickly on me. :-)

  3. Ah...I think I went crazy and used too much. Thank you!

  4. I love bath/body oils but I also like a good body butter. I ordered from BPAL for the first time, I got Embalming Fluid. I also managed to catch a Moonalisa opening but it's been a hot minute since I placed that order and I can't remember what I ordered lol.
    Haus of Gloi's pumpkin butter is probably my favorite lotion/cream. I placed an order with them yesterday. OH! I wanted to tell you I ordered samples of all of the face oils from Aftelier (mainly because of you) and I LOVE them. The cleansing oil is wonderful too. I need to order a full size of the Jasmine face elixir and the Ancient Resins body oil.

    1. Please let me know how you like that BPAL Embalming Butter! I enjoy BPAL hair gloss and perfumes. I ordered a candle a while back but it was during a crazy time for them I guess and it didn't come after over a month so I just asked for a refund. They were very nice about it. I love Haus of Gloi's pumpkin butters. They are so nice. Glad to hear you like the Aftelier face elixirs! Ordering from Mandy is like getting a special gift in the mail. I have a list of oils I want from her. I LOVE my Ancient Resins body oil. It is so dreamy. I wore it today.

    2. I have been wanting to try Vintners Daughter face oil but didn't want to spring for a full bottle so I found somewhere that does custom samples. So I am thrilled.
      I was checking out Mandy's FB page and I'm confused about the felt ball picture lol she keeps saying "wait and see!"