Sunday, April 5, 2020

Melting Basket 150

Being home has lent itself beautifully to melting like a fiend! I change out my kitchen warmer once or twice a day and my bedroom warmer is getting action too. From the last basket I really enjoyed that SMT Blue Sugar with spice and marshmallow, the TDC tarts were pretty fantastic too and the CFTKR Patchouli Oud Wood and Fig with Rhubarb were my favorites. 

Bohemienne Life Velvet and Violets
Handmade In Florida Oudh Rose (strong throw, elegant dusky rose)
Handmade In Florida Harvest (already melted- nice throw, lovely fruity fall scent)
Rosegirls Fireside Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting
Glitterati Pink Chiffon Oasis
CFTKR Rosy Strawberry (strong! one of my very favorites)
CFTKR Pink Sugared Watermelon (Surprise hit! nice and strong, fruity and fun)
CFTKR Patchouli Chocolate (nice scent, but probably won't buy again)
CFTKR Cardamom and Star Anise (interesting and unique, but not a repurchase)

Added to the basket after melting most of this one already:
Beezy Serendipity
Beezy Cinnamon Broom
Beezy French Vanilla and Oak
The Bathing Garden Old Fashioned Valentine
The Bathing Garden Guava Berry Gelato
Rosegirls Trick or Treat
Sniff My Tarts Blue Sugar/Fireside/Marshmallow Fireside/Campfire Marshmallows

Things are growing. Like my first ever day lilies. And I finally kept some lavender alive long enough to bloom. And it smells just as heavenly as I had imagined in its live essence. I have learned that ordering live plants doesn't always work out well (Burpee), but that I do love ordering seeds online (Botanical Interests and the Florida Wildflower Co-op). 

I have been busying myself with cleaning, raking leaves (I swear Florida has reverse seasons... it is spring when all the oak leaves fall), reading and buying way too much wax. I ordered from The Bathing Garden's Wonderland opening, Vapid Wax, and Dessa's Homespun Scents. But that just means I have more to share with friends, family and you guys.

Have you baked anything while staying home? What baking recipe should I try out? Please link one below if you don't mind sharing. I made those yeast cinnamon rolls finally. But dagnabit... it was on one of those annoying blogging sites that is inundated with a million pop-ups and adds and runs so slow you want to pull your hair out. I will see if I can find it again and share it with you all but just typed up. 


  1. Your garden is beautiful! Carter has made three loaves of beer bread - it is so delicious! Here is the recipe: He's made it with a few kinds of beer, and they all give it a different taste. It's a wonderful recipe! I made some banana bread, but I didn't think it was the best I've ever made. I'm not a huge baker, BUT I have some yeast on backorder, so when it comes, I'm going to start going through this book. It was written by a woman I've met a few times, as she's a bread seller in my hometown and we have mutual friends. I bought it last year, but haven't made anything from it yet.

    1. Thank you!! And thank you for the beer bread recipes. I love baking so much. I will absolutely look at those bread recipes from your friend too! How cool! I had two bananas that were ripening for banana bread but then I let them get too black. So into the compost bin they went. I do want to make some banana bread though. With chocolate chips. :-)

  2. Your melting basket looks great. I'm loving the CFTKR selections. I have her Rosey Strawberry, too. It smells fabu on cold sniff.

    I pick my melting basket for the month and i'm always so anxious to do it that i start picking stuff out the last week of the previous month. I'm featuring Vintage chic Scents this month. So i have lots of loaves, deluxe bars and deluxe squares to melt. this equals big bags of I love that. I got them all from a destash but they seem to be throwing quite nicely. so far i've melted Elmo's World, Rainbow Bright, Bluebird Cafe/12 Jackies and No woman No Cry. All were pretty good scents.

    I'm not a big baker...okay, i don't bake. But i want to try my hand at zucchini bread. i love the scent so much i figure it's about time i finally tasted the real thing. so, I'm off to find a recipe that won't tax my few baking skills and my sanity. Thank you for sharing your melting basket. I love to see what others are melting just as much as i want to see what they are buying.

    1. Thanks!!

      I am so glad to hear your VCS is melting well!! Destashes are such a great way to try new scents. I am about to throw a ton of VCS in my next basket. You inspired me. :-)

      Mmmmm!! My mother-in-law makes amazing zucchini bread. I had never had it before until I met her. I know you can totally bake it! It is one of the easier breads with no yeast or kneading or proofing. More like baking a cake or brownies. <3 You totally got this!!

      I like hearing what people are melting and enjoying too! I learn about so many good vendors and scents that way.

  3. Your melting basket sounds great and your flower photos are gorgeous. <3
    I made an almond flour, arrowroot starch based banana bread the other week. It held together fine, but was too moist in the middle for my liking. The outside was getting too browned, so just had to pull it out and hope for the best. We slapped some butter/honey mixture atop each slice. I could eat butter honey plain off the spoon. ;D
    I enjoy trying to bake healthier, but consistent results don't happen for me. lol I don't bake often, though. I do want to keep trying and experimenting for success!
    And yes, those dang pop-up, advertising blog sites aggravate me as well. They're getting almost impossible to access for a dang recipe.. headache!

    1. How cool! I loved that you bake with flour alternatives. Arrowroot! Cool! And homemade butter honey? Yes, please. I have seen so many yummy banana breads on IG that I keep craving it! LOL! I think I will pull out a recipe and go for this weekend. Nothing else planned.

      Baking definitely is hit or miss. I remember reading old Almanacs and they would talk about best days to bake or make bread by the moon. That tells ya right there is it finicky stuff. The girls tried to make a cake from scratch yesterday and bless their hearts... it legit had a crust like bread. Crunchy. But we all ate it and smiled. Tasted like frosted cornbread. :-D

      I am just happy they are trying!!

      YES. Someone needs to tell them to stop so we can simply read the ding dang recipe.

    2. I love experimenting in the kitchen, but yeah, results don't always turn out. It's always edible, though! Lol
      I am glad your girls are trying, too. How wonderful! <3
      And wow, I have never looked at old Almanacs- sounds like good stuff. haha