Monday, April 6, 2020

Textbook Repository: Herbal Tinctures

I have been on an herbal excursion as of late. I have sampled essences, tinctures, and elixirs from Blood Moon Botanica, King's Road Apothecary and other various online shops and makers. I have not been featuring these products, but recently my mind has been adamantly striding along the path of mental and physical and emotional health aids in this extraordinary time. I have been curious about herbalism for quite some time now. My sister and I have often sat and browsed courses and classes, lamenting the cost prohibitiveness and far away locals (don't worry, Darby, we will do it!!). I am content for now to be a self-learner. I have dozens of herbalism books and have found myself reading and scanning, stoking that curiosity into something more. 

A friend of mine, April, often features some of her herbal purchases and the Textbook Repository appeared not too long ago. Lauren only operates out of Instagram (linked above) but she is very easy to order from. Clicking on her "SHOP" highlight story will guide you to what is currently available. Send her a DM with your choices and it all goes from there.

Lauren generously sent this free tin of tulsi lip balm. I love the drab olive shade of this balm. It goes on clear and smooth. It smells of cocoa butter and soft green sweetness. It is now my nightstand staple for nocturnal lip pampering.

I ordered the Goldenrod Tincture because for a while there I thought I was struggling with allergies. Historically, I have never had allergies nor even allergic reactions to things, even common things like poison ivy. But this spring was such a doozy on my nose and breathing. Lauren kindly included directions for use on her products. This she says aids allergies, sinus blockage and acts as a kidney flushing/diuretic. This was $10. 

Bitches Brew Elixir aids regulation of menstruation and helps ease the physical and emotional concerns that can accompany it. It is to be taken at onset of ovulation until beginning of menses. I am hopeful about this tonic as you may know how I struggle with ovarian cysts and awful cramping and pain. This was $10.

The main reason I have not showcased the herbal care items I have been purchasing and using is because efficacy is something that can be tentative and dynamic. So many factors come into play. I will say ultimately, that I have stepped forward with this is because I am feeling more softness. More peace and ease in my body and mind. I am by no means stress-free but I do think these tonics are helpful to me. They also make me more aware of other ways that I can be helping myself: drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, getting more activity in, finding moments of quietness and meaningful rest. 

Do you take or make any herbal care items? I am tinkering with the idea of making fire cider again, especially since it is good for the lungs. I just need to locate some burdock root online. 

Thank you, April! I love following along on your journey. 


  1. <3 <3 <3
    You're exactly right- herbal journeys are so very personal. I'm glad you're finding some successes in the herbal goodness you're trying. <3
    Your Blood Moon Botanica and King's Road Apothecary posts definitely helped me get back to my herbal leanings. And now I'm getting in deeper than I ever have, as I really need to gain better health here. :)
    Trial and error, not every herb will work for every body constitution. I find it fascinating and challenging. I believe in the plant magic and I'm here for it.
    I'm certainly staying tuned for your posts, what you're reading, finding, discovering, learning, achieving...

    Hope you and yours are remaining well in your home still. <3

    1. I am sorry for taking so long to reply. Thank you for understanding. <3

      These truly are so personal aren't they? I am very much enjoying learning about whole medicine and plants and our ties to them. I am loving following along with you as you explore various makers who utilize plants so heavily.

      Thank you, April. We are all adapting to this new way of life. I miss my students but summer approaching anyway. I usually stay home and do things around the house then so I will just think of it as starting that early. :-)

      How are you guys?

    2. No need to apologize, ever. :) :)
      We're doing good.. just the usual still happening around here for us. My husband still is working. I'm still trying to do my best at working towards my health and juggling the mom/wife/teacher thing. Lol So, I'm not complaining.. we aren't sick, we have income and I haven't had a meltdown recently. Lol Haha

    3. GOOD!! That makes me happy to hear!! Hey, having health, money to pay bills and few toddler meltdowns/mama meltdowns is a total win. I used to have crying episodes in my closet when the girls were tiny. I loved them to pieces but some days were damn hard. So I totally understand.

    4. <3 Right, it's so crazy. I love my kiddos so much, but when you just give your all day in and day out it's a lot! I've been doing better about balancing aspects of my life. And it helps the kids don't always need me for every single thing all the time. Lol