Monday, April 20, 2020

Future Primitive: Hair Products and Soap

I was running low on my favorite conditioner and shampoo bar so it was time for a Future Primitive visit to see Tiggy and stock up on some goodies. I picked up three conditioning hair rinses, one shampoo bar and two bars of soap. 

Winter is Dead is the first conditioner I popped open and is being used in my shower currently. This is a sunny and vibrant fragrance with cascades of honeysuckle and jasmine that simply must be buzzing with bees and humming with spring growth. I wish I had pocked up two in this scent. I know I have been talking about this product for years now, but I think I would honestly cry a bit if Tiggy ever stopped making this. It is light and thin, easily slipping through the tangles of my curly hair. The lightness keeps my hair bouncy and shiny. The smell lasts amazingly through the day. I just love it. My hair loves it. Me and Tiggy's Conditioning Hair Rinse? BFF

Bell, Book and Candle I have not had in a long while but I remember loving the scent. These are sealed so I am not going to open it, but if you like moody, magical scents, try it.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds is new to me but the notes make it seem like a dark fruity scent with some woods and earthiness to it. I look forward to using this one after I am done with Winter is Dead.

Again, accolades for the Conditioning Shampoo Bar. Is is affordable at just under 7 pounds ($8 and change when I bought another one a few days ago). It lathers in bountiful masses, cleans my hair of all oils and lasts ages. No dryness, no funky build up, just good stuff. Tiggy is running low on the means to make this due to delays in getting products so you can only purchase one at a time. I broke into this one and then picked up one a couple days ago to have for when this one is done. I believe she scents these lightly in Rook & Raven, but the scent is not overpowering. I tend to smell my conditioner more for some reason.

I used up my last Future Primitive Soap a while ago and was missing some in my shower. Now I have two!!

Magpie is a gorgeous black and ivory soap that is scented in spearmint and patchouli. It has a slight scrubby clay feel, but is not an overt exfoliant, just like the subtle texture of running your fingers along the opposite nap of a short velvet. The scent is eye-rolling good for me. The spearmint is fresh and bracing while the patchouli grounds it in a minty mineral tang. 

I put all caution to the wind and added Rosemary & Mint to my shower line up already too. This bar is Gulf of Mexico blue and smells lovely. A soothing mint and lush rosemary experience. Classic beauty and refreshing to lather up in on these sultry spring evenings. The cicadas are starting to sing, the air is pregnant with humidity, the more refreshing the bar of soap, the better it feels on these hot days.

Tiggy crafts a rustically beautiful soap. They lather abundantly and feel amazing on the skin. I am never left feeling dry or sticky. Tiggy did mention that she has been accidentally cutting her bars too big and had to get back to to her normal sizing so that is why I have two bars that look so different. I don't mind one bit. I am thankful she has her livelihood and can keep making her products for us. 

Sorry about last week!!! Man, these virtual teaching stuff is hard work. I find after spending from 8am to 4pm staring at a screen (either teaching lessons, helping students individually or reading their works) that my eyes and body are worn out. Worn plumb out. I keep Saturday computer screen free. That leave me Sunday to get some posts going. Now we have word we will be virtual schooling the rest of the year so I imagine that will be my routine for the last six weeks of school. 

How are you guys doing? Do you have littles at home? Are you working from a computer? 


  1. Ah, those sound amazing! I just wash my hair with rye's working for my straight hair.. but maybe I'll get her soaps or perfumes someday!
    Every parent, teacher and student I know is eagerly awaiting the end of the school year. Apparently online learning is NOT fun.

    1. Wow! How neat! I don't think I have ever heard of that?! Sounds not only healthier for you but also the environment. The curly girl method supports very little shampooing too. Mostly just friction and a little soap.

      YES! This school year was insane. I am so glad it is over but there is only one month of summer break yet and fall is looking not so hot itself. Boo. Hope you and your have a nice holiday weekend. Stay safe and healthy! Wishing you lots of yummy smells.