Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Bathing Garden: Last Chance Order

Back in January I realized my minty lavender sleepy time drawer in my wax storage was woefully scant. Ladies and gentlemen, I live for melting my lavender and mint scents in the bedroom. Most of my favorite vendors for these types of scents aren't always readily open for wax purchasing, but then I remembered that I had not ordered from Shannon in ages. So off to The Bathing Garden I leapt. I picked up several clamshells and three scrubs (those aren't featured as I already broke into them but I bought Magician's Bonfire, 

Scarlet Cinnamon- A strong blending of cinnamon and sugar. $3.75
Ok, so perhaps I grabbed some other favorites while I was there too. Most of these tarts came from Shannon's "Last Chance" section. I LOVE Scarlet. It is a fiery hot cinnamon blend with a bit of sweetness and a soft woodsy/floral nuance that makes it more than just a Red Hot.

Old Fashioned Valentine- A sugary sweet treat with vanilla, marzipan, dark fruits, and spices. $3.75
This is another old favorite. The vanilla marzipan is chewy and rich and the fruits and subtle spice are delicious with the creaminess of the nougat-like candy.

Chestnuts & Pinecones- Sweet vanilla, cream cake, holiday spiced chestnuts, and woodsy pine. $3.75
Yeah, yeah. Still no mint or lavender. But hey. It was Last Chance. And I like this scent a lot too. The unlikely pairing of creamy vanilla treats with pine and woods thrills me. There is a nutty tang to this and it adds a bit of dusty dryness to the scent, making it smell of old forgotten books and nooks. And cakes. And outdoors. It is complex.

Fireside Christmas- Spruce, candy canes and sweet bonfire. $3.75
Ha! See! Mint. I have never had this blend before but count me an instant fan. It is a refreshing minty winter breeze with whiffs of distant woodsmoke whirling in snowy eddies. The sweetness of spruce only adds the beauty of this scent. Most excellent.

Sleepy- Pink sugar, peppermint, vanilla. $3.75
The classic sleep scent. The one that Started It All. I believe I learned about this one years and years ago from Lauren at LoloLovesScent. The pink sugar is sweet and fluffy, the vanilla creamy sweet and the peppermint is as calming as a lullaby. I know a lot of folks are tired of Pink Sugar but I must say... I will never, ever tire of pink sugar and peppermint. 

Guava Berry Gelato- Guava, raspberry and strawberry iced up into a creamy gelato. $3.75
There are some classic Bathing Garden scents and this is one of them. I think Shannon has been selling this for quite a while. The juicy red fruits are livened up by an almost citrusy brightness. A stellar strawberry raspberry guava scent.

Magician's Bonfire- Bonfire wisps, lavender, and chamomile sugar crystals. $3.75
This blend is one I can never get enough of. The melding of lavender and soft sultry smoke is pure bliss to my nose. My only teeny gripe is that I wish it was a tad bit stronger. It still throws well enough to make for an enchanting atmosphere but I would love to have the volume turned up just a notch. Only because I love it so. I bought four packs. Yup. It goes really well with one of my favorite Arcana Wildcraft scents, Bonfires At Dusk, which also blends woodsmoke and lavender. Mmmmmm.

Sleepy 2.0- Blue sugar, peppermint, vanilla. $3.75
Bloody Brilliant. I mean, if Sleepy is so phenomenal (and it is) why not do its more masculine counterpart? I have come to really love Blue Sugar as well. It is such a neat scent for my nose. A little spiced, a little masculine, but not like cologne. Sleepy 2.0 gets two thumbs up from me. 

Salted Peppermint- Crystalized sea salt and cool sweet peppermint. $3.75
This one is interesting. Definitely has an aquatic tang so that it is more like sea air and sea water rather than just sea salt. The coolness makes it appealing to me. Aquatics and I are often hit or miss. I look forward to melting this to see how it turns out. I bet it will be a nice cleaning day scent to melt. 

The Cloud Maze- Candied marshmallow clouds and lavender cotton candy. $3.75
I think I melted a wee sample of this one and adored it. It is a sweet yet herbal lavender and pillowy vanilla. Soothing and renewing, lush and velvety. Strong throwing too.

I did get a generous helping of samples. I ended up gifting several and melting the rest. I am happy to anticipate some of the ones to come. 

Right now Shannon has some sparse Circus leftovers and some cool St. Patrick's Day items. I am eyeing up some of those minty tarts and may place a teeny tiny order for them. 

Have you ordered from The Bathing Garden lately? Are you excited about any of her coming collections?


  1. Fantastic order!!
    I ordered earlier this year for a good handful of soap and just a few new to me wax blends- I wanted to get some fun, different sounding stuff. Some root beer, caramel popcorn, cola type blends and a minty riff on an earthy LUSH scent I love.
    I ordered for the soap, so tried to just keep the wax to the bare minimum. Lol
    I'm resisting this latest opening so far. ;)

    1. How cool!! She gave me a sliver of soap in my last order and I ended up loving it. I saw she had some amazing sounding soaps, natural lavender and tea tree and some others. If I didn't have a buttload of soap I would go in there an buy a bunch. Root beer! That is fun!! I like a bubbly scent every now and again. What was the Lush scent you got? Just curious.

      Enjoy your goodies! I bet you got tons of lovely samples. She is so generous. And congrats on the resistance!! I need to stop. Someone come slap my hands.

    2. The scent was Lush's Smell of Weather Turning- nettle, oak, hay, beeswax, mint, chamomile, oakmoss and cinnamon.
      The Bathing Garden's version has mint added and it's called Stargazer. I just got a shaped wax tart to try it out. I like it!
      Yes, Shannon is too generous with freebies. I'm always grateful, but I usually receive scents I'm not really into. I try them anyway, cuz never know what you'll actually like. I put in a Salted Grapefruit sample she sent and I loved it so much!! Totally a scent that doesn't sound like something I'd buy, but if I see it some time on the site, I'll definitely get more. :D

    3. Oh yum!! Those notes sound incredible. I will have to keep my eye out for Stargazer. Maybe she will make it in a scrub. <3

      I agree, the samples are a fun way to explore. I ended up liking the Scandalously Talking Flowers the most out of this sample set. Mmmmm, Salted Grapefruit! Nice. I do like grapefruit in spa-like scents.